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Hey guys, what’s going on. This is Kacy here and you’re now watching Occult Gems. You can check out the website at www.occultgems.com. You may be on the website now or somewhere else, but at the end of the day, you need to head on over to www.occultgems.com to get your free horoscopes, monthly, weekly, daily horoscopes, as well as your love charts, your birth charts. You can also order spell work and get your five dollar tarot card readings. That's right, I said five dollar tarot card readings. Okay so guys, in this video we're going to be talking about the moon phase from May 2018, the type of spells or rituals that we want to be doing to use the energy of the moon to help with those particular works. So let's get into the video.

So May 2018, guys, I gotta say this: this year has been an absolutely wonderful year for the alignment of different planets and solar flares and just all kinds of things. Since about I want to say starting December or maybe even January. So either December 2017 or January 2018, we often have a blue moon every single month. So that does not exclude this month. We have a blue month again this month. So when I say blue moon, what am I referring to? I am referring to the full moon coming twice in one month. That's right. So today, as I'm recording this, it is May the 1st, 2018, and we just had a full moon. Today is the last day of the full moon. And we're going to have another one at around the 29th, 30th of the month. But you're going to see that. So let's talk about it: what do we want to do on the full moon? I'm going to tell you like this: any and every kind of spell you can do on a full moon. When I say any and every, I mean any and every. Why? Because it's the full moon. It has a lot of power. It's very potent. So whether you want to call it negative or positive type of energies that you're working with that are entities, you can do this at the full moon. Other things you can do at full moons, just saying, you can also charge your different divination tools or charge your altars or just different things that you use in your magical practices. You can use it with the moon energy to put things out in the moon. You can also collect water. Put your water out in the moon so that you can drink that. You can also put your crystals out there. Full moon is just for any and everything.

So again, you want to do a spell, I don't care if it's breakup, I don't care if it's a marriage, I don't care if it's attraction, full moon do it all: healing, vanishing, everything, full moon do it all. Now, coming on after the full moon, you'll see that the moon appears to be going away. So from the second on down until the 13th, look at the moon, okay? It's like preggo, and then it's getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. Now it's like a little fingernail. So here, we want to do things, we call this the waning moon phase. And here we want to do things that are banishing things out of our lives. We're repelling things out of our lives. This is a good time to do any kind of banishings. Now I'll say if you've got a haunted house or something like that, you need to banish it any point of time anyways. But in a waning moon phase, this is a good time to banish away hauntings. This is the time to banish them. You just know negative energies is around you, around your home. Again, I say do those types of things in any moon phase. You don't need negative energies all around you and up in you and influencing you.

What other things can we do for waning moon phases? We can do spells or rituals to get rid of certain illnesses, ailments, diseases. So just medical things going on with our bodies. Usually, the reason why we have medical things going on with our body, our diseases, our illnesses, is because we are vibrating at a very low energy. We may have other energies or entities that are influencing those things. Sometimes, people can send those energies to you. As well, you can also just put it on yourself with your negative thoughts, your negative thought forms, which sucks energy off of you. I'm not going to get too much into it, but basically this is the time that you can get rid of illness, diseases, things like that. You can also do things such as breakup spells or separation spells at this point of time. Remember, we want to break things up. We want to repel things. We want to banish things. We want things to go the fuck away. If you got a nosy neighbor and they're getting on your nerves or they're too loud or they're just drama all together, this is the time to hot-flip their ass. This is the time to make them go the fuck away. This is the time to repel, to banish them. If you have any addictions, let's say alcoholism, let's say drugs, let's say porn, let's say gambling. Maybe not you, but even a family member or a friend, someone that you care for, this is a time to do a ritual, to do a spell, to basically banish that out of their lives as well. You're just sending that energy to them to get that out of their lives. So again, this is all about repelling, repelling, getting things away from you. If you want to do a curse, if you want to do a hex, if you want to do a jinx. This is also a good time, so any kind of quasi, in other words. This is a good time to do these type of works. If you want to work with darker energies or darker entities, this is a good time to call upon these guys. So that's what we're going to be doing for the waning moon phase.

