Time To Do Spells Rituals Magic With Moon Phases April 2018 Full Waxing Waning New Moons



Yall, you got to exit out of that one yall, y’all see that? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about, this full moon because this will transform yalles and you know it transform yalles. That’s why I try to be careful y’all, that full moon, you all know when you’re about to turn, ok? Cause girls, even when we’re on our periods, especially on that full moon time, you’re coming on yall just like Michael Jackson, that moon will come out. Look at it again, cramps hurting, you’ve got to grab your stomach like he did, bend over, look up yall, eyes yellow and red, yall like you’re the devil yall, a spawn from another god world yall, you feel like you can destroy and just everything up, emotions, all erratic, you crying over there, you mad over there, you’re sad over here, just too much going on yall around this time. It’s the god moon! And I told you – if they can make tsunamis happen, if the  can make tides and waves come in, if the  tell fish and crabs and  when to go north and south and east and west it’s the  moon, yall. All I’m saying is the  is pretty   powerful, ok? And with that being said, we’re about to get into this  moon chart for April 2018 so y’all, if you want to do your spells and , get ready, come around the  fire camp yall cause I’m about to tell you exactly when to do what to do how to do so to get you the best  results that you can get for your  life, so here we go. Let’s get into what is going on.

First thing that’s going on is this is the third month in a row we’re about to have a  blue moon once more, ok? Because on the first, as you can see already, we have a full moon. It actually started two days before that, the 100% most visible moon is going to be on Saturday the 31st of March. But we still have full moon action here on the 1st so what’s going to make this a blue moon is if you check this out guys, right here, starting on the 29th we have another full moon, so we’ve got a blue moon once again. This is the third month, guys, this is the third month for a blue moon – what a wonderful year. This is time for manifestation yalles! That’s why I’m telling you, manifestation 2018, you’ve got to get on your  , do your spells, do the physical work as well – get your , whether there’s a man, there’s a woman, whether it’s love, it’s friendship, whether it’s a job, whether it’s a business, whether it’s your health or whatever it is that you’re trying to get, your spirituality on tac – get that  down. Full moon is coming in.

So, the 1st is the full moon. So what do we do on a full moon? Any thing that we pretty much want to do, do any and all spells – I don’t care what type of spell it is, you can do it on a full moon. Now, if you want to do more baneful things then we’re going to talk about that a little bit later during that dark on that new moon phase. But you can also do it on full moon – so any kind of spell. If you don’t know about spells much and you’re just not sure what day, just stick with the full moon. Just stick with the full moon and you’re good right there. So you’ve got that on the first. On the 2nd we’ve got the waning moon. So the full moon came in, you see it going the away. When you see it go away, you see it getting smaller and smaller around this, what you want to do? You want to do your baneful magic. You want to do all that good. Hold up, what we got? Till the 14th. Ok, so from the second into the 14th we’ve got a waning moon phase, we want to go away out of our life, ok? If it’s your momma, your daddy, your sister, your brother, your cousin Ray-Ray, your best friend, that n****r that never paid you no money, that n****r ain’t never gonna get you no money, then you might as well go on ahead and put the  on the chart. Put them on from the 2nd to the 14th to get your spell work to get them the on up out your life, yall. I don’t give a  – get them up out of your life, is it a nosy neighbor, is it that yall at work that you can’t hate – just get ‘em up out. This is the time now. You got a court case, you want that  done and over with, you happen to be the defendant on that , get up, it’s time to get it on up out. Get this down with now. You’ve got a health issue, you want to get that  over with, you’re tired of smoking cigarettes, yall you’re tired of puffing mollies or popping mollies – I’m sorry y’all, I come from the weed and the coke days. We only had two drugs in my days, we did coke, coke and weed and that was it. Now there’s so many things to think about – golf balls and ice packs and bubble packs and that you’re all snorting and sniffing, if you want to get rid of that , all them addictions, alcoholism, all that , eating folks faces from bath, balms and , if you need to get them off that , it’s the time between the 2nd and the 14th, it’s time you want to repel, ban, get rid of  yall. You got negative s in your life, this is the time to get them out your  life. You’ve got bad debts and things like that, get that  up out of your life. You got know about the student loans, we know about houses, we know about the cardinals, we know about credit cards or other kinds of debts. Some of you s owe the library yall, do spells so you don’t got to owe the god library books – that  is so ed up. Blockbuster yall is still on some of y’all credit reports! So what you all need to do is go on ahead and do your spells to repel all that from the 2nd to the 14th, it’s just that simple. Alright, what we got going on. Ok y’all, before we get into the full moon, let me let you all in on a little secret, check it out, here we go.

