Time To Do Spells Rituals Magic With Moon Phases December 2017 Full Waxing Waning New Moons


What’s going on guys? This is Kacy with KTV and in this video, it’s that time of year again – I mean, the time of month, right? It’s time to do rituals and spells, it’s time to plan them out; it’s time to see what day and what time we’re going to do what, where, when, how, who? Ok, so let’s see if you do yours by the moon phases, then this is the video for you, ok? So we’re going to talk about what moon phases to do which spells as well as we’re going to talk about some other wonderful things because we have Mercury retrograde coming in. Yes, Mercury retrograde y’all – it’s right around the corner, it’s going to be December 3rd through December 22nd. If you’re not familiar with Mercury retrograde, then I’m going to make a video pop up right about now and you can click that, and it won’t take you out of this video, it will just open another window and you can watch it later. But you need to see how you’ll be affected by Mercury retrograde, what you can do to protect yourself during the Mercury retrograde, exactly what it is – it will just give you all that information and how you can use it to the best of your advantage.

So we have that coming in from the 3rd to the 22nd. We also have a Super Moon that’s coming in on the 3rd as well along with the full moon. We have a lot of potent energy going on this month; we can do a lot of magic this month, a lot of spells this month – that’s just going to make our lives a whole lot better. So let’s get ready, let’s do it and let’s get into the video for the month of December.

So, as you guys can see right here, on the 1st it’s going to be waxing, and the 1st actually was yesterday, today is the 2nd, I’m uploading this on the 2nd which is where the full moon starts coming in. However, on the 3rd, that’s the actual full moon. So the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th is the full moon, you get that full moon power for about a week – I’ll say you get that full moon power till about the 6th, something like that. But during the full moon phase you can do any type of spells that you like to do, any whatsoever. Remember that we are having a Super Moon as well on the 3rd. So you can do even more, ok? And since it’s going to be on a Sunday, it’s great to do any kind of spell but on Sundays you want to do things that are successful, optimistic and positive like your health spells, spells for promotions, spells for leadership, business – things that are positive in nature. Think of angelic-type magic and positive-type magic, ok?

However, remember that it’s a full moon – so you can do anything. It can be dark in nature, it can be light in nature, it can be whatever. That’s just more power, especially being a Super Moon. So that’s until the 4th. Now, the 5th until the – let me see, the 5th until the 16th we have a waning moon. So the waning moon is when we want to do stuff that we want to go away, we want to disappear, we want to banish, we want to get rid of out of our lives or the lives of others. So whether you’re doing this magic for yourself, family, friends, clients, whatever, then you want to do stuff that you’re letting stuff go. You want to get them debts out of the way, do the student loans – honey, you’ll never know, it might be a glitch with the computer system and they send you a check. I’ve had that happen to me! You might want to do your car loans, you might want to do your mortgage loans, you might want to do any kind of loans that you get, your credit cards, you want to banish those things. It’s better to do it on a Saturday.

However, any time during this phase, this waning moon phase you want to do court case spells, the type where and which you’re getting rid of the case, ok? Now, that will probably be if you’re the defendant or something like that. If you’re the plaintiff, you might want to do it on a waxing moon, on another phase. You just want to do these type of things, things that you get rid of, get rid of fat. You want to lose weight, you want to lose certain negative aspects of yourself. You can also play around with this and so instead of money spells and stuff which is done during like a waxing moon, I like to get rid of debt. You see what I’m saying? Get rid of that cigarette problem. Get rid of the crack problem. Get rid of the meth. You see where I’m going with this? Get rid of that porn habit. Get rid of anything that ain’t no dang good in your life. Get rid of the no-good friends in a nice, amicable way.

Get rid of, get rid of, get out of your life, clean it up. That’s what you want to do during this waning moon phase, ok? Now, before we get into the new moon, I’ve got to show you guys this and then I’m going to be right back. Hold up.

Ok, I have a moon manifestation, law of attraction planner, ok? That you guys can download totally free when you go to my site at moonmanifestation.info.com; I’m going to pop it up on the screen right now as well as put it in the description below and you can click that link and just go over there to there. But you’ll be able to get this planner which has everything to help you with vision boards, power words, love quotes, just all kinds of things that will help you with manifestation. Because of course, magic is using the law of attraction. So I think this calendar is really good because you can plan, I like to plan when I’m going to do certain spells – the moon phases as well as with the days, depending on what type of spell work it is. So I think this is something that you’ll find very, very valuable and it will help you keep things on track and on target, but not only that, it helps with so much more. This is something that I found and I was like oh my god – I’ve got to tell these guys about this! And I’m absolutely loving it, ok? I don’t have to use my whiteboard anymore. I can actually just write it down. So yes, you can get the downloadable free version, ok? PDF, you can download that right now when you go to my site at moonmanifestation.info – you can also get the physical version which is so much more better. But just start with this one first because you can get on that right now, ok? So let’s get that and let’s go on to the new moon.

