Time To Do Spells Rituals Magic With Moon Phases February 2019 Full Waxing Waning New Moons



Time To Do Spells Rituals Magic With Moon Phases February 2019 Full Waxing Waning New Moons

Hey guys, what's up Kacy  here and we are here doing another Moon Phase video. This is for February, the month of February, 2019. Again, it's for February 2019.

Now some of you guys may be watching this video around the end of February. The reason for that is because I actually have a Moon Manifestation Club. And in that club you get the current videos. So those guys, they got this video since February 1st. If you want to join that club, you can look down in the description below as well as in the video. Go to http://occultgems.com/join. And you can also join the club so you can get updated videos as well as some other things. 

Okay, so here we go guys February, 2019. Let's talk about spells, let's talk about rituals and using the law of attraction. So if you use spells, rituals or the law of attraction then you want to work with the energies that's working with you. You want to work in flow with the energy. You don't want to resist it. So we're working with the moon phase with this particular energy here. 

So here on Friday, beginning Friday on the 1st, as you see here, we have a Waning Moon. We have a waning moon. And it's going to be waning for the next two days. So the 1st and the 2nd, it's still waning. 

And as you see, it appears to be going away. You can barely see this moon phase. So what do you want to do in this particular moon phase is things that you want to remove from your life or other lives, other people's lives, your loved ones. You can also do some baneful magic here. So when we talk about removing things, we're talking about removing debts. We're talking about removing people, removing situations, court situations that if we're on the end of the court wherein whichmaybe someone's prosecuting us, maybe we want to silence someone, maybe want to keep a witness' mouth shut. This is a good time to do those types of spells or those rituals or even working with the law of attraction to do these types of things. 

So remember, we're removing things, pushing things out of our lives. So once again addictions; addictions to food, addictions to drugs, addictions to alcohol, addictions to gambling, okay. If it's not you and someone you know, now you want to do these spells at this time. This is the waning moon phase. 

Now we want to get up off here to the new moon phase, but give me just one second guys to get back to you on that. 

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Thanks so much. And let's continue on with the video. 

Okay guys. So we're back now with the new moon phase and here it is the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th and the 6th; we got four days. Usually it's three days with the new moon. So we have four days this of the new moon phase. And here, in most traditions you want to do spells, rituals and use law of attraction in order to put new projects in your way. So new jobs, you want new love, you want new situations, you want new people to come into your life, new friends, new colleagues, people that's going to help you take you to other places in your life as far as maybe your career or your job situation – anything that is new. Something new that you're pursuing, perhaps it is school, a certain degree, a particular class that you want to excel in that's new to you. This is a good time to do those types of spells, rituals and using the law of attraction.

As well as the new moon, you want to also, especially you see here that the moon appears to be gone. Like it's totally phased out and it is his dark. We also called this new moon a Dark Moon. And for us darker folks that does a little bit more darker arts, we might want to use this moon phase in order to banish some things, get rid of some things. We might also want to use this moon phase to welcome in darker deities, to feed those deities, to commune with those deities. Okay, this is a great time to do that under the dark moon. If you want to do curses or hexes, this is a really, really good time to do that because not only can you do those curses and hexes with that energy that's empowering you to put that out there but you can do it in a way where it would be harder for them to know who sent that out.

Now I'd like to say this, cause that new moon, it will cloak you from being known that you sent this negative energy out to someone. However, I'm going to tell you, especially as a practitioner, we do have our spirits especially really tapped in and turn on and tune in which is sorcerers, magicians, things like that, warlocks. Their spirits will let them know that someone has sent something negative your way. So you want to be very, very careful about that as well. Because yeah, most people, that's the people that don't believe in this, people that don't know about this yet, it'd be harder for them to know you sent it. But for someone that's an occultist that works with this, they're very in tune with spirit and spirit with them so they could possibly know that you sent some negative juju their way. But again, we want to do stuff like our breakup spells. We want to do divorces. You know, you want to send somebody out of someone's life that's no good for them. You know, you want a coworker to be gone from you at work, they're harassing you, they're bullying you, they're giving you the hell; this is a good time to do spells such as this. 

