In the video above  a paying client of her's give Magickal Lady Duchess a review from his own experiences as he ordered a total of 3 spells from her and how they not only didn't work but also her poor communication and moral ethics dealing with him as a customer of hers. and ethical practices as well.

He wants to warn anyone that is considering using Magickal Lady Duchess and her sugar daddy kits, her spell work, her readings and her consultations and other so called services this snippet of advice to protect them from what he went through with her.

He did not know that she was a ripoff because he thought her kind and gentle words made her a “motherly” and nice type of person, but he soon unveiled her nasty mask on her face to see the real true her and her very dark side.

As he said in the video she really cares about the money and posting videos on youtube than actually helping her paying clients with their problems.

He even talks in the video of how he spent $1,000 on spells and consultations with her and she still did not help him as he stated that her assistant said Magickal Lady Duchess forgot to do his spellwork.

But she sent him a sugar daddy kit instead.  For those that don't know, her sugar daddy kits are for women, not men, so again she dropped the ball, as he didn't even order a sugar daddy kit.

She also did not call him for his consultation so he had to eat that cost as well.

It was just a horrible experience for this victim as she drained him of all of his money playing on his emotions and desperate situation of trying to save the love of his life.

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These are all of her Alias as recorded by the Texas Department Of Corrections:

Ninekia L Spears

Nnekia L Nash

Nnekia L Spearnash
James Ninekia
Ninekia Le Spears
Ninekia Nash
Nnekia Le Spearnash
Young Ninekia
Nnekia Spears
Nnekia L Spears
Ninekia Spear Nash
Spear Nash Nnekia
Ninekia L Spears
Nnekia Lekay S Nash
Nnekia S Nash
N L Spears
Nnekia Spearnash
Nnekia Le Spearnash
I do have other blog posts of Magical Lady Duchess.  I just recommend that you check them out in their entirety before you are another story that I have to report on her.  I am tired of all of her customers getting scammed because it gives all of us in the occult world a bad name and people do not deserve to be treated this way at all.


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