Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope With Another Aries Man Or Woman Zodiac Signs

Hey, what’s up guys? This is Kacy with KTV on YouTube. And let me just quickly say this before I get into the meat of the video. You’re going to say ‘Why is she saying YouTube?’ Well, people tend to steal videos. I see it happen all the time, and I look at a lot of channels, enjoy a lot of channels here on YouTube and I just noticed that hey, people will steal your videos in a hot minute. So just in case something like that happens, I like to always put something up here on my screen as well as I like to say ‘Hey, look! You can find me, Kacy, my channel name is KTV and I’m on’.

Ok, so now that I got that out of the way let’s get into the meat of this video. I was going to do a really long video and just say ok, with the compatibility of Aries. I was going to do all the 12 zodiac signs and say, you know, who’s compatible and who’s not and everything. But I find that people have shorter attention spans and they just want to get right into it. So, they’ll say ‘Hey, Aries – are they compatible with, let’s say, Gemini?’ You just want a yes or no and then you’re kind of out. So why have you waiting all that long time to listen to all 12 when I can just put it in one and make it a really quick, fast video? Now, I’ll put down links below because as I’ll make the videos, I’ll have each one in there for Aries compatible with whatever the other zodiac signs is, ok? And that way to make it a little more better.

So, in this video we’re going to talk about Aries and Aries, ok? Now, let’s talk about the fact that they’re both masculine – well, they’re both everything. They’re both Aries. Now, that isn’t the only thing that determines your chart, your birth chart, your horoscope. You have other planets and houses and ascendants and things in different places that determine other things, but we’ll go with the Sun sign a lot, because that’s a whole great big deal of your personality.

So, Aries and Aries, they both are masculine, so they’re very forceful. Excitable. Outgoing. They’re masculine and they’re fire as far as their element. So, they’re kind of aggressive and then the fact that their planet is the planet Mars, ok? And Mars is the God of War. Mars is the God of Aggression. Yeah, it is war.

So, when you ask me: should an Aries hook up with an Aries? I would say hell to the no. And it’s because they both want to dominate, and the Aries women are very dominating. And she would have to go really hard to dominate him, because it’s in his nature to be that way, ok? So with her being so aggressive, it would just be too much. It would be like ‘Ok, honey – what are we going to do tonight for dinner?’ They’re going to try to convince each other we’re going to do steak. ‘It’s going to be steak. No, I don’t care what you say, I don’t want chicken, I want steak, and that what it’s going to be!’ ‘Honey, where do we go? Hawaii or to – I don’t know, hell – to Jamaica!’ It’s going to be Jamaica and the other person is going to be Hawaii and they’re not going to let go, you know what I mean? This is just in their nature.

Now, they are highly sexual. And if they could somehow balance that out and have some good make up loving time, then that would be good. But they would be aggressive in the bedroom; both of them very dominating in that area and in that way also, but they can make it excitable. So, I would say as far as long