Ok, so now let’s get into the new moon. The new or the dark moon. We see that it starts on the 17th and it goes until the 19th ok? As you can see, it looks like there’s absolutely no moon whatsoever. This is the perfect time to call on dark entities or dark deities or gods or goddesses or ancient beings or spirits or whatnot, communicate with them, divination with them. Of course you can do the same any time but this is just a more, high potent time to do this; the energy is perfect for this time. So you can do that, you can do your divinations, your scrying, your pendulums, your tarot cards, things like that. You can also sort of bless those things at this time, putting out your different tools, your daggers, your tarot cards. If you like to get that moon energy on your crystals instead of the sun energy, your crystals. This is a good time to do it under this here new moon. You can also do it under the full moon depending on what exactly you want to achieve, but you ca do it under this new moon. Your scrying mirrors, anything that you use – cauldrons, candles, anything that you use you can put it out and get that moon energy in it, right now during this new moon phase.

Ok, spells that you can also do is things that you want to maybe have new projects on, maybe you’re going to get a new plan, business plan, or a new business, a new house, a new car, a new relationship. Just something that’s new and you know, a new project that you’re starting on. So you can do that as well. Ok? So new moon is very potent, just as the full moon is and so it’s a very powerful moon phase that you can also work with, ok?

So let’s go unto the 20th here where we have the waxing moon coming in. We almost had two full moons this month, maybe it’ll be next month, but we have the waxing moon come in and it’s going to be waxing until the end of the month, so from the 20th to the 31st. You want to do things that you can bring in. As you can see, the moon starts coming in, little by little, slowly creeping through, it gets bigger and bigger until like I said, like last month, about to have the baby, right? So you want to od things that’s going to bring things into your life. So again, new jobs, new relationships, new friendships, better health. Let’s see, just anything that you want to bring into yourself, ok? You can do protections. As a matter of fact, I’m sorry – I didn’t mention protections or banishing, I’m sorry, as far as spirits. If you’re having issues with spirits let me go back a little bit y’all, I’m sorry. If you’re having issues with spirits that you want to get rid of, you want to do that during your dark moon or your new moon as well. I’m going to tell you the truth: if you have spirits you have issues with, you want to get rid of that shit on the point, so if you can’t wait for a moon phase and you’ve got to call somebody, call somebody. But usually you get rid of spirits with other spirits, alright?

Hi, hi! When I’m saying that, I’m saying those buggy spirits that’s doing paranormal shit, fucking with you. The ones that you don’t want around you – some of them you don’t mind having around you, you know what I’m saying? But some of them, they might be a little buggy, you know what I’m saying? You might have to call in higher deities, gods, goddesses, higher spirits than them to get rid of them, ok? And so you might want to do that. But if you can wait and they’re not that annoying to you, then you can do it on a dark moon phase, a new moon phase, a waning moon phase. And as well as banishes and protections, I like to do protections for myself during the dark moon, you know what I’m saying? You can also do it on your full moon phase, but you know, most lefties like to do it during the dark phase and I like using the black candles for that instead of the white candles as well. So that depends on your tradition and what you are, what you believe in and what you follow and anything like that or how you want to do it.

Ok, so I just wanted to go back there cause for some reason it just came to my mind, so I think that somebody needed to hear that. I don’t know, somebody must have needed to hear that. Ok, so let’s go back to the waxing moon. We want to do stuff that we want to bring into us, self-esteem, confidence, good friends, people to network with, making our businesses better and bigger and stronger and even starting them or whatever. So we want to do stuff that brings things into us until the 31st from the 20th into the 31st and then we’ll be back into a new moon phase some time next month, probably like the 1st or the 2nd of January which is going to be absolutely wonderful. We’ve got so much stuff going on in the skies right now, that’s when we’re going to be able to see the wonderful planets and all kinds of wonderful things.

So it’s looking really good, it’s looking great. I hope you guys enjoyed the video – guys, right now I’m also providing a service where you can get your birth charts, your natal charts, you know, and your love charts and all you have to do is hit me up on my email. The email is in the description below – it’s ktvenergy417@gmail.com so that you can get your birth charts or your natal charts or your love charts for yourself, your loved ones, your family and your friends. And of course I’m very much about that because to know thyself is what it’s all about. Know who you are, know what you’re about, know what careers you should go into, know about your love life, know how people perceive you, know those things about other people as well so you know how to deal with them, handle them. I like to use these things when I’m dealing with people in business. Already have a clear understanding of who this person is, also with people around me that’s friends, that’s family. You know, it’s good to know these attributes, especially for your children because you know how to raise your children, you know how the things that they like, you know the things to get them into, you know what they’re in tune to. So if they’re going to be musical artists, if they’re going to be draw art painters, if they’re going to be in the medical profession, in the law profession, in the mechanical profession, your birth charts tell you these things and it’s things that you can help your child to do, to start honing in their skills now when they’re kids. Kind of like what the Asians do and then by the time the child is like 17, 18, they got 10 years in it and so they’re like an expert at it and now they can go out, and so you prepared your children.

But anyways, yes, that is it guys. I hope that you enjoyed this video. Make sure you comment, like, share, subscribe, and if you have questions you can put the questions down in the description box below and myself or someone else, another wonderful subscriber may answer your question, ok? Before I get to it. Ok, thanks so much for checking it out, this is Kacy with KTV and I’ll catch you guys in the next video. Alright y’all. Peace!


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