Time To Do Spells Rituals Magic With Moon Phases December 2018 Full Waxing Waning New Moons


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Time To Do Spells Rituals Magic With Moon Phases December 2018 Full Waxing Waning New Moons

Hey guys, what's up is Kacy again with Occult Gems and we are talking about the moon phases for December, 2018. That's right. It is time guys to plan our spells for this month. 

Okay. Right now we are in a waning moon phase and if you see that from the first until the fifth, we're going to still be waning. That means the moon is going to appear to be going away. And this is a time when we want to do certain types of spells. We want to do things that makes things disappear, vanish, go away from our lives. Okay. This is a good time to do breakups spells or separation spells. This is also a good time especially for certain court cases, depending on your goal and who you are in the court case. So let's say you want to dismiss it. This is a good time to dismiss or drop court cases. This is a good time to silence people or witnesses, quiet them up. Okay. This is just a wonderful time to get people away from us. 

This is also a wonderful time to do things such as weight loss spells or addiction type of spells. You know, some people are smoking their cigarettes or some people are smoking that other stuff or popping molly's honey. Anyways, this is a great time to help influence yourself or others to work on those addictions and getting rid of addiction. 

So this is all about making things go out of your life. You can do this with things such as debts that you may have. You may have loans, you know for houses, for cars. You may have loans, student loans, okay; this is a great time to work on those things and do your spells at these moon phases.

This is also a wonderful time to banish things. So if you're hearing things bump in the night, I'll tell you though, at the same time, do a spell anytime you hear something or banish something at any time you hear something that goes bump in the night or in the day. Unless of course you're like me and want to set up an altar for the spirits to hook me up, right? But if you're not so cool with that spirit just hanging out without paying rent, then honey, this is a good time to banish things such as that.

All right. So guys, I'm going to take this quick break and then we're going to talk about the new moon phase. So check this out.

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Okay, so on to our new moon phase. We just left the waning moon on the fifth and here on the sixth, seventh, and eighth, you'll see that there appears to be no moon at all. This is what we call a new moon, or we call a dark moon. This is good time to do spells, especially on people that may be baneful and maybe you don't want them to know that you did them. Now, like I always say, you know, even though you could do these things under this particular moon phase and you don't want maybe another witch or practitioner to know that you've done a spell on them, it is very possible for them to still find out. Some people have visions, some people have dreams, some people, their spirits still come and talk to them. But you know, if you still just want to try to see if you can hide your works from others, then this is a good time to hide them. This is also a good time to try to hide things just in case you get read by Psychics. This is a good time to hide those things. But again, it's definitely not guaranteed because you have people with spiritual gifts that can still unveil and uncover those things. 

So let's talk about new moon phases. You can also do the same exact things that you were doing at a waning moon phase that I just told you about for a new moon phase. Yes. Getting rid of things, banishing things, all of that good stuff is still very good for new moon phase. Getting in touch with darker entities is great for this new moon phase. Okay. In some traditions people like to start on new projects at this time as well. So any type of new projects, business venture, relationships, some traditions like to do those things at this new moon phase as well.

So you want to continue to do the same things basically during the waning moon you did during the new moon. And remember it's just a more powerful moon, it is equivalent to a full moon, but on the opposite end; the energy is opposite. So that's what we want to do with that new moon phase. Okay. 

So now what we have after that, on the ninth we have a waxing moon. And as you can see, the moon slowly but surely starts to begin to appear. It's coming up out of that hibernation looking stage. Right? It's waxing, it's getting bigger, it's growing more. And this happens for about two weeks. So from the 9th until the 20th; ok, the 9th until the 20th, we have a waxing moon phase. 

Now during this moon phase, this month we're going to want to do things that's going to bring things in or attract things to us. So you know how I was talking about court cases for example. Let's say you had a court case at this time and let's say it was something like you were suing someone, you were looking for child support or something like that. This is the time during a waxing moon phase would be a good time to do a court case like that. You see in this case, you wouldn't want to make it disappear. In this case, you would want to attract that money to you. So that's when we want to do those types of court cases.

Also we want to do things such as attraction spells. So if you're dating, you're out looking for someone right now, this is a great time to do spells to have people attract to you, to get more numbers, to get out, get loose and have fun. This is the time for that. 

Also if you want to do love spells at this time. So if you're dating someone and you really want to take it to the next level, this is a perfect time to do a love spell for yourself, okay.

