How To Cast Easy Voodoo Hoodoo Love Spells

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This is a 7 day love spell to help you to get your lover to return back to you specifically.

This is not for a new love or attractions spell, this is only for a returning lover.

These are the items that you will need:

2 Red or Pink Candles (Outside)

1 Red or Pink Figurine Candle Of a Couple or 2 Regular Candles (Inside)

Personal Concerns -DNA – photos, hair, spit,etc.

Birthdates of Couple

Love Oils (Or Your Own Love Oils)

Cinnamon or Cinnamon Sticks – heats up relationships, ignites passion, hypes up sexual affairs, attraction

Rose- 1 or 2 is enough – love

Rosemary- memories and faithfulness

Sugar – make someone sweeter to you

Lavender – peace, harmony, fidelity, faithfulness

Love or Attraction Incenses


Pyrite – attraction

Rose Quartz – love

Selenite – protection

Clear Quartz – program to do anything in this case for love

Smokey Quartz – love

Black Obsidian – protection

The best time to do return to me love spells are on a waxing moon or full moon phase.  Attraction and new lover type of love spells can also be cast on a new moon. You can click here if you need to know when the next full moon or waxing moon will occur as well as other moon phases.  Don’t forget to check out some other spells or if you rather me do your spell for you click here to get started.


What’s up, what’s going on, guys? This is Kacy here with KTV and before I even get into the video, you all, I’m stressing about this particular one here because I’ve been trying to work on this for the past few days and oh my god, technical issue after technical issue, ok, so let me just say it before I even get into it – I wanted to, I’m going to show you guys a love spell. However, I actually recorded it a couple of times and I had issues: the phone was turned the wrong way, it kept cutting off, just so much stuff so I said fuck it, ok? Fuck it. I’m going to have to take a screenshot of the motherfucker and we’ll talk from there, and so can we talk, ok?

So, we going to do a goddamn love spell today. So before we go into it, cause I got to get back into my happy-happy mode because after trying this for so long and after a few days it just really started making me pull my hair off, so I’m going to try to get back into some happy mode and I want to say to you guys a happy, happy new year. 2018 in just a few hours, yes baby, and I can’t wait to do the turn up tonight, or should I say this morning. Can’t wait to see the firecrackers go eat and have that good fun and all of that, I love this time. Everybody’s doing their thing and everybody’s so happy in the street and everybody’s so kind and so nice so we’re going to get a couple more days of that and then we’re back to the regular shit where people just treat you like shit so we’ve got to be grateful for these Christmas holidays.

I’ve been thinking to myself if you put Christmas lights around the motherfucking, just around town, if we just kept the lights on poles, little light fixtures, maybe a few trees in every neighborhood, maybe we can keep the Christmas spirit. You know that sharing, giving, loving caring, that bullshit, let’s keep the Christmas spirit, right? Ok, so we’re going to be over that, we’re going to be going into the new year and we’re going to February the 14thy’all – that’s the day when we can fuck, they have given us that day and you know what? I always wondered why February the 14th? What is it?

They’re trying to plan our kids to come in November, what is going on? Why that date, what is it that you want our kids to be when they grow up? I know these motherfuckers be thinking ahead of time, they think way ahead of time, that’s why they’re winning, bitch, they’re masterminds, they think ahead of time. Ok, you all know how I rant and rumble so I’m going to stop right there and I’m going to get into the video – ok, I think I’m ready to do it again.

OK, so what this here is, it’s a 7-day love spell. Ok, so for this particular love spell and I’m doing this one here for a client, this one is for returning love because let me say this real quick: I know sometimes you guys wonder why do you have consultations, you might wander why do different people have to have – you have a consultation. And I just want to say this real quick before I tell you what this spell consists of. And the reason why is for myself cause I need to know what the hell’s going on, I need to sit down and talk to you in my time. It ain’t that free, boo-boo. So I need to gather the information, I need to know what’s going on because when I do spellwork, I don’t like say ok, so a love spell is a love spell, you need this, this, this – I don’t do it like that. I cater it specifically to your individual needs or your individual situation or your individual case and I can’t do that if I don’t have a consultation with you. So guys, that’s why we ask for consultations so that we can see when number 1: if you want to work with us; number 2: if we want to work with you; and number 3: what kind of strategies, how can we get this thing done and get you the results that you are looking for to get, ok?So, yes, that’s why we do that. There you go, there you have it, and by the way, if you want a consultation for spellwork then just look in the description below, go to the link in the description below and get that handled. But anyways, let’s get into it.