Now guys, before we get into the new moon phase, I want you to check this out, so hold on and check it out. I have a moon manifestation law of attraction planner. You guys can download totally free when you go to my site at moonmanifestion.info. I'm going to pop it up on the screen right now as well as put it in the description below and you can click that link and just go over there. You'll be able to get this planner around which has everything to help you with vision boards, power words, love quotes, just all kinds of things that will help you with manifestation. Magic is used in the law of attraction. I think this calendar is really good because you can plan. I like to plan when I'm going to do certain spells, the moon phases, as well as with the days. You know what type of spell work it is. So I think this is something that you'll find very very valuable and it will help you keep things on track and on target, but not only that, it helps with so much more because it's something that I found and I was like, oh my god, I've got to tell these guys about this and I'm absolutely loving it. I don't have to use my whiteboard anymore. I can actually just write it down. So you actually get the downloadable free version, pdf, you can download that right now when you go to my site at moonmanifestation.info. You can also get the physical version which is so much better but just start with this one first because you can get on that right now. So let's get that and let's go to the new moon.
Okay guys, so now we're back to the new moon. So on the 14th, 15th, and the 16th, you see that we have a new moon. If you look at the moon, you'll notice that it's basically gone. It appears as it is not there at all. So once again, we want to enhance what we were doing at the waning moon phases. We also want to do this at the new moon phases. This is also a good time to do your protection spells. This is a good time to connect with your energies, especially darker energies. This is also, in some traditions, a good time to do new projects to work on, new things, so like new relationships, new monies, new finances, new jobs. Again, I know that's some traditions and other traditions it's strictly a dark moon, so new moon, dark moon, where basically you're doing the same thing as you did with the waning moon, except that this is more potent. This is like a full moon but for darker things. It's a full moon for repelling things. It's a full moon for banishing things. So it has as much energy as a full moon, but instead of the yin it's the yang. It's the opposite. So that's what we want to do. New moons for some traditions, new projects, other traditions, protections, darker things connecting with darker energies, repelling things. Just like the waning. So in the new moon you can do the same thing with the waning moon, just more powerful and more potent. So then we're going to go on over to the 17th of the month. If you see right here, we start waxing, you see the little slither of light coming in here and it's appearing to get bigger and bigger and bigger. Well, it waxes all the way to the end of the month, around the 27th. So from the 17th to the 27th, yes you have 10 whole days to do some what would call positive works, things that bring things into you. So we want to draw things in, we want to do attraction spells, we want to do love spells or rituals. We want to do money spells, financial spells, we want to do certain spells that will work with friendships, bring family and friends back together. You just had an argument with somebody? This is the time to do a spell on that to encourage her and influence them to, let's be friends again. You want to do your reconciliation spells. You had an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend? This is the time to do that to reconcile on those things. You want to do things: jobs again, like I said, careers, businesses, projects. If you're starting something, this is the time to do it. So a lot of people, they might work on their skills and abilities and things. This is the time to do these types of spells to improve yourself and your abilities. This is a good time to get information, knowledge, ancient knowledge, as well as knowledge on your life and what you should do. So knowledge, wisdom, understanding. This is a good time to ask for those wonderful arts to be revealed to you. When I say arts, creative mind, to get ideas on music, ideas on books, ideas on just different things that's in your particular craft or your particular area. To get those stops, to get those ideas on those things. So we're drawing things into us and for us. So those are the basic things that people basically talk about. Anything because we can do anything. So that's what we want to do during the waxing moon.

And then we come back on the 28th as you see here. The 28th and the 29th and the 30th. That is the full moon. 29th is when it's at 100% visibility. But these three days is when we can get that full moon energy and it can still stay around for another three days, it's usually about a week. You get that full moon energy and we're back to it again. We're doing anything and everything that we want to do, all kind of spell work. So guys, I really appreciate you guys checking out this video. Go on ahead and share this on Facebook, share this on your Pages. Take the information, use the information, and apply that information. Knowledge is good and all, but application of knowledge, that where the real wisdom will come in.

Alright guys, so come back, check out the website again next month, where you can also see the June 2018 phases. Don't forget, whether you're on the website or not, don't forget to go to www.occultgems.com. Get your horoscopes. Yes, they are free. You can check it by the day, the week, or by the month. It has the whole month basically there at once. You can also get your $5 tarot card readings. That's right, at this time, I'm still doing $5 tarot card readings. Not sure how long that's going to last. Go check that out as well. And as many, you can get your consultations for your spellwork, you can also get your love and birth charts and so much more. I'm going to have courses on there very soon, so you might want to check that out as well. You can learn about divinations, different divination systems, you can learn about servitors, you can learn about the voodoo. You can learn about different rituals, demonic magic, and so much more. I'm going to have all those things up there. So anyways, thank you so much guys for checking it out. Don't forget to go to occultgems.com and that's it, I'm out of here. Peace y'all.


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