So here we go on to the seventh of the month wherein which the moment against start waxing. And it's going to wax between the 7th and the 17th. So here we go, approximately 10 days and you'll see the moon, it continues to grow and grow and grow and it's getting everly so very big. So this is a time where we want to do our spells, rituals and law of attraction to manifest things that we want to attract or bring into our lives.

So when I'm talking about this, I'm talking about our job, getting a promotion. I'm talking about boyfriend, girlfriend, husbands, wives. Mending relationships with friends or family, maybe things fell off, to bring people back into our lives. Maybe you broke up with a lover and you want to get back with them; this is a good time to do that. We want to do our health and wealth at this time as well. So bringing in good health. 

So for example, when I was talking about the new moon and the waning moon, that is removing negative energy from the body; you would be doing things to remove. However, in this situation with the waxing moon, you would be bringing in good health, bringing in that good positive energy to keep and maintain healthiness. So we want to do things such as this during the waxing moon phase. Anything that is attracting because I just usually talk about the things that people ask me for in consultations, which is a lot about love and a lot about money situations. But this can apply to many things. Let's say that you're going to a court case and let's say it's a child support court case or let's say that you're suing a company. Let's say that you're suing someone, you could also do spells at this time to attract that wealth to you to get that money out of their hands and bring it on over into your hands. So we want to do this on the waxing moon phase, guys, okay? 

So then we come down here to the full moon phase. And guys, we're going to have yet another Super Moon. For last month, January the 21st, we had a super moon. It was a lunar eclipse so it was called the Blood Super Wolf Moon. So we had that lunar eclipse and we had that super moon. We had that full moon and we called it a wolf moon because it was January. However, this time we're having a super moon alone in itself along with the full moon, I guess you could say. And that will be on the 19th and I'm 100% visibility. 

Now, remember guys, the 18th and 19th and the 20th I tell you all the time, if you don't know when to do a spell, when to do a ritual, when to really, really work on your law of attraction, Full Moon time is the time to do these things. Full Moon will guide you and help you in anything, especially helps with attracting things to you and to your life and to other's lives that you want to attract things to. So this is a perfect time to do those spells. 

Now remember the super moon is going to be on the 19th. Super moon just means the moon has come closer to the earth. It's about 50,000 miles closer to the earth guys at this time than it usually is; 50,000 miles closer. That's why you see how huge it looks in the sky when you look up there. When we're having the super moon it's eerily scary but absolutely beautiful. I absolutely love a super moon. So if you don't do anything, any work, anytime this month, you have got to take the time out on the 19th and you've got to work with that energy to manifest things that you are wanting in your life. Work with that energy that's on the 19th. by the way, guys, this full moon is called the Snow Moon. And the reason why it's called the snow moon is because it snows in particular places in the United States the most in the month of February. So the native American Indians will call this snow moon. And not only that, they said this was a hunger moon because that's when food was rarely found. You could barely find anything growing. Nothing was growing at the time. So they were a bit hungry at this time if they had not done what they were supposed to do in the summertime and grow all their stuff and preserve it. So this was a time of hunger and this is why we call the full moon in February the snow moon. 

So remember anything goes the 18th 19th and the 20th.

So now we're down here to the 21st. Guys, on the 21st until the 28th which is the end of the month we're going back into a waning moon phase. Remember, like I said at the very beginning up here, a waning or waning moon, it was on the 1st and the 2nd. It's coming back again right here on the 21st. So once again, we're going to be doing things where we're moving things up out of our lives, situations, negative situations, even positive situations if we're trying to get an enemy, right? If we want to break them up from family or friends or something like that. This is a time where we want to remove.

