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Magick Courses

Sign up for my first video course on magick at the presale discount at 50% off . Actually its 2 courses. These 2 courses will be available for you to access on 10/31/2019. In these 2 courses you will NOT be using any spirits, you will be using your own energy. I will have courses in the future working with malevalent and benevelant spirits in a few months (2020), so stay tuned. In addition you will get a 10% discount on my readings or consultation when you purchase these courses. So lets talk about the first course that I call LOVE AND LIGHT.


In this beginners course, LOVE AND LIGHT, you will be learning the foundational information you need to know to practice ANY type of magick. Without these basic principles you will never get far in ANY magickal course. After learning these things you will be guided into how to handle and manipulate energy to manifest the desires of your heart to make life better for you and your loved ones. You will be learning the following:

  1. How to protect yourself from negative energy & other practioners
  2. How to manifest money and other tangible material things
  3. How to attract lovers, mates, friends, business associates, etc.
  4. How to tap into your spirtual gifts (pyschic gifts, astral projection, communicating with spirit guides, dreams)
  5. How to heal yourself and others physically as well as spiritually
  6. How to tap into your leadership skills and abilities
  7. How to tap into your creative abilities leading you expand on what you want such as business ideas, busines ventures, etc.
  8. How to invoke wisdom, self confidence, self esteem, motivation, sex appeal, loving characteristics, etc. within yourself
  9. and so much more…….

Regular Price is $666.00 Sale Price is $333.00 Until 10/15/2019


That's right. In this beginners course, FUCK A BITCH UP, you will get all of the LOVE AND LIGHT videos in addition to videos learning the following:

  1. How to break up marriages and relationships, nicely or nasty
  2. How to Bind bitches up so they have no power over you
  3. How to be “invisible” to particular authorities and organizations
  4. How to hide your magick from your targets
  5. How to win court cases on your behalf or loved ones
  6. How to cause chaos and havic on an intended target
  7. How to remove people out of your life, like a neighbor or co-worker
  8. How to start a war between targets
  9. and so much more…….

The more you practice, the more you put into your work, the more you will get out of it. THESE COURSES ARE ONLY FOR BEGINNERS. I am warning you this because there is NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON once you have purchased the course. Some practioners could be disappointed because the more advanced material is not in these courses and you WILL NOT BE GETTING A REFUND.

If you want to purchase the LOVE AND LIGHT COURSE, please choose LOVE AND LIGHT in the Paypal Button below.

If you want to purchase the FUCK A BITCH UP COURSE, please choose FUCK A BITCH UP COURSE in the Paypal Button below. (Note, remember if you choose this course, you will automatically get THE LOVE AND LIGHT COURSE as well.

The Courses Presale will be 50% OFF until 10/15/2019. After that you will have to purchase these courses at the regular price.

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