An Introduction to Chakra Stones

occult gemsPeople who do chakra work look for a range of options to balance their chakras in order to promote health and healing and effect transformation. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of crystals, more commonly referred to as chakra stones.

Touching your chakra with your fingers or hand is an effective way to focus and balance your chakras. Related to touch is massage to open the chakras. Chakra stones can be used on their own or as part of a therapeutic massage. The theory is that the touch of the stone when it is placed on a chakra can not only balance the chakra but even magnify its power.

Certain crystals or stones are associated with particular chakras. They will often match them in color, making where to place the stones easy to remember if you know the location and color of each chakra.

Chakra stones can be bought one at a time to work on a particular chakra, or be purchased as a set to use in chakra work and reiki (RAY-key), another form of traditional medicine from Japan that works on balancing energy in the body by focusing on the chakras.

The chakras, their location, colors, and suggested stones are as follows:

1-Root chakra, anus and buttocks, red-bloodstone, tiger’s eye, agate

2-Navel chakra/Sacral chakra, belly button, small of the back-orange: carnelian, moonstone, coral

3-Solar Plexus chakra, upper abdomen, immediately below where the rib cage divides, yellow-malachite, calcite, topaz

4-Heart chakra, the center of the chest between the pectoral muscles, green-jade, green calcite, green tourmaline

5-Throat chakra, the front of the throat or base of the neck, blue-lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine

6-The third eye chakra, just above the bridge of the nose, between the two eyes-indigo-amethyst, purple fluorite, black obsidian

7-The crown chakra-the top or crown of the head, violet or white in certain depictions-clear quartz, amethyst, diamond

Another easy way to remember how to lay the stones is to think of the colors of the rainbow. Starting with the root chakra, which is red, work your way upwards through the rest of the rainbow. You might find the memory aid of this fake name Roy G. Biv to be useful in recalling all of the colors, especially the last two, Indigo, a sort of purplish blue, and violet.

Stones have been used since primitive times for power and protects. Cavemen wore amulets to ward of enemies and diseases. Why not add chakra stones to your chakra work and see what a difference it can make to your balance and energy.


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