Now, not only love spells but also come back to me type of spells; things that you could do on an ex. Say you have been in an argument with an ex and you really want to get back with him or you want to get back with her, this is the perfect time to do that type of spell.

So all your love, all your attractions – it's a good time. If you want to start some to some type of business venture or if you already are in a business venture, if you already have a project of some type, if you're already writing a book, if you're already writing a song, if you're already painting; something to bring income in, this is a good time to do a spell like that. Remember, this is something of attracting things to you. So it's a million things out there you can attract to you. This is the perfect time to do all of those types of things. So this is when people really come to me and they want those loves spells done, they want those attractions spells done, they want those money spells done – this is the perfect time for that. 

And when I say money spells we're talking about getting a job, if you're unemployed or looking for another job. We're talking about maybe selling things. So if you're trying to sell a house or something like that at this time, you're trying to sell a car, trying to sell something and it just doesn't seem to be selling or you just want to give it a good head start; this is a good time to do things like that. 

Okay, so next guys, we have the next moon phase, okay? Which starts on the 21st. So let me scroll down. So from the 21st until the 23rd, we have a full moon. And as you see, the moon is totally full, okay? It's at 100% of visibility on the 22nd. So that is the date that the moon will be the most powerful. 

Now I like to say on a full moon, especially if you're new at this and you're just not sure ‘when do I do anything' – always go with a full moon for any, any, any, any, any, any type of spell. Okay. Whether it may seem like a good and positive spell or it may seem like a negative baneful spell. Full moon phase – do any and everything. This is the most powerful time. If you can catch those super moons as well that would even be the more awesome. I remember earlier this year we had super moons, like four months in a row. Wonderful time. Wonderful time for manifesting. 

Okay. So then after that we are going back into the waning moon on the 24th. So from the 24th until the very end of the month which is the 31st, you'll see that the moon, once again, it's starting to lose its visibility. It's starting to appear to lose its light. So we're going to go back to what we did at the very beginning, which is we're going to go back to doing things that we want to diminish or get things out of our lives. Back to dismissing those court cases, back to working with debts or getting debt out of our life, those old credit card bills out of our life. Those old friends that mean you no good out of our life. Just getting bad things out of your life. This is a good time for that; breakup spells, separation spells and everything else that I basically said in the beginning. 

Now, if you want to combine some of these spells, I do like to say work with the days as well as working with the moon phases. This makes it an even more powerful energy, even more powerful energy. So let's say for example, it's December and you want to do a love spell. I would say the best time to do it was the 21st. And the reason why I say the 21st would the best time is because you have a full moon and it's done on a Friday. This is Friday here. That's Friday the 21st, that is the best time to do the love spell. That is the day of Venus. That's all about beauty, fashion, love and things such like growth. You can also do money spells here, but I would prefer to do a money spell like on a Thursday. So if I was to do a money spell, I would prefer to do it on a waxing moon phase, for example. Okay. 

If I wanted to do, say like a separation spell meaning separating a couple and them having no problems, them having no issues, no arguing, no fighting, just like a slow, subtle separations with no problems, you know, nothing physical, nothing too crazy, then I will want to do something like that…where are we? We have two opportunities here. I would love to do that on a new moon, on the eighth. So that's a dark moon or new moon phase and I want to do it on a Saturday, the day of Saturn. The planet Saturn rules that day. It's all about diminishing things. Well it has other things too. Saturn is good for real estate. So if you're in real estate, let's say you wanted to sell a house or something, this is also a good time to do it as well. Saturn has more things to do with that. But Saturn is a little naughty and Saturn's a little mischievous. So this is the time that we want to do something like that. 

And let's say I wanted to do a breakup spell. Let's say I just wanted them to like hate each other and just, ‘ugh, you get on my nerves.' If I wanted the couples to feel like this. Then in that case, I would want to do it on a Tuesday. So the 3rd for example, is a good time that I would want to do that… I'm sorry, not the third – the fourth. The fourth is a good time. And then we will have another opportunity to do that on the 1st because it'd be waning again on the 1st, so like a breakup spell. 

And then once again, let's say I wanted to do a general money spell. Maybe I wanted a new job, an extra job or something like that, then I would do a spell like that. We could either do it on the 21st or on the 20th. I prefer to do it on Thursdays; waxing and full moons. So in this case, probably the 20th is when we would have done this particular one. 

So guys, I really hope that that helped you out so very much. And I'm going to definitely be bringing you a video next month as well for January 2019. We're definitely going to have to be manifesting things because we're also going into a new year.


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