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What’s up, guys? It’s Kacy here and you are now watching Occult Gems Channel right here on the YouTube. Ok, guys, we want to talk about the moon phases today because it is the first – well, it’s almost the 1st of February, ok, and right now, as I speak, we are now experiencing a blue moon, ok? So, we are having a full moon for the second time in the month of January. So how awesome is that? And I was just speaking to a client on the phone and they were telling me, they looked at March and they saw that March, just as well, is a blue moon. So, I’m going to check that out as well, ok?

But, let’s get into the February moon phases, ok? And when to do our spells and such like. So, on the 1st, which is Thursday, the 1st of February, we’re going to be ending at that full moon, guys, so that’s going to be it, Thursday the 1st is a full moon. Now, because it’s also a Thursday, I would say if you have any money spells, anything to do with growth or expansion, anything to do with money you could do this on Thursday’s full moon. You’ll have the help or the assistance of the planet Jupiter to help you with that as well, ok? So, you’ll have that Jupiter energy as well as that full moon energy.

Ok, now, don’t forget though – you can do any type of spell on a full moon. You know, whether you think that it’s “positive”, negative, something that you bring into you and attract to you, or something that you repel and push away. So, you can do anything on this full moon phase right here which is Thursday, ok? And then we go into the waning moon which is on Friday, it starts on the 2nd and it ends on the 13th. So, let’s see. Here’s the 2nd, guys, and we’re coming down here and as you see, you see this big full moon and you see as it starts to, it appears to kind of go away here, right? And it gets darker and darker and darker here. This is called the waning moon phase, alright? And it’s going to be from the 2nd until the 13th. This is the time that you’re going to want to do things that you want to banish things, you want to repel things, ok? You want to push things away from you, so if you have debts or things like that, you can push those things away from you.

Ok, you can also do stuff – like I like to do a lot of my criminal court cases, of course, if you’re the defendant, it depends on who you are in a court case or when you would like to do certain spells, but usually like for the defendant, we would do a court case here on the waning moon phase, ok? You want to do curses, you want to do jinxes or crossing people up at this time as well. You want to do reversal, so if you feel that someone has sent any negative energy towards you, you can do reversals at this stage here which is the waning moon. So, everything that you want to get rid of, that can be addictions, that can be fat, that can be drugs, that can be alcohol, that can be bad boyfriends and girlfriends, that can be friends or family members that’s no good to us, that’s just distractions in our way. You know, we can hot feet their ass right now and repel them to get the fuck away from us. If you have a neighbor or something that you want to get rid of, this is the time to get rid of them or to silence them if you want to silence someone at work for example. This is the time to do that kind of work, if you want to freeze somebody up, this is the time that this would be a more potent work. You will have that waning moon energy backing you up in there, ok?

So then after the waning moon, we go into the new moon. But guys, before we get into the new moon – check this out!

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Alright guys and I’m back. Alright, so let’s get into the new moon now. So, with the new moon we have coming up on the 14th of February, the 15th and the 16th, ok? So at this time we want to do the exact same thing that we were doing during the waning moon stages. So you still can do your silencing, you can still do your freezers, you still can hot feet people. You still can do reversals and things, you still can do your breakup spells, separation types of spells, curses, jinxes, things that you see, things to repel, break things up. We still can do those things on the 14th, the 15th and the 16th, which is the new moon phase. But we also refer that to the dark moon phase, and the reason why we refer to it as the dark moon phase is cause when you go outside and look up at the sky on these nights, on the 14th through the 16th you’ll notice no moon. You’ll notice like it’s just dark outside, ok? So it appears to us on Earth that there is no moon out there. This is a good time, especially if you want to do cursing, if you want to do crossings, if you want to do things like this. This is especially the time to do it over the waning moon. Why? Because other magical practitioners like witches, warlocks, magicians and things, especially if you’re planning on doing something on them, they wouldn’t be able to see you. Now, I always say this though, you have to be very careful because most witches, magicians, practitioners, they have visions, they have dreams, they have spirits that talk to them. So you still can get found out. But this is just a better time to do it. And if you do something on somebody else as well, you know this is a good time to do it. You can do it during the waning moon phase, but if you think they may be a little magical or they can pick up on it, then you might want to wait until the new moon or the dark moon phase to do those things. Ok, this is also a time you can do your protection spells.

Now, depending on the tradition that you do and everything that you’re into, you may do things a little bit different and that’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with that. So for myself, this is a good time to do your protection spells, especially dark deities or dark entities. This is a good time to call upon different deities and entities; especially darker ones. Those that we don’t call dark, you can do it at a full moon stage more so, so getting in touch with your spirit guides, getting in touch with your ancestors, getting in touch with your angels and things like that you can do during the full moon. Your darker deities and things, you know you’re going to want to do that on the new moon or the dark moon phase, ok?