Once again, like I said before, we want to move illness and addictions and things like that. we want to remove debts, car notes, house notes, student loans; we want to do these types of things. Okay. We want to do things as far as the law is concerned to make sure that the law does not even bother with us. You can do your spells and your rituals at this time as well. I love those types of spells, rituals. So that's what we have there. 

Now let's give an example guys. So let's say for the month of February, you want to do a love spell. Let's say you want to do a love spell. I would say one of the best days that you could do that love spell would be maybe the 15th. Why do I say the 15th? Because that's on a Friday as well as it's on a waxing moon and is soon to be a full moon. So it's waxing at 77% visibility here on the 15th. So a Friday, which is the day of Venus, the day of beauty, day of nurturing, the day of growth, the day of love, fashion, design, this is the time that you want to do this because you want some type of attraction or love in your life. So that would be the perfect time to do a love or attraction or come back to me type of spell work. 

If you have, say like you have a certain court case and you want to influence a judge in that situation. Okay guys, a good time that you could do that could perhaps be around about the 6th. Now I say that because this is a Wednesday. So you can be putting thoughts in and influencing the judge to make things work in your favor to get the predicted outcome that you want to get. 

So again, we want to do that probably around a new moon would be a good time to do it. And on a Wednesday because Wednesday is…I can't think of the planet right now, it just left my damn head guys…. Wednesday is the great communicator. Okay. And I can't think of the name of the planet right now… It's just, I can't believe…Mercury. I'm like, what the fuck? Okay, we have a Mercury retrograde all the time. It's all about communications and travels and shit. Okay? So this is a good time, yes, that you want to do this because you're communicating with other people especially when we want to manipulate people. So we want to do manipulation type of stuff on Wednesdays. But you also combine it with the moon. And see, this is what makes it even more powerful if you combine days along with moon phases along with some other things that I'll teach you guys about later on, not right now. 

And let's say for example, you want it to get to know your ancestors better for just an example. Or you want to commune with your angels or some other deities. If those deities do not have a specific day, because most deities have a specific day. But if they don't have a specific day, let's say maybe it's your ancestors, you may want to do this on like the 4th here, okay? On a new moon phase and you want to do it on a Monday. Mondays are moon days, right? It's all about getting in touch with that spiritual side, getting in touch with the psychic side. This is the time you want to do spells to enhance your psychic senses, your astro-senses, getting in touch with your spirit guides, your ancestors and other deities. So that's why I would say do it there. You could also do it on a full moon. I mean that would be the best day to be honest because not only is it a full moon, it's soon to be a super moon on the 19th and it's on a Monday.

So that's how we kind of combined spells. 

And guys that have like journals and I have different ritual books and things and I like to plan out exactly what date throughout the month I'm going to do what, especially with my clients if they have certain things going on. I do like the plot out, especially if we're working with the moon phases. There's other types of things that you don't have to work with the moon phases to get that energy popping. But when we're doing it like this, yes, I like to plot and plan and I advise that you do the same thing. Like you already know, ‘okay, on the 1st I'm doing this. On the 12th I'm doing that. On the 22nd I'm doing this'. So that just makes life a little bit better. 

So guys, once again, if you're watching this video and you are not in our manifestation club. If you want to see the most current video for the most current month, those come out on the first of the month. If you want that, then you need to join our club. The link is going to be down in the description and comment section below. It's also in the video. It's www.occultgems.com/join. You can join that club. You can get those videos. You'll also get discounts on my services. And you'll also be first to know because I'm starting a course on magic. You'd be the first one to know about the courses on magic that I'm going to be starting. 

Again, it'll probably be several months before it's out because I want to take my time and really do some in depth classes for you guys. So you'll have all that information as well as some other stuff.

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Okay, this is the year of the pig, guys. This is the year of the pig. So let's get fat off that hog while we can. This is the year of wealth. 

All right guys, that's it. This is Kacy. Thanks so much for checking me out and I'm going to catch you guys in the next video. Peace y'all


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