In this video on the Bruja Magickal Lady Duchess you will clearly see her try to sell her healing techniques.  Which I guess is good to fill her pockets up since she has just claimed herself to be a reiki healer which I do not see any certificates for her taking the required courses to actually manipulate peoples energy body which could harm them greatly if she doesn't know what she is doing.  But the above video shows how Magickal Lady Duchess lies and plagerizes how she healed a man with some roots and herbs, which really came from a book called “Vodou Shaman” author name is Ross Heaven.  On page 70 of the book she totally lies and uses Ross Heavens words and claims the words and healing as her own.  The video shows  her in her private Facebook Group called Infinite Energy saying to the misled members, that she did the healing, but then I show you the actual words from the book and its the EXACT same words as she didn't even have the creativity to rip the author off and switch up the words.  She Just RIPPED HIM OFF!


In addition to her plagerizing from that book, I am not surprised as I did a full background investigation on this website on Magickal Lady Duchess or Ninekia Spears (her governement name) and found almost 20 alias as well as her embezellment scheme where she created fake businesses to launder money with her partner in crime from her boss that she worked for in Texas, see the newspaper article on her stealing from him in the form of embezzling by clikcing here.  Now after I exposed her to everyone on Youtube she admitted to the crime and according to some of her group memebers, she said in a live video that her partner, James, got 15 years for all of the embezzlement charges and she was let go with a little probation.  So we also know that she is a snitch or what the mob would refer to as a rat because there is no way she got off scott free without snitching especially with her prior criminal records. (By the way one of her new youtube channels is called Young Infinite Experience and is now also exposed as a fraud as she has a new weave and beauty hustle for the black community. )

Again, she isn't to be trusted as I have already seen her full criminal records, evictions, IRS issues, and so much more, which also shows her character as well as many other things that I saw on that website with the background check.  Here are some of her alias that she uses also recorded by the police department as well as other reputable places that you will find her her report:

Ninekia L Spears
Nnekia L Nash
Nnekia L Spearnash
James Ninekia
Ninekia Le Spears
Ninekia Nash
Nnekia Le Spearnash
Young Ninekia
Nnekia Spears
Nnekia L Spears
Ninekia Spear Nash
Spear Nash Nnekia
Ninekia L Spears
Nnekia Lekay S Nash
Nnekia S Nash
N L Spears
Nnekia Spearnash
Nnekia Le Spearnash
Again, I myself do not do any reiki  for anyone however I do work with energy and I HIGHY ADVISE anyone that you have to be careful of who manipulates your energy in the form of reiki, tarot card readings, spells,  etc.  as whoever has permission from you to manipulate your energy can cause harm knowingly or unknowlingly.  You are giving them complete POWER over your thoughts, your finances, your health, your love life and more, because they always have access to your energy.  BUYER BEWARE, as I have many emails from people that has told me she has done horrible things to their energy.  I will explain these things in upcoming posts, but BE CAREFUL of letting spiritual workers do things to you as they can make things happen in your life and brainwash you to come back and pay them more or give you diseases or break up your relationships and they can do it at anytime at their will.  Again, beware of anyone that you ask to do spiritual work for you, better yet, you are God as well, do the work on yourself.  If you want to read more post on her see my tab called MAGICKAL LADY DUCHESS REVIEWS….I only show facts and prrof in all my videos.  Good luck if you still use her for services, but please do not come to me afterwards, like many of her clients do to get help, I can not help you as you gave her your energy to do as she will, and if we cleanse you she still can have access because you as a free will spirit gave her all rights to your energy.  BEWARE!!!!



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