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Hello Guys, it is that time of month of again. Yes, we are in April 2019 and in this video we're going to talk about the different spells or rituals or even the law of attraction; the different days that you can work your spells and rituals or use the law of attractions that will help assist you with manifesting what it is that you truly desire. 

Now, let me say off the bat that you can do these things at any time. However, when you do things, your spells, your rituals or work on your law of attraction methods and techniques, it's good to flow with the energy that is working with you at that time, which is why we're doing this lunar calendar now that's going to assist you with the best times to do what. So let's get right into it. 

Starting with April the 1st. April the 1st through the 3rd, we have a waning moon. Waning means simply that the moon appears to be going away. It appears to be getting darker and darker. When we're in this phase, the different spells, rituals or law of attraction methods that we want to use would be on things about getting things pushed out of our lives. This can be anything from health situations; so if you have a medical condition, a disease, something like this that you're trying to get rid of out of your life, this is a good time to work on that for yourself or even for a loved one or someone else. 

This is also a good time to connect with entities, especially what we'd like to refer to as darker entities. The energy is high at this time for that connection. You also want to do other things, if you don't want certain people in your life or other folks’ life, this is a good time to do things such as breakup spells or start working on the law of attraction to have people break up, marriages break up, divorces, things like that. And for those of you that's not into what you want to call negative magic, then you don't have to worry about that, don't do it, okay. But this is for those of us that are, and we feel like sometimes people need to go away. Sometimes we have bad neighbors. This is a good time to push bad neighbors out the way, using the law of attraction, using spells, using rituals when we're working with the moon energy.

Now we'll talk about other times to do things with the days in a minute, but you want to get a nosy neighbor or somebody at your job, push them to the side or you want to get people out of your life, this is a good time to work on those things.

Now as you see on the 4th, the 5th and the 6th, we are in a new moon phase. The highest peak will be on Friday, which is on the 5th. This is a very good time to do all of those things that I just told you about the waning moon. But this is a more powerful time. This new moon is also referred to as a dark mode. Now people that want to do spells on other people and try not to have them find out that they did it, you can do that during this new moon phase though I always like to warn you, especially with practitioners or people that's more closely connected to the spiritual realm and the spiritual world, those who work with spirits, things like this, they still can find out if you're doing some little spell or ritual on them or using law of attraction against them. They will be notified. Okay. Their spirits will let them know. So yes, you can do this, but a totally ignorant person that's not even into the practice, into the craft, someone like that, someone that's not spiritually in tuned, they would never know any ways that you were throwing any type of negative energy at them. But this is a good time to do darker work. 

Same thing as the waning won't accept this as much more powerful. This is a time, as you see, if you see here, it looks like there is no moon there. It appears like it's not even there. It is, but it's not there. So this is a good time to continuously do those things you were doing with the waning moon. You know, your breakups spells, hot footing people or getting people out of your way, court cases, having things dismissed, silencing certain people that may be talking against you, stopping gossip, stopping rumors, shutting people mouths up about you, things like that. This is a good time to do that.

Now we come on over to the 7th. As you see here, we're in the waxing moon. Now from the 7th until the 17th, we see the moon getting bigger right here as a pregnant woman in her trimesters; just getting bigger, bigger, bigger here. And you'll see that it is coming in. We want to do spells, rituals, and use the law of attraction. Now this is the perfect time for you law of attraction folks to be working on attracting and manifesting houses and cars and all that wonderful stuff; husbands and wives, okay, business opportunities. There's so many things out there that you can attract to you; good health, better health.

Also for you guys that's working on your spells and your rituals from the 7th to the 17th of April, yes, get your money spells together, your money rituals, whether you work with spirit or not with spirit. Do your love spells. Attraction spells; not only attraction to men and women, but attraction to attract good luck to you. You gamble, before you gamble you want to do something like this before you go and hit the machines, before you go and play cards. This is a good time to make you a mojo bag or something like that, burn you some candles, make you some poppets, use you some load stones or maybe just work with your mind with the law of attraction vibrating at that money frequency to bring that money in. 

Guys from the 7th to the 17th, it is all about bringing things to your life. Now you may have more specific things, okay? You want to make this team, you want your child to make that team. You want your child to get into college without scamming the college. I just had to bring that up guys. I'm sorry… with the recent news. Stuff like that, you want to work on those things with your spells, rituals and your law of attraction at this time. 