Ok, I have a Moon Manifestation Law of Attraction Planner that you guys can download totally free when you go to my site at moonmanifestation.info.com. I’m going to pop it up on the screen right now as well as put it in the description below and you can click that link and just go over there to there. But you’ll be able to get this planner which has everything to help you with vision boards, power words, love quotes, just all kinds of things that will help you with manifestation, because of course magic is used in the Law of Attraction. So, I think this calendar is really good because you can plan – I like to plan when I’m going to do certain spells. The moon phases as well as with the days, ok, depending on what type of spell work it is. So, I think this is something that you’ll find very, very valuable and it will help you keep things on track and on target, but not only that, it helps with so much more! This is something that I found and I was like oh my god, I got to tell these guys about this and I’m absolutely loving it, ok? I don’t have to use my whiteboard anymore. I can actually just write it down. So yes, you can get the downloadable free version, ok, PDF, you can download that right now when you go to my site at moonmanifestation.info, ok? You can also get the physical version which is so much more better, but just start with this one first because you can get on that right now, ok? So, let’s get that and let’s go on to the new moon.

Alright y’all, so back to the new moon. So if you see here on the 15th alright we’ve got the new moon coming in. So the 15th and the 16th – now this is basically a moon that you can’t see at this time, it’s very dark outside, it appears as if there is no moon at all. As you can see, it’s very dark and you really can’t see much, really up to the 17th, you can’t see much. But on the new moon we want to go on ahead and do our other darker things, our baneful spells, you can do protections here as well depending on what your belief system is and whatnot. You can do your protections at this time. You can connect with your entities and energies as well on a full moon, everything on a full moon, same thing. You can connect with your energies and your entities, even your darker ones, especially your darker energies and entities. Here we’re talking more on the demonic realm, we’re talking about more of the darker or the more what some people would call a little negative energies if that’s the way you want to look at it. So you want to do that at this time. You also want to start on new projects and things if you have anything in your life, you want to get a new job, you want a new love in your life or anything like that, some type of new situation coming up in. New inventions, new ideas, new knowledge, new understanding, these are things we can ask for, we can put into our spell work, we can ask for, we can visualize, there’s different ways to obtain it, but this is the best time to do it on the 15th and the 16th of the month for new projects and new things, ok? And that could be just about anything, ok?

When I’m saying new stuff, I’m talking about something new that you’re trying to introduce in your life. It can be a new diet yall, it can be a new sex position yall – I don’t care if it’s new, this is the time to do it. So do dark works here. If you also want to do some type of spell work that you don’t want to be seen, it’s ways that you can not be seen, it’s ways that you can appear invisible, it’s ways you can cloak yourself so that if someone happens to do a reading on you or someone happens to pick up on you, cause I’m telling you, somebody can still possibly pick up on you, it’ll be hard for them to pinpoint exactly who you are. Ok? So that’s if you want to do darker works against somebody, or any works against somebody and you don’t want to be known or revealed, then you want to do that on the 15th and the 16th, the moon will help your ass out there and some other things that you’ve got to do too – but that’s going to help you out quite a bit.

Now, on the 17th here we’re going into the waxing moon phase, so from the 17th all the way until the 28th as you can see the moon is starting to come in here, right? It’s starting to grow in, so what you want to do at this point in place and time now is you want to go on ahead and do stuff that’s going to come into your life. Whatever you want to come into your life, that’s what you want to do – things coming in. So, you want a new man, you want a new woman, you want a better relationship, this is the time you want to do it up until the 28th. You want to get a new job, a new business venture, good health, ok? Maintaining good health or whatnot. Positive things working on again maybe homework or things to help with school, make sure that you’re making the grade, you’re beating the class, things like this. Stuff coming into you that’s positive things, money coming into you, any shape, form or fashion money. Love coming into you, I don’t care if it’s a long-lost love, one family member, I don’t care if it’s a friendship, I don’t care if you’re looking to attract new people towards yourself, do yourself love spells at this time for you to love yourself and recognize who the you are so you ain’t got to worry about another trying to do you some harm or danger because you love your self and you’ve got your self together, ok? So this is the time to do like that, alright?

