Time To Do Spells Rituals Magic With Moon Phases June 2018 Full Waxing Waning New Moons


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Hey guys, what's up? What's going on? This is Kacy, with Occult Gems. Check out the website at www.occultgems.com to get your $5 Physic Tarot Card readings as well as getting love work, our different spell work as well as getting your love charts, your birth charts and so much more.

Okay guys, so it is that time of the month again. Yes honey, it is June 2018 and time to do the moon phases for the month so that we can plot and plan exactly what we're going to do as far as spells and rituals when it's working with moon energy. Okay guys, so here we go.

Starting on the first, which is Friday, we have a waning moon phase. So from the first down into the twelfth; here's the first down to the twelfth, we have a waning moon phase. And the waning moon phase,remember you always want to do things that banish, that repels or that pushes away. So when we think of this, we want to think of things like maybe breakups spells, we want to think of things such as banishing, banishing spirits. We want to do things such as removing curses, removing spells. Sometimes people may realize they have a love spell cast upon them. This is a great time to remove that love spell off of you. So remove or banish any type of spell from you. Okay.

You also might want to do things like court cases, depending on who you are in the court case, to have it dismissed or to have it dropped or something like this. This is the perfect time to do this. Remember, we want to break or push things away. We want to remove debts. Okay. This is also a good time to do some baneful type of work, you can do this at the same time to help remove things out of other people's lives. Let's say you want to remove their finances, their money, things with their job, job titles, careers, people in their lives; This is the time to do that. Okay. So that will be from the first until the twelfth.

And then we have a new moon here on the 13th, and the 14th of the month. So on the new moon, before we get into that, I want y'all to check this out. I’m going to tell y'all how we are going to work with that.

Okay, I have a moon manifestation, a law of attraction planner that you guys can download totally free when you go to my site at www.moonmanifestation.info.com I'm going to pop it up on the screen right now as well as put it in the description below. And you can click that link and just go over there to there. But you'll be able to get this planogram which has everything to help you with vision boards, power words, love quotes, just all kinds of things that will help you with manifestation. Because of course magic is using the law of attraction. So I think this calendar is really good because you can plan. I like to plan when I'm going to do certain spells, the moon phases as well as with the days depending on what type of spell work it is. So I think this is something that you'll find very very valuable. And it'll help you keep things on track and on target. But not only that, it helps with so much more. This is something that I've found and I was like, oh my god, I've got to tell you guys about this and I'm absolutely loving it. Okay, I don’t have to use my whiteboard anymore. I can actually just write it down.

So yes, you can get the downloadable free version, Pdf. You can download that right now when you go to my site at www.moonmanifestation.info.com You can also get the physical version, which is so much more better, but just start with this one first because you can get on that right now. So let's get that and let's go onto the new moon.

Time To Do Spells Rituals Magic With Moon Phases June 2018 Full Waxing Waning New Moons
Time To Do Spells Rituals Magic With Moon Phases June 2018 Full Waxing Waning New Moons

And yes guys, let me also say that if you want to get that moon manifestation planner, also remember that by you signing up for that, you'll also get my moon-up phase. As a bonus you'll get emails wherein which every month I'll send you the new moon phase video. That way you don't have to keep coming back to the website. Instead you can just get it instantly in your email box.

Okay guys, so check this out, onto the new moon. So the new moon is on the 13th and on the 14th of June. Here, depending on the traditions that you are, you will continuously do the same things that you did in your waning moon phase. Why? Well in some traditions we like to think of the new moon also as a dark moon. This is when the moon is not even present, where you can't even see the moon. So this is where you can be covered while you're doing your baneful magic, okay. Whether you were putting on a curse on someone or whether you're removing debt from your own life. So that's what the new moon is for. So continuously do the same things you did during the waning moon. Some traditions also like to start new projects and things. So if it's someone you're looking at for a new love spell, an attraction spell, then you would want to do it here. If you were trying to get a new job or some type of new opportunity in your life, then you would do that on the new moon phase as well. But remember, we refer to this new moon as a new or a dark moon.

So next we have on the 15th, the waxing moon. This is my favorite moon phase besides the full moon phase. Because I like to bring a lot of good stuff in, I really do. I like the vibration that you have to be in when we're working with the waxing moon.

So here we go, from the 15th until the 26th, we have a waxing moon. So what do you want to do? Remember, bring things into your life. We want to bring things in. So you want some bring in love. You want to bring in money, finances, new jobs, careers, knowledge, ideas, spirituality, bring those things into you at this moon phase. Just as long as you remember, I'm bringing it in then that's all you need to know. So that's the waxing moon. Okay.

And finally we have what? Our full moon. It's going to be on the 27th, the 28th and the 29th, but the 28th is going to be the most powerful. That's when the moon will be at 100 percent visibility. So here you can do pretty much anything and if you forget all this other stuff, just remember, full moons you can do any and everything that you want to do. You'll be backed by that full moon power.

Okay guys, some people like myself, like to also integrate days in. Okay, wait a minute, before we get to go to the days, let's go back to the full moon. full moon; do anything and everything. When I say anything and everything; everything from calling upon deities that you work with, I don't care if they're your spirit guides, your angels, your demons, your Orisha, your Loa, I don't care what type of spirit or spirit guides, full moon phase is a really good time to do that.

Dark moon though, is a good time to do it with so call negative or darker energies. But this is what you want to do with the full moon phase, so you can do any and everything, you forget everything else – remember full moons; do any type of full moon rituals.

Also remember that you can do things like charge your things in the full moon light such as your different wands or your different crystals or whatever you have on your altars, your altar itself. You can charge these things in that full moon light.

So that's basically it guys for your moon phase chart for this month. Thanks so much for checking it out. Don't forget to visit www.occultgems.com so you can get your $5 readings and learn a lot of stuff. I’ll teach you a lot about the subconscious mind, how to reprogram it so that you can draw things into you. We talk about the law of attraction and so much more. It's all spells, it's all magick with a K, right.

Okay guys, that's it. This is Kacy. Thanks so much for checking it out and I will catch you guys in the next video. Peace.


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