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Astrological Birth Charts & Love Charts

An astrological natal chart or birth chart as they are known by, is simply the set up or alignment of the planets as you made your way to this earthly realm.  Each and every planet was set in a certain place spinning at a certain speed and having certain energies as you fell here to the 3D world.  Astrologists take the information from these planets as well as other celestial bodies such as meteors, and meter showers, comets, and other things that help them chart your correct planet alignments at the time of your birth.  These planets are then placed in a chart with certain sections of the chart that house the planets that represent different areas of your life, such as love and marriage, finances, your dominate personality as others see you, and many other things to give you an astrological blueprint of how your life journey will turn out.   There is alot that goes  into creating this natal chart and there is not one chart like yours in the world.  It is like your astrological DNA, in the fact that absolutely no one can have the same set up as your chart.

This chart knows things such as these:

  • If you will be in poverty or rich or somewhere in between
  • If you will remain single, have multiple marriages or one loving marriage
  • If you will have 1 child or many children
  • If you will be intellectual, political, religious, an occultist
  • How other people perceive your personality
  • Your secret mind and thoughts that no one knows about
  • The type of career and talents or skills that you possess for earning potential
  • If you are a romantic person or a very sexual adventurous person or even a nun (sexually)
  • Friends that you have, and groups you are attracted to
  • Sooo much more………………..

I do suggest that everyone should know who they are and should have their charts created.  You should also know your possible mates birth charts as well as your own children charts.  You should have charts on the most important people in your life because you will have  a blueprint of their personality allowing you to know how to work with them and get what you want from them psychologically.  Also preparing your children for perfecting their gifts and talents to set them up for the best future that they could ever have is a huge benefit .  As an advance person of the occult, one should plan the timing of their children's birth so that you can create the type of child qualities that you would like your child(ren) to embody.  As for possible marriage partners, these charts will help you know if they are prone to failures in certain areas of their lives, like debts, finances, sex, cheating tendencies, emotional issues and more.

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Love charts are basically the same as a birth chart except that you combine the 2 lovers birth charts to get a final interpretation of how their relationship will pan out.   I do offer services to do birth charts and love charts.  If you are interested in ordering your charts or charts for someone else please feel free to order as many as you like below!

Birth Or Love Chart
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