What Are Hell Notes?

When people die, their spirit body go to an afterlife where they continue to live on, doing the same sort of things why did while alive, eating, drinking, being merry, playing with their pets & children, hanging with friends and performing other tasks and earthly pleasures. I many traditions people believe that in order to ensure that they have lots of good things in the afterlife, their relatives send them giftts, and other offerings and one of the best things to send them is Hell Bank Notes — which is money to spend in the afterlife.

Why Is Ancestor Money called Hell Money Or Hell Notes?

The christian missionaries told asian natives about hell and asians misunderstood hell to mean the word “afterlife”. Thus the terms hell notes or hell money means afterlife notes or afterlife money for the dead to use. But as you will see in the video above, I have included American notes if you dont resinate with the chinese version of money.

Other Names For Hell Notes?

You may hear other practioners use the following terms that means hell notes below:

  • ancesteral money
  • ancestor money
  • spirit money
  • ghost money
  • joss paper
  • hell bank money
  • heaven bank money

9 Ways To Use Hell Notes?

  • money spells
  • voodoo dolls or poppets
  • mojo bags
  • money drawing lodestones
  • necromancy
  • invocations
  • crossroad work
  • graveyard rituals
  • ancestor alters
  • and so much more but mostly people burn hell notes for payment to their ancestors for veneration, honor, worship, and to take care of their needs spiritual needs in the afterlife including earthly things as well as emotional and spiritual things to assist them on moving on to the next world or ascension.

How Do I Get My Hell Notes?

If you are ready to order your hell money or ancestor money to manifest the things you desire in your life while protecting and supplying your ancestors with their needs then simply click here to get order and get started!

If you need help with using hell notes or other spiritual guidance with your ancestor alters, how to properly set them up for your best benefits, how to do your own spellwork, or if you rather hire me to do spellwork for you, then schedule a one on one phone consultation by clicking here.


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