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So here we are March of 2019 and we're going to be talking about the full moon phases and exactly what phases you can use to manifest things, whether you're doing spells or rituals or even working with the law of attraction. We're going to talk about the best times to manifest certain things.

So March 1st here, you see started Friday, we are at a waning moon phase. And it will continue to wane for about four days. So as you see it here, the moon is starting to appear to get darker and darker and it's sort of going away. At this point we want to work on things such as removing things out of our lives, out of our loved ones lives. You need to remove a negative person out of your life, this is a good time to do that. You want to do some type of a separation spell; it can be anything between a roommate, lovers, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, besties, anything. Separating someone from a job or some other loves situation, we do separations at these times. We're moving things away. That noisy neighbor that gets on your nerves next door or down the street, you want them moved, you want them out of the house? This is the time to do spells such as this. You want to remove certain debts out of your life, this is a time to do spells, rituals and your law of attraction on things such as this. So it's all about getting things out of our lives. 

I always like to talk about the addictions. Now of course we work with the physical as well as the spiritual guys. So someone has to want to not to be addicted to something for these things to work.

Remember, we have free will. But those are other videos for other times. 

If someone is ready, or to start getting them to moving in a place where they can get ready; okay, removing addictions from drugs, alcohol, gambling, things such as this, just addictions from negative things in their lives. It's a good time to do that.. Negative friends and situations. Situations going on at work or at school or in your community, this is a good time to do that. 

You also can work with your darker entities at this time. You can also do things such as protection spells. You can do things such as banishing entities, deities or energies. We can do those things.

And onto the new moon guys. Here we are the 5th, 6th and 7th. Remember the new moon is just like the full moon, except in a darker phase. You can do things on the new moon. The same exact thing that you were doing during the waning moon you want to do this on a new moon as well. Okay. 

If you want to hide yourself by doing baneful magic or what we would call negative magic, because this was a time you would probably do things like the breaking up of people or cursing people, jinxing people, crossing people up. So during a new moon phase is a good time to do that under a dark moon or new moon wherein which the practitioner possibly or the person that you're doing the work on possibly could not see what you are doing. However, like I like to tell y'all, okay, especially for those of us that do this on a normal regular basis, it'ss very possible that our spirits are gonna still let us know. Oh yeah, you're trying to do some fucked up shit. So even if you do this, you know, to a person that's very intuitive, they can still pick up on it very much on it. But if you want to, this is a good time to do those darker things and hide yourself. So go on ahead and do that.

I feel like I'm missing something for that new moon. I don't know why I feel like, okay, there's something else I need to be telling y'all. It'll probably come to me in a minute. 

Okay guys, we go into the 8th here, which is a waxing moon phase. This is when everything gets all good. Oh yeah. By the way guys, this is a worm moon. So the first new moon or the full moon and the month of March is called the worm moon. And the reason why the Indians call it the worm moon is because this is a time of year where all the ice is gone and it's about to be Spring and the snow is gone, becasue remember February was the snow moon. All of that is gone and now, oh my God, the earthworms are about to come up because it's about to be raining, things are about to be growing and so this is the worm moon for the full moon of March. I just wanted to put that out there guys.

Okay, so on the 8th we have the waxing moon coming in for about the next two weeks guys. And if you see right here, the 19th is the last day. So you got from the 8th until the 19th. And you'll see the moon appears to be growing. Once again, it's getting huger and huger and bigger. You see now 83%, 91%, 97% visibility; this is where we want to bring all those wonderful things we want to manifest in our lives and loved ones lives. So this is where we're looking for a new job. This is the time to do spells for your careers, for your jobs, for money, opportunities, finances of any and all kinds, to get into school to get that thing that you want, that goal that you have to achieve, maintain that weight situation. This is a good time to bring certain people in your lives. Networking with people, colleagues, bring certain energies of people into your life that can help and can assist you with your career path. Bring an ex lovers, but who really wants an ex? Well, some of y'all do. I say ex's are an ex for a reason. But you can bring in new boyfriends, new girlfriends, new dating situation, attracting different people to you. Start getting that black book built up; putting them guys and gals numbers in your black book. Put those attractions, spells and rituals, okay. And you can use the law of attraction during this time as well. So everything is bringing things into you. You want to be working on your spiritual things, bringing in knowledge, bringing in innovative ideas, creative things. This is the time we want to be doing these things. Guys, on the waxing moon phase, it's all about manifestation, okay. 