Okay, guys, as well as that you have the full moon phase. This is on the 18th, the 19th and on the 20th with the peaking on the 19th of the month. Now remember, if you don't remember anything, remember this, you can do any and all spells on the full moon. And all. Whether it appears to be positive, whether it appears to be negative, you know you can do anything at this time, forget everything else. 

Full moons are more powerful. And you want to do any and everything; money spells, breakup spells, spells on spirits, working with astral projection, working with your third eye. Anything that you have issues, problems or you want to manifest, do it on that full moon phase. Again, it peaks at 100% on the 19th. So you got all three of those days. Now I'm going to come back in a minute. I'm going to tell you a little bit more about that, okay. But first, let me get into the waning moon because it wane's again around the end of the month. 

If you see here from the 21st down here until the 30th, we are in a waning moon phase. So in this waning moon phase, you're going to go back to what we did at the very beginning, which is anything you want to push out of your life, you can work on spells, rituals, as well as law of attraction to push things out of your life. I mean, if you want to shut people up, if you want people to stop talking about you, if you want to get people to move away from you, if you want a break someone up. Okay, you want to break them up during the waning moon and then you want to do a love spell during a waxing moon so that that other person can get with you later.

So let's get back into that. Let's do that waning moon. And as you see, the moon is going, it is disappearing. It is going away like it was never there all the way to a new moon, which will be in the next month of May. 

So that's it. Now, if you want to make it a bit powerful, you may want to combine your days with your moon phases. So let's say you might want to put a jinx on somebody, cross someone up, make them have issues, maybe hear voices, maybe mental problems, thoughts racing, crazy paranoia, have people hating on them, bad luck, they can't get their money on time. Just little jinxy things or full blown curse; car accidents, whatever. Alright? You want to do this on the fifth of the month? Why? Because it's a dark or new moon phase. Okay. This is where it appears that things, again, are leaving your life. You also want to do destructive work at this time. So you would do that on the 6th. And the reason why I say the 6th it becausethat’s Saturn's day. Saturday is Saturn’s day. And you can do some destructive things on that day, curses, jinxes, etc.

Now let's say you want to do a love spell, which is what I get a lot of requests about, which is why I talk about love spells more so than anything else. That's what people want; love, right? So if you want to do a love spell, then Friday the 19th would be the best day because it is the full moon peaking on that day. But Friday is also the day of Venus and Venus is all about love, growth, maturity, motherhood, right? It's all about fashion and beauty. So you want to do a spell like that on the 19th. Because not only do you have the power of the full moon, you also have Venus’s energy helping you to do that. So you want to make your poppets, you want to burn your candles, you want to use your load stones, whatever it is that you like to do. You can work with your spirits however you'd like to invoke them. You can invoke spirits so that you can take on their characteristics, to have that attraction and have people come to you or have that person be attracted to you that you are trying to do that love spell on. 

Now let's say you wanted to do something a little more destructive. You know, you really wanted to break somebody up. You wanted best friends to go to war with each other, right? You just want them to go to war. Why? Who cares why? Maybe one is not good enough for the other. Who knows? Whatever the reason. You could do something here on a waning moon phase. Here, I would do it on the 2nd because it's almost into a new moon phase. It's right at the end of the waning phase and it's on a Tuesday. Tuesday is the day of Mars. This is lust. This is masculine energy. This is war. This is fire. So this is a time you would want to do something like that. If you just want hell to break loose, then you would do that on a Tuesday. And like I say, in this case, the 2nd would be a good time to do that.

Let me give you one more example guys. Let's say you want it to do maybe a money spell. If I had to do a money spell this month, I would suggest that you would do it on the 18th. Why the 18th? Well, because it's a full moon phase. Not only is it a full moon phase, it's on a Thursday. This is the planet Jupiter, which is also about business. It's about growth. It's about marketing, it's about gambling, it's about money. It's about jobs, careers. So this is why I would do this type of a spell on the 18th. As well as your law of attraction, as well as your rituals. That would be the best time for the month of April to do that. 

So if you have any questions about this, you can definitely put it down in the comment section below if you are on YouTube. If you are already a part of the moon manifestation club, you can always email me back where I sent you the email. You can always email me back and ask me any question that you may have regarding this and I'll get back with you usually within 24 to 48 hours. 


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