Achieve Harmonious Love Through Your Heart Chakra

OCCULT GEMSThe heart has for centuries been the symbol of love. Accordingly, your fourth chakra is located near your heart.

The appropriately named heart chakra (Anahata) connects your lower chakras (concerned with physical matter)

and upper energy centers (spiritual matters).

This is the source of all your love.

Your heart chakra is considered spiritual, while also forming a solid connection between your emotions and body, your mind and spirit.

You probably know someone who you refer to as a very loving person.

There is a good chance that person's Anahata is healthy.

This individual easily forms very deep bonds with others, and shows traits such as compassion, caring and generosity.

Many societies view love as a healing force. That is why the fourth chakra is considered your healing energy center. When you understand that all humans are connected through a complex web of relationships you are experiencing a clear and balanced heart chakra.

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When this occurs, others can readily notice your love and compassion for others.

Your heart is in harmonious balance, and literally open to all other beings.

The love people give you when you are in this state will be very true.

When others sense your heart chakra is open, they feel peaceful and un-judged, and are able to fully open themselves to you in return.

Here Are 20 Affirmations To Raise The Vibration Of Your Heart Chakra:

  1. I am fully open to giving love.
  2. I am fully open to receiving love.
  3. I forgive instantly, completely and unconditionally.
  4. I forgive myself.
  5. I forgive others.
  6. I love myself unconditionally.
  7. I love others unconditionally.
  8. My heart chakra is empowered by love.
  9. My heart is balanced in giving and receiving love.
  10. My open heart chakra is powerful.
  11. Love is my guiding truth.
  12. I am fulfilling my heart’s desire.
  13. I choose joy.
  14. I am grateful for all of my blessings.
  15. I am creating loving and supporting relationships.
  16. It is safe for me to be in a loving relationship.
  17. I have unconditional compassion for myself.
  18. I have unconditional compassion for others.
  19. My heart is free from past hurts.
  20. I give and receive love, forgiveness and compassion to myself and others effortlessly and unconditionally. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude.



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