And then we have the full moon here on the 20th, the 21st and the 22nd. However, the 21st is when it's at its peak. Now we're going to have a super moon once again this month. Again guys, the moon is about 50,000 miles closer to us, which is why it's so huge and so big when it's a super moon. 

So here we are, it's the worm full super moon on the 21st; 100% visibility. Guys, any and everything goes. If you don't remember what moon phase to do what on, let me remind you, the full moon, everything goes. I don't care if it's something for manifesting, something for getting rid of something, any and everything goes, do it on a full moon. A lot of people like to also charge their different things, their different paraphernalia, magical wands and things like that during a full moon phase. Preparing borders, preparing oils, sitting it out in the moonlight, just getting that feminine dark energy in it. I don't want to say negative energy because it sounds negative when you say negative energy because the sun is like, polar. It's like a masculine energy which is a positive energy. And the moon is a feminine energy, which is a negative energy. But I don't want to make it sound negative so I'm going to leave that at that. But everybody likes to do their full moon things at the full moon is very good time. It's a very good time. 

Okay guys, so then you'll see here on the 22nd, coming all the way down into the end of the month, we are back where, at a waning moon phase. And once again, it's just what I was saying at the beginning. This is the time that you want to get things to get up out of your life; negative people, negative circumstances and negative situations. We already went through that. So you want to do that.

If again, you want to combine days with your moon spells, if you want to combine days, you can do that as well. So let's say you want to cause a horrible breakup between someone, for whatever reason, you want to break up a couples situation. We would more preferably like to do that on a waning moon phase or even here on a Tuesday. This new moon phase would be perfect. Because Tuesday is the day of wars, the day of Mars. You can also do a bad ass lust spell right here. Because it's also the day of Mars, which is a highly sexual male energy. So it just depends on the type of energies that you're going to be working with. But those are examples of why you would want to work with something on a Tuesday, for example.

And I always like to bring up the money spells, the career, getting those things together, what days would you want to do that on for the month of March. You would want to probably do this more likely on a… well, I like this full moon right here. This is the perfect day because not only is it the full moon, it's a Thursday. This is Thursday. Thursday is the day of Jupiter. Day of growth. So growth of your career, growth of your money, finances, it's all about money, it's about gambling. So if you're a gambler, you're about to go to the casino, this is a good time to probably make a mojo bag, some gris-gris bag, a poppet, take some type of crystal, put some type of energy in it. An amulet or something like that. Take that with you, but prepare it at the full moon. Preparing your bag for the full moon. 

Also, if you want to do something, say like, building a business, starting a business, marketing for your business, things like this, Thursday the 21st would be a good time to do that in March guys because we get that full moon energy as well as Jupiter backing you up. So that's awesome. 

And let's say maybe one more day. Let's say you want to do an attraction spell or a love spell. I typically, I love to do these if we're working with the moon phases, I love to do these on a Friday. So Friday here we have the 8th but I would preferably do it here on the 15th. And the reason why I say that is because on the 15th it is over half way full. The moon is over halfway full. It's waxing into a new moon phase. So those are just some examples of days that you can pair up with it. Let's say you wanted to do something to get somebody removed from the job, for example, you don't want them at your job no more or you just want them in another department, whatever. You just want this person away from you. Okay? So if you want to do something like that, you could do that on possibly the 30th is a really good day to do this because this is a waning moon phase. The moon is almost gone. And here, this is on a Saturday or Saturn's day. This is where you want to be removing things up and out. So you can work with that. 

It's amazing, the same energy, if you're into real estate, this will be a great time to do this, maybe on a waxing moon, right? If you are a real estate agent, a broker, an investor or something like this, if you're trying to obtain a house or something, the 16th would probably be a good time to do that because that's a Saturday as well as a waxing moon phase. So that's the time to make that sell, to put the house on the market and things like that

So guys, it just all depends on what your goals are of what you're going to do. And there's so many unique situations and things, but I try to really break it down so you basically understand, especially when it comes to money, finances, love, etc of doing these things as well as health. And again, if you want to get rid of illnesses, you want to do things like that on a waning moon phase or a new moon phase. Full Moon is good as well. That's to get rid of some type of illness or disease or some thing like this. 

So you know, it just depends on what you want to do and how you want to work with those energies. Guys, I thank you so much for checking out the video. Please don't forget to hit that like button and don't forget to also check out the links in the description below so you can also join the manifestation club. That way you can get these videos sent to you each and every month. You don't have to keep coming to check back. It will be sent to you instantly. You'll also get discounts on my services such as my reading services and my consultations and a couple other things. So go and check that out. The link is in the description below and I'll talk to you guys and the next video take care of ya'll. Peace.


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