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Okay guys, it’s Kacy, so in this particular video we're going to be talking about the moon phases for the month of January 2019. And this is a really, really special month guys. I'm telling you, you’re going to have some special monthsthroughout 2019 where our spells and rituals can come even more alive. Why? Because we're going to have all kinds of crazy things going on in the atmosphere this year. So for the month of January we're going to have a full moon, a super moon, a blood moon, and also for January is known as the Wolf Moon. So we can get things popping real good. But let's get started. Starting with the first. 

So as you see here, Tuesday 1st, okay, up until the 3rd we're in a waning moon phase. So in that waning moon phase, you'll notice that the moon is starting to wane away. Some people call it wand away. It starts going away. It appears to kind of start disappearing as you can see here with the slither of the whiteness that you see here. When we have a waning moon phase, we want to do banishing spells. We want to do things that make people, things and situations go away. So in this point, in case you might want to do a breakups bells, you might want to do something to make, builds or debts go away such as that mortgage bill, that car bill, that car note. If you want to break someone's relationship up, whether it's a friendship, toxic boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife relationship, these are the types of things you want to do. 

This is also a time where you want to do things that is you're working with certain deity, especially what we call the darker deities, you can work with them at this time as well. Now that is the waning moon phase. As many things you can do, I just try to give you a brief good idea of what's good. If you're facing a court case, depending on what side of the court case you're on, this is a good moon phase. So if you want the case like dropped are dismissed, something like this, then this is a good time to do spells like that.

Then you'll see from the fourth here until the seventh, we have what we call the new moon. And if you look at it, it's totally, it's like it's not even there. It's totally dark. We also refer to the new moon as a dark moon. If you're going to do spells or rituals on someone, especially something that's painful or “negative”, then you know this is a good time to do it because most times you know, they won't be able to detect or know intuitively that you've done this.

Now you know when I say this, I do talk about people that are witches, that’s occultists, sorcerers and warlocks, things like that. However, I do have to tell you that we know, especially most of us that do this all the time, that's in the occult world, we still will know. We still find out. Our spirits will still let us know that somebody is throwing some negative energy your way and even tell us who it is. And so you're not totally totally under wraps. But maybe someone who's not into the occult information or not into the occult world, you could do something like that one, that individual under a dark moon. You know, some type of banishing, negative type of spell, breaking them up, making them fight, losing their job, making people go away, you know, things like that. So this is a good time to do that. 

And in some traditions, people like to do new projects and things at this new moon. So if you are just starting a new business, a new job, a new relationship, something that's brand new coming into your life. In some traditions, people like to get those spells started around this time. So this month it would be the fourth through the seventh…you do your hex, do your banishings again, hauntings. But like I said, when it comes to things like that, you have negative energy in your house, in your home, you need to be doing things such as cleansing as always.

Okay guys, there was a slight interruption there so I apologize there, but we were talking about the new moon phase here. And in some traditions, I believe I was telling you that if you want to get new projects started, this is the time to do that; new things coming into your life, new people, circumstances and situations coming into your life. You want to do this at this time. 

And I believe I was also speaking about anything dealing with hauntings or negative energy in the house, you know, don't even wait for a moon phase. You need to get on that and start banishing away. You need to be doing cleansings, saging, Paulo Santos, putting crystals around during your prayers, your affirmations, consulting with your spirits and banishing those spirits out of the house. 

I may start some classes and things, teaching on things just specific to those things, but I don't have that right now. Some stuff does not need to go out to the worldwide web. Some stuff you've got to take behind closed doors. So I might start something on that this year, 2019. 

So now we're going to go into the waxing moon phase here, which starts on the 8th as you see here. And it's going to be waxing up until about the 19th right here. Okay. So from the 8th to the 19th, you'll notice here that is coming out of that dark moon phase. And you'll notice that the moment appears to kind of be getting more pregnant, like it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It's more visible and you can see it. 96% visibility here on the 19th. So you see we're almost into a full moon.

Now with the waxing moon phases, we want to do things that's going to bring things into our lives, people, things, circumstances and such like that. So we want to do our love spells, our attraction spells. We want to attract the money or anything that we want to attract to ourselves. If you want a new car, new house, a new thing, you want to study something, this is a good time to do things, to help you be more smart, obtain more information, intelligence, wisdom, understanding. Perhaps you're in school and you need more wisdom and understanding on a certain subject thing, this is a good time to do that, to get that information and to learn even more and even better. 

So it's all kinds of things we can do during this waxing moon phase. But remember, as long as you know that you want to be bringing things into your life at this time, that's what we want to do. And you can also do this for other people, if you want to bring things into their lives at this time, usually more of the positive things. This is a good time to do that. 

So now let's get on down here to this wonderful full moon. Because remember guys, I told you we're having the super, blood, wolf, full moon this month. And it's starting on the 20th. And it's the 20th and the 21st. 

