Sun Gazing Benefits Of Sunlight And How To Stare At The Sun Effectively – A Step by Step Tutorial

In these sun gazing videos I want to talk a little bit about my previous video, which was on sun gazing or some would call solar gazing . In that video I discussed a little bit such as the health benefits of sungazing as well as spiritual benefits and other things.

I'll go on ahead and leave a card up, something should pop up on the video now so that you can check that video out after you check this one out if you missed it.

Now let's get into this video. So someone asked a question in the comment section of exactly how to sun gaze and how to get started.  At the end of the previous video I say a little something about it, but in this video I'm going to go into a little bit deeper detail. It's not hard. It's very simple. You can get started as soon as today or tomorrow. 

Follow this step by step guide to get the benefits of the sunlight and do this safely to get the results that you want to get. Basically, there are certain places that you want to sungaze at preferably. But if you cannot, you can do it anywhere. That's the first thing I need you to know. 

So let's talk about the best spots to start your sun therapy.. The number one and the best place to sungaze is on the beach. On the beach, shoes off, in the sand, standing erect, looking at the sun. So the beach is the best place to sungaze. 

The second best place to look at the sun is a river bank. So you want to take off your shoes and socks, you want to again, ground yourself into the earth by putting your feet in that dirt, in that muddy part right by the river. You put your feet there, make sure you're standing erect, tall, look into the sun. Those are the two best spots to sungaze. 

After that you can go anywhere. You can go to the park, you can go to your front yard, you can go to your backyard, whatever. But if you have access to the beach and if you have access to the river, you want to do that overall. If not, wherever you can go then you go. 

The rules here is you want to have bare feet. You want to ground to mother earth wherever you decide to do it. So if you do it in your front or your backyard, you want to put your feet in dirt.

If you don't have dirt and you can easily go and buy some dirt from any Walmart. Pretty much from any store, any nursery, you can buy dirt. You can put dirt and make like a little thing like what the kids have, where they play with the dirt. I forget what that thing is called. You can get a cardboard box…well, no, you don't want to do that because you want to be grounded into mother earth at the same time. You can just get dirt and put it on your yard if you don't have dirt in your yard. Some people may have a house, some people may have an apartment. Some people you know, if you're in New York, it may be a little bit harder to do unless you're by the beach, but you want to ground yourself in that dirt. You want to get your feet dirty. Wet, yes. You want to get it wet if you're on the beach and the dirt. And if you're on the river and you have that good river water flowing up by there, yeah, but if not, then that is fine. You can find dirt in your own backyard and your own front yard at the park, the local park, whatever. 

Do not get in the grass. No grass. Do not, do not put your feet in the grass, just dirt. So even if you have a lawn with grass in it. Just took you a shovel, dig that grass up where you're going to be standing for that sun. Dig that grass up and just put your feet in the dirt. What will be even better is if you put some water in there and made a little mud-puddle there and put your feet in that mud.

Stand erect and look into the sun. 

So now when do you do it? You want to do this early in the morning, just as the sun is rising. The is the news as well as a lot of apps that you can put on your phone. It'll tell you the time that the sun will rise. So let's say the sun is going to rise at 6:00AM. You have one hour from the time the sun rises to do this because the lights, the UV rays are not high. They're very low. So it's safe for the eyes to look directly into the sun. So the time of day again is within an hour of the sunrise. 

You can also do it within an hour of the sunset. So if you know the sun is going to set at 7:00 PM, then between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM, you can look at the sun. If you know that the sun is going to rising at 6:00 AM, then you have from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM to look at the sun.

So how long do you want to look at the sun? You want to look at approximately 10 seconds on your first day. You're going to build up every day by 10 seconds. So on the first day you look directly into the sun, feet are naked, grounded into that dirt. And let me say this, if you still can't find dirt, don't worry about it. It may take a slower time for you but it'll still work. You can just wear shoes. You can get on concrete. But don't do it in grass. Look at that sun regardless. So you're going to want to look for 10 seconds; that's it. 1-1000, 2-200-, 3-3000… you can turn your phone on, set it for 10 seconds. And it'll beep – you’re done. 

The next day or the next time you do it, do it for 20 seconds. Then the next time, 30 seconds. The next time, 40 seconds. And every day you want to increase by 10 seconds. 

Now let's say you didn't have time to do it. Let's say it was too many chem trails in the fucking air this week. So all of this week it was too many chem trails and you couldn't see the sun at that time of day. And that happens a lot around my way. So what do you do? Let's say you're at 50 seconds, chem trails in the air. When you go back the next week, go back to 50 seconds, just pick up from where you left off. You do not have to restart the process all over again. Let's say that it's winter time and your area of the country, of the world, the sun, it just doesn't come out for four or five months during that certain time of year for it. And let's say you're up to three minutes, you're doing three minutes straight, gazing into the sun…do you have to start all over? No, you do not. You can start back at three minutes again and keep increasing at 10 seconds when you do start back to sungaze whenever you do. Just as long as you remember that you do it at sunrise within an hour or at sunset within an hour, then you're fine. You're okay. 

What else? I mean, that's pretty much it. It's not a whole lot. You can find sungazing books here. 

And the process, if you did it straight, nine months. If every single day you did it and you didn't stop, then the process would take nine months. And I think it's something like an hour is what you would come to. I forget. However, you don't have to stop at nine months. You can keep going. My goal is to do it for the rest of my life as long as I'm in this body. But you can keep going at it. You know, I would imagine after meditating with the sun after, you know, nine months, you probably have developed a pretty good relationship with the sun. I know already, I love the sun and all that it's done for me.

The little tricks and things you can do if you're feeling tired and feeling weak or something, you're walking or something, just take a quick look at the sun dome. 10, 5, 10 seconds, you'll get extra energy. This is just a little stuff you'll never really hear people talk about. And you'll notice you'll have extra energy. Like if I'm exercising, which I'll take walks and stuff like that, maybe a mile or two walk in the neighborhood. And I'm like, okay, I'm just fucking tired. I'm just tired. Go and look at that sun. Now again, you know, if you're doing it for just 5 or 10 seconds, you know, as it's not a 11:00am or 12:00pm, it's not high peak noon, you should be okay. But generally, you know, if I look at it, it'll give me the extra energy to keep going. The sun is energy. We are light bodies. At the end of the day, we're.

So that and the sun and how you get started with your sungazing. And keep pursuing it. And you know, in the last video, I did say you'll get spiritually enlightened but a decalcifies pineal gland. So if you are ready for that experience, you know, then, okay, you definitely want to look at the sun. I would say do it anyways, but I mean everybody knows who they are. You know, by decalcify your pineal gland, your gifts, your spiritual gifts and talents will be revealed. If it's seeing ghosts, then you'll see ghosts. If it's hearing them, you'll hear them. If you can see into other dimensions, then you will. If you've got psychic powers, that's what's going to happen. Knowing things that you shouldn't know, it's going to happen. Knowing when people lying to you, it's going to happen. I mean, because you're decalcifying your pineal gland at the same time. 

And you as a sungazer and suneater can do other things to help it. I'll do a video on that. Other stuff you can do to help decalcify it. But I just wanted to put that out there because some people are scared. They're scared for their third eye to be opened because they've heard stories. So yes, that's what the sun will do and the processes spiritually waking you up, enlightening you. 

So that's pretty much it for this video guys. I'm going to let you guys go and so you can get yourself up off in the sun honey and start healing yourself. 

So until the next video, I will catch you and see you in the next one. Bye. I'm out of here. Peace.


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