So, this is a 7-day love spell and what you’re going to need is the following: you ready? You ready? Yeah, you all ready. Ok, so what you’re going to need is one, either one figuring candle, ok? Male-male, female-female, male-female, whatever. One figuring candle or instead of the figurine candle you can use instead two candles, representing yourself and the other person. Alright, so we got that. Also, so that’s the main candle you’re going to want in the middle, either the figurine or the two candles. They can be tapered, they can be taller, they can be whatever size, they can be 7-day, just candle. And they’ve got to be red or pink, I’m sorry, red or pink. And on the outside of that you’re going to have two more candles, either red or pink. You want to keep them all color-coded if you can. If one is red you want the other two on the outside to be red; if it’s pink in the middle you want the other two on the outside to be pink, there we go.

You also need photos, hair, some DNA or something from the people so from yourself and the other person you’re going to need a picture, hairs or something like that. You’re also going to need your date of birth which I’m sure you have and the other person’s date of birth or at least their sun sign. You’re also going to need some type of a conditioning oil so if you want to go with follow me boy, follow me girl oils, come to me, any kind of love, marriage, sweetening, attracting kind of oils, again depending on your situation those oils have different things in it depending on your situation, so depending exactly on what it is. So you want to get your conditioning oils together.

You also want to get your herbs, and for this one here – now, I’m not going to tell you guys everything I put in here because what if you want me to do a spell for you? Then why would you pay for this shit if I gave it to you? So I can’t give you all everything that’s in there, but I can give you something that will work. So, as far as herbs, we have cinnamon. I’m going to say it one more time: cinnamon, cause I’m hoping that you guys are writing this down. You can get a cinnamon stick or you can get cinnamon in the powder like form. Also rose, roses – one or two roses is all you need to do one spell. One or two roses, so you don’t need to go and get a bouquet or roses unless you’d just like to. You’re also need some rosemary – rosemary. You got it? And then we’re going to get some sugar and lavender. Going to use some lavender.

Ok, so we have all of those things. You can also use your own oils, conditioning oils, you can also use meaning it’s optional to use your own oils, it’s also optional to use crystals, it’s not required. But you’ll see those crystals that I have around there. That’s pyrite, rose quartz, black obsidian in the back, selenite on the side, quick quartz and smoky quartz crystals, ok? And they all have them programed for love. Well, not all. The black obsidian and the selenite actually, those two is to repel negative energy while we’re doing the work, so that’s going to repel negative energies that want to come and try to start some shit. That selenite is some good shit, that shit is so good that if you got a jinx or something on you, you can work that around you, you can remove a little bit of that negativity up off you, but you still got to get the curse off.

Ok, back to this: ok, so that’s all you really need. If you’re going to call in deities, gods, goddesses, if you’re going to call in any of the Orisha, call in any type of spells, then of course if you’re going to petition them, then you can petition them, but it’s not required. Ok? You can do this yourself. Ok, so the first thing you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to cleanse your area – you’re going to want to sage, use your floral water, rosewater, you want whatever kind of colognes you like to use, whatever type of incense of sages. Palo Santos, I love – any kind of clearing things, things to clear the energy, ok? So ring bells, just high-frequency things can help clear that energy as well.

So that’s the first thing we want to do. The next thing we want to do is we want to infuse our intention and emotions into everything that we’re going to do. So, the candles, all the candles, the roses, the herbs, everything: crystals if you’re going to use it. Not the crystals, cause that’s already infused with another thing for love or whatever, but we want to put our thoughts and our intentions into every single thing as we’re rubbing the oils and as we’re putting the herbs on, we want to be totally focused. And let me say this before I go further: it also would help if you took yourself a love bath right before this spell, meaning a bath with love herbs in it. With love oils in it, you can use the same oil or oils that you decide to use on your candles, ok? Use the same oils, use it in the tub, you can also put in the crystals let’s say like love crystals: clear quartz, rose quartz for example in the tub with you as well – you can also put in roses, you can put in herbs, some love herbs, ok? And you can bathe in that real nice; you’re not taking a bath, regular bath, but it’s a spiritual bath. It’s going to have you operating on that love frequency. I’d suggest you do that, also suggest that you drink a tea, a love tea before doing the magic as well so you are full of love on the inside as well as the outside, ok?

Ok, these are prerequisites. I’m just trying to see the prerequisites, ok, so – back to it. So now we’re putting our intention and everything that we want to do that we want to have and so you might want to know well, this is how I do it particularly, ok? I put the intention into every single thing and then I’ll put the intention into everything altogether. So for example, roses we know is for love, so I’ll put the intention of love in there, ok? Visualization as I’m putting the intention, as I’m feeling loving cause I’ve got my music playing, I’ve got my Joe DC on, I’ve got my Keith Sweat popping, ok? So I’m feeling good, I’ve even got that freaky ass R Kelly on the motherfucker, ok? So you know, you can do that playing in the background, that will keep you on that frequency, that will also be putting that love music in the items you’re using like your candles, ok?