So we're going to have the super moon. What is the super moon? In layman's term, basically you're going to look up in the sky and the moon is going to be extra big and extra full. It's like covering almost half the sky. It's super, super big and super, super full. Now I'm going to tell you a real quick story on myself. I don't like to talk to people during the super full moon because it has a definite pull on my psyche and I do notice that I am more irritated, I'm very frustrated and I have a very short temper with people at this time. So I've learned to kind of isolate myself during the super moon phase. 

I would also advise that you notice when you have certain irritations, frustrations, when you are like that you should notice what's going on. Is there a retrograde going on now? Is there some type of comet coming by the Earth at this time? Is the moon playing a factor? What moon phase would it be in? You know, things like that. So you kind of understand how your particular body and you know thyself good enough to know, okay, I know this is what's coming up, so I know this is how I'm going to work with that energy. So as for myself, I plan on not talking to anybody at this time because the slightest little thing they say it irritates the shit out of me. And I can get really crazy. So even as far as my businesses, I'm probably just going to close that day and everything because I can just really pop off for nothing. And I know this is not my typical attitude. This is not my typical self, but I do notice that when that super moon comes, I go in the house and closed door because the wolf really comes out a bit. So that's just my story, but we're going to be having that full moon and it's going to be a super moon. So it's going to be super big. So much power in that moon.

We're also going to have a blood moon. This is basically a lunar eclipse that we're going to be having guys. And we also call it the wolf moon. And the reason why we call it that is because the Indians, every month they had a certain moon phase for each month. And so for the month of January they called it a wolf moon. Whenever the full moon came, they call it a wolf moon because at this time was the time when you would hear a lot of wolves howling at the moon at that time. So that's why I'm calling it the full super full blood wolf moon. And with that being said, it's going to be most powerful. So you can do any and everything that you want to do at this time. This is the most potent time. And like I tell you guys, whenever we have the full moon, if you're in doubt of when to do a certain type of spell when working with this type of energy, moon energy, lunar energy; when working with this energy if you're in doubt of, okay, when should it do it? Always go with the full moon because you can always do stuff on the full moon, whether it be positive, negative, whatever, do it on the full moon. It's the most powerful, it's the most potent. And I will say it'll really be challenging this month because since we're having that super full moon, challenge yourself even more. Do something that is a little bit more out of the box because you're going to definitely have the assistance of the universe or of that moon energy to help push you through to manifest that desire or that thing that you are needing to get. 

Now let's go over here to the 22nd because here we go. We're back into the waning moon. That’s where we were as a matter of fact, on the 1st of the month. So the 22nd here, all the way until the end of the month, you'll see to the 31st, we are going back into that waning moon phase. And once again, it's exactly what I told you what was going on with the first of the month. This is when you want to do your baneful type of magic. You want to send things and people, you want to get things out of your life, if you have any addictions, illnesses, pain, diseases, this is the time that you want to do those type of spells. Okay guys. If you want to do this on somebody else that you know, you can do spells on them at this time as well. If they're having elements, illnesses, diseases, things like this, you can help them with that. 

Again, this is the time to do your breakups and things like that. This is times to work with your darker energies and darker entities or your darker spirits. 

Now let's talk a little bit about days. And then I'm going to let you guys be.

Now as far as days is concerned, remember, if you want to make it even more powerful, you can do certain things on certain days. For example, on a Friday you might want to do a love or money spell. Something bringing money in, especially regarding a job situation. So this is the day of Venus; Friday. So we want to come down here…let's say we wanted something to do with money, we probably would do it around about the 18th of the month because that's when we have that really big moon.

Remember again, you can do anything on the full moon. But let's say you want to do a money spell bringing money in. Let's say you want it to do some type of a breakup spell on someone and you want it to be kind of a nasty breakup, then you want to do that on a Tuesday because that is the day of Mars. Mars, the god of war, right? So you want to do that on a Tuesday during a waning moon phase. So that would be like the first here and you have another opportunity on the 29th, would be a good time to do it. So that's just like two examples of what I mean.

And let's say you wanted to erase debt or get some type of debt out of your life, Saturdays would be good. So like the fifth would be good because it's a waning moon phase or it's a new moon phase. It's also on a Saturday, our own Saturn’s day. Okay. Or you could even wait until about the second to do it then as well. 

Ok guys, so that's it for this particular video. Thank you so much for being a member. And if you're not yet a member and you want to become a member and you want to get your moon phases every single month, I'll leave a link down in the description in the comment section or somewhere on the website below where you can sign up so that you can get your current monthly moon phases just as well. 

Once again, if you are a member, thanks so much for being a member and I'll see you next month with February 2019 moon phases and all the cool shit that we're going to be doing with our spells and our rituals. Okay guys, that's it. This is Casey. Don't forget to visit our website, www.occultgems.com for all your other occult needs. And that's it. I'll catch y'all in the next video. Peace.


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