So, again, I want to reiterate that when you want to push things away from you or repel things away from you, you want to do that during the waning moon phases and we want to pull things into you, you want to pull that energy into you, ok? That feminine energy pulling it in, ok? Then you want to do that during the waxing moon phases and again, remember the new and the full moon – oh, and here we go once again, full moon on the 29th and the 30thand again all spells go. Do any and every thing that you want to do. Remember if you’re just not sure, you’re just eh, stick with the full moon – just stick with the full moon. Now, I do also like to say that if you want to integrate your days, then integrate your days. So again you want to do something on spirituality, you want to meet with your spirit guides, you want to astral project, you want to learn tarot or whatever it be, Monday. Monday, learning science, learning metaphysical sciences, getting information on those things, I would do that on a Monday, waxing moon, new moon, full moon.

If you want to go to war with a yall about anything, anything – it could be a court case, it could be a yall you hate at work, it could be a yall you hate at your house, your next-door neighbor, whatever it is. You want to go to war on something, you might want to do this on a Tuesday, Wednesday. You want to do anything with communications, travel, manipulations type stuff like that on Wednesdays and depending on what type of manipulation can travel or communication that you’re doing, you’re going to want to do it, depending on what it is again, that waning moon or that full or that waxing moon. Thursdays you basically want to work with your money, growth, things like that, gambling, luck, stuff like that. Tuesday I should also put lust in there, Thursday I like lust for Thursday too. So Tuesday or Thursday, depending on what the lust is exactly, sexual lust on Tuesday especially. Thursday lust for things, ok? Fleshly things, money and gold and all that good stuff. So anything you do on Monday you can do on Thursdays, Fridays, that stuff that deal with love mainly. You can also do money works on Fridays, especially money works that have to do with your jobs. Saturday you basically want to do things on repelling, if you’re dealing with real estate at that time if you’re dealing with obstacles, if you want to do baneful magic, if you want to curse somebody, hex somebody, things like this, then you want to do this on a Saturday. I don’t think I said Sunday, so Sunday, this is the Sun day – the day of the sun, so you want to mainly I like health type of things on Sunday, doing things for health, doing things for success, doing things to achieve things, achieve different type of goals, you can do pretty much almost anything on a Sunday, so-called positive in nature where you want something to come in, that’s usually wonderful on a Sunday, ok?

Now, you combine the days with the exact moon phase for that extra work, for that extra oomph and there you go, that’s your perfect day to do your spell or ritual. I hope I explained that well enough for you guys, but if not, please feel free to leave a message down below in the comment section and I’ll be sure to get right to that. If you have some tips yourself, put it down in the comment section below, you know? Remember, guys, again, do your spells whenever the  you’ve got to do it – if it’s something that’s an emergency, if it’s something that’s got to be done, do this  whenever the  you’ve got to do it. We also have something called planetary hours that you can work with. But I’m saying even if you don’t know about planetary hours, if you got to do the spell, you’ve got to do the spell – it’s like yall, if I’ve got to fight, I’ve got to fight. You know what I’m saying? Sometimes you can’t wait to meet a yall outside after school at 3 o’clock. Sometimes you’ve got to go on ahead and take that yall to the bathroom real quick, you know what I’m talking about yalles, right? Sometimes you got to go on ahead and grab that ho, yank her ass to the bathroom and do whatever the you’ve got to do. Sometimes you can’t wait till 3 o’clock to do the spell. Sometimes you got to do whatever the  you got to do, so that’s when you throw this  out the window and put your desire in that  and you’re still going to get the same  results if not better because you can put your whole heart and desire and emotions and intentions into that , ok? Ok.

Alright guys, if you have any other questions again, put it down in the section below. Thanks for checking out the channel. Don’t forget to visit my website: www.occultgems.com and get your $5 readings y’all. You can also get your birth charts, you can also get your daily, weekly and your monthly horoscopes. Yes guys! You can get your horoscopes as – it’s a lot of stuff out there so just go and check it out. And buy stuff. Buy just a whole bunch of big , just say , I really like this channel, I’m just going to buy  I don’t even want, just go buy everything. Alright, that’s it for this video guys, I hope you really enjoyed it, I hope that you use it and I hope that you planned your calendar around, alright? I’m going to catch you on the next video, thanks so much for checking it out and I’m up out of here y’all. Peace!


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