So anyways, the roses for love, and so I’ll infuse that intention in there. And then the rosemary is for memories as well, it’s faithfulness. Again, it depends on the type of love spell you’re doing, you can use that for either or, or both. So if you want someone to be faithful to you, you can use the lavender for that, or call someone to have good memories or positive and wonderful memories, all the good memories for you, you can use rosemary for that as well. So that’s the intention if you’re using that. And then for your cinnamon stick, they’re for to heat things up, to get it started, to get things cracking, make things hot again, make things passionate again, so you want to use that as well. That’s the cinnamon stick.

The sugar, that’s to sweeten someone to you. Maybe you had a fight, maybe you had an argument, whatever the situation. The sugar’s going to help sweeten them up to you, ok? So that they’re open and they’re ready for communication and yeah. And then you have your lavender which is also something good for fidelity as well as peace and harmony, ok? So it depends on what intentions you want to put into it – I only put one intention into everything because that’s just the way it should be done so that you can only have that one thought, that one focus, that one intention there, ok? So yes, oh – and that’s it for that but I do have other love herbs in there that maybe you can see, maybe you cannot see. I also have herbs with love for binding, for making the spell more powerful. So there’s other stuff in there.

Ok, so next. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to get the pictures of the two people, you and the other person, we’re going to write your names on there, we’re going to write your birthdates on there. If you’re not exactly sure of the exact birthdate you can use the sun sign, you can use their sun sign as well. So we want to write that on there, we want to write the statement and the intention. One sentence, one short sentence, one statement or one intention in the present tense, ok? Bob loves Gill. Bam, there you go. You can probably be a little more creative when you’re sitting down to think about it. Bob loves Gill. Bob is in love with Gill. Bob adores Gill. Whatever your spell is going to be, ok? So we want to put the intention on there, we want to put our love oils on there, all our oils, we want to yeah, we want to put our intention into it as far as holding the picture in our hand. That’s what I did with this one, I used a photo, but some peoples are going to have other stuff. Some of you will have love juice and everything honey cause I know you are freaky motherfuckers out there playing around with it, I know, I see you over there with it, swinging around your finger right now, alright Mary Jane, go and pop it in the freezer girl. No, but anyways, you can take that instead of the picture and do what I’m about to say to do.

If you have hairs or love juice or anything else then you can take that and you can put it in like a bowl, you’re going to put it in a pot, you’re going to put it in something like you see a black bowl right at the very bottom. Make sure that’s cleansed and everything now – make sure you altar, your whole area, your whole room, your whole environment. But after you put the paper in there, you’re going to want to cover it up with sugar. We’re going to cover it up, totally drown it in sugar, it should not be seen, it should enough sugar on top, it should be buried under there at least a good inch and a half to two inches. Then you can take some of your herbs and kind of spread them around a little bit there. I also have crystals, I forgot, I have little small crystals in the actual bowl here. You’ll see some rose quartz crystals, so that’s also around the candle with the sugar and the roses and all that you see there. So you can add crystals, small crystals in there as well. I’ve got mine from Michael’s craft store. So if you have that store there, or you can probably get it on Amazon or eBay or something.

Ok, so anyways, so in the candles, you want to write your name, their name, you want to write your birthday, your birthday or their sign and your sign in the actual figurine candles and also the other candles. So all the candles you want to write that in there. While you’re writing it, you want to be thinking about it, you’re going to want to have your intention in them, the strongest thoughts, the sexual thoughts, those most powerful, most potent to get the job done. But you can have thoughts of you walking down the beach, you can have thoughts of you holding hands, thoughts of you remembering things that you did together that was fun and such like as you’re doing this whole process. That’s what you want to be doing the whole time. You know, from the time you’re in that tub you know, drinking your tea, cleansing your area, you’re prepping your brain for this, ok? Your subconscious mind.

Ok, so we want to go ahead and get the herbs together. We want to put the herbs on the candles, we want to put in the little small crystals in the bowl and everything as well. I’m trying to make sure that I’ve got everything. Yes, that’s what we want to do. So after you prepare all of that, you’re basically ready to go. You can do your petition now which is probably going to be on a brown paper bag, but I like doing colorful stuff too sometimes. So sometimes for love I’ll do pink or I’ll do red piece of paper or either the pin with colors. But you don’t have to – you can do brown paper bag, that’s the traditional type of way to do it anyhow. And write your petition on there, what exactly or who exactly you’re petitioning, what spirits or what have you. And now you’re basically, you’re ready. So you’ve got everything set all up, you’re ready to write it all up, you’ve got your incense, your frankincense and your myrrh – I’m sorry if I didn’t say incense, I do apologize you all. Get your incense.

So you’ve got your frankincense and your myrrh and you’re ready to light it up, you’re ready to do your thing, you’re ready to get into what you should already be at that vibration, you already should have your magical juju going on. And you want to do this for 7 days. You want to put it out, 7 days, just snuff out the candles and to keep up with it you can put 6 needles in the back somewhere on the candles. Just put 6 needles, make them look kind of even so that for 7 days you know every day that the candle burns down, you can take the needle out or it’ll fall out and just keep doing that for the next 7 days. If you want to do this shorter, I guess you can, if you want to do it longer, I guess you can too – you can do whatever the hell you want to do. Adjust it to what your liken is, what days you want to do it in and etcetera. Ok?

So yeah, I think that’s it, we are done guys; you’ll like this. You’ll put your intentions, you’ll put your affirmations, you’ll put – if you learned your spell out, hopefully you did, you’re going to be speaking that into it, you’re going to use your authority that you’ve been given by the universe to make this shit happen and there you go, there you have it, that is your love spell. After the 7 day period though you’ve got to get rid of it. Someway, somehow you’ve got to get rid of it. Now, traditionally, which is what I like to do the traditional thing, some people just throw the stuff in the trash, some people – and their magic works, it works really good. But if you want to keep your mind in a magical state, in a magical place, then you may want to probably bury this because you want the relationship to be nurtured and you want the relationship to expand and grow, ok? So you may want to plant this especially next to trees, plants, flowers, but you can put it right in the ground, in the regular ground. If you don’t have your yard or you don’t want nobody to see you in a yard doing some funny stuff, then you can get a flower pot. Just go to the store and get a flower pot, get some dirt, bury it in there and there you have it. But bury it or put it in a river. It has to be a river, not a lake, not a pond, you want to put it in like a river; it will go out and it will flow and it will keep growing as you want the relationship to do.

And that’s it. When you’re done with your magic, you set it, you let it go, you forget about it, just forget about it like the Italians say. Just forget about it! And be done with it and just wait for that man or woman to open up their heart to you, to give you all that beautifulness, all that wonderfulness, all that love, ok? And live happily ever after, right? Cause that’s what we like, we like to live happily ever after. And that’s it, you’ve done your love spell, you’ve got your man or your woman and you might need to do some other things later on if you want to actually get married but that’s another video for another time, right?

Ok, so that’s it y’all. I really hope that you guys enjoyed the video. I did mentioned the things in there, but if you have a question – I mentioned the herbs, but if you have a question about the herbs or oils or anything, or if you have a question at all really, then just leave it down in the description box below. Leave it in the description box below. If you would like to get work done for you, then you can look in the description box below and you can order a consultation to get spell work done. If you want a reading, and yes, I still have $5 readings y’all, if you want the $5 reading, it can be a regular reading, a general reading, it could be a love reading, whatever – but for this video you might want to get a love reading right before you do your spell work. You might want to see is it worth it? I’m going to tell you all, a lot of you all will be hitting me up and y’all know, fuck that, I don’t care about no goddamn reading. Most of you all don’t care about no goddamn reading, you all be like fuck that shit, I want the motherfucking spell. Even when I tell you all in the readings shit ain’t going to be all that great. So, you know, I’m just saying, you know, I know something of you all are saying I just want a reading, fuck that, I want a spell!

So, either way, if you want the reading, it is still $5 readings. You’ll see it in the link in the description below to get yours. Right, bam, there you go. And I guess that’s it, y’all. I’m going to get up out of here – I’m going to say to you all again, Happy Happy New Year 2018. We leaving this motherfucker, we’re out of the 17s and on to the 18s. Ok, how you all doing? And my Wendy Williams voice. Alright all, that’s it, I’m going to start running my mouth for now, I’m going to catch you all on the other side of 18, you up to 2018 bitch? And enjoy yourselves tonight, go out, have fun, whipping run till the town up, bam baby. And I’m going to catch you all in the next video: don’t forget to like, subscribe, definitely comment and share the video. Don’t be scared! Share the love – get it and share the love, it was like a love spell. That was supposed to be funny – share the love, like spell. Ok, ok, either I’m corny or you don’t get it. Either each way, I’m out of here, peace!

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