So, then we have the 17th here when we’re going to go into the waxing moon, so the 17th through – it’s probably going to be the 1st or 2nd before we get a full moon, but the 17th until the 28th which is the end of the month, we have a waxing moon. So what do we do with a waxing moon? Waxing moon is to bring things in, cause things to come too, cause to attract. So we want to bring things in. We want to bring in love, if you had a breakup with a lover, this is a good time to do some rekindling here, some rekindling magic, perhaps even some sex magic, baby. But this is a good time to repair that relationship. If you’re trying to do something for an attraction spell upon yourself so that you can get more dates, therefore more applications to turn down so that you can find the right one, honey, then yes, this is the time to do that. So you want to do your attraction spells, you want to do your love spells, your return to me spells, come to me lover, all that good stuff – anything dealing with love and bringing it in, you want to do that at this time. If you have issues with a friend or friendship, maybe you have a quarrel, maybe you have an argument, this is a wonderful time to do that as well. So you can repair the friendship at this time? Ok, friends are hard to come by, so you don’t want to lose any good friends, ok? So if you have to do a little juju, to convince them, do your little sweet honey jar or something, you know what I’m saying? Put some herbs in that thing so they can get sweetened up to you, then do your couple of candle spells or whatever, or a couple of days or whatnot. Then you know, so that you can repair that relationship. Do that at this time.

You also want to do money spells, things bringing money in to you, things bringing finances in to you. So that means if you want a promotion at your job or if you want to get a new job, ok, this is time to do that. If you want to go out and play the lottery, and gamble, gambling any kind of thing, if you’re investing in anything, if you invest in houses or if you invest in any other type of thing, that’s a lot of business to invest in, there’s a lot of money opportunity things to invest in; you want to do your spells now that your investment will be productive and prosperous to you instead of the other way around. So all of these things you want to bring into you – you want to bring those good and those positive things to you. If you want to go to school, then bring that thing into you. You want to learn some type of wisdom, some type of knowledge or understanding about something, bring that wisdom into you right now, ok? Do a spell on that.

So, we want to do everything that’s causing things to come to us, materialistically if we are looking for the car, if we’re looking for that house, if we’re looking for those clothes, those rare bottom shoes, whatever we’re looking for, ok, this is the time we want to do all of that good, wonderful stuff, ok? At a waxing moon phase. Ok guys, I also like to put my waxing moon phases with – not waxing, I’m sorry – I like to put my moon phases with my days if at all possible. So, for example, on that first one here which was on a Thursday, the full moon, I would do a money spell here, ok? I would do money spells here, alright? I would also do money spells down here; where we at? Waxing. All of this. Waxing. But it’s better to do it on a Thursday. Hold on, where is Thursday? Ok, here’s Thursday. So it’s better to do it on the 22nd for example. And the 1st, I think this is going to end up being a full moon. Ok, so it’s better to do it at those times and love again. It’s better to do love on a Friday during maybe a new love here. Or some type of love here. This is a waxing moon, so love, this is probably going to be a full moon right here though, so love. So also repairing your friendships, some relationships, things dealing with spirituality, you’re going to want to do that on a Monday so anything with astral projecting, talking with, meeting with your spirit, your guides, your angels, anything to do with spirituality.

Let’s come down here, on a Monday during a waxing moon phase would be best, so the 19th or the 26th for example. Let’s say you want to do a breakup spell for someone, and I’m just going on a couple of things here guys, you’re going to have to use some critical thinking here. As long as you got it, as long as you know that waxing means to bring in, waning means to push away, full moon you can pretty much do anything on a full moon – new moon, or a dark moon, depending on your tradition, you’re probably going to want to do new projects there or new things there, or protection there. Dark energies there. But you also want to just check things out. Like I said, for example a breakup spell, a separation spell, you may want to do that on a Tuesday, on a Saturday during a waning moon phase, so let’s say. You would do it on a 3rd, breakup spell, would best be done on the 3rd, on the 10th, on the 6th and on the 13th, ok? So, that’s just because it goes with Tuesday and Saturday. Now, Tuesday, if you want to cause war, this is the planet Mars, so if you want to cause them to fight and argue or go through drama, you might want to do it on Tuesday. If you just want it to end amicably and just want to break the relationship, whether it’s your relationship or somebody else’s then you can do it on a Saturday, ok? This is Saturn’s day, this is the banishing day and this is the day you want to banish anything. And again, waning moon phase is even more potent, ok? You also have things where you have planetary hours, guys, which I have to do on a whole other video. But planetary hours is where for a particular hour for a specific planet energy is more potent and you call upon that spirit of that planet, and the spirit of that planet will assist you with your spells.  But it’s just a little bit about the calculation of the timing and things like that, but again, I’ll have to od that in another video and because the calculation is a little difficult but it’s not – cause people allow these apps and things, but it’s really a calculation with how the ancients did it, which I want to show you all. So that that way you can do spells any time you want to. But I really like to stick with my moon phases, I really, really do. I like to stick with my moon phases, it’s more potent for me.

But anyways, yes guys, that is it for this video. This is all about the moon phases for the month of February 2018. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down in the comment section below, if you are on the YouTube channel. If you are not, then get to the YouTube channel and subscribe on OccultGems.com. You can also go to the website www.occultgems.com and purchase your $5 psychic readings. You can get that as along with your birth charts, your love charts and other spell work and consultations. So definitely check that out. And if anybody has anything else that they’d like to share and put it down in the comment section below, please put that down there, any experiences that you’ve had. Maybe you messed it up and you accidentally did a spell on a full moon phase when you’re supposed to do it on a dark moon and it still worked or some shit. I’ve had that happen too because when I first started, I knew nothing about moon phases, you know what I’m saying? I just did it and the shit most times still works. So, you know, any fun stories like that, let us know about it, we would love to hear about it or anything else. So thanks so much for checking out the video. Any questions, again please put it down there. Guys, like, share, comment and subscribe. You know how this goes, right? And I’m going to catch you guys in the next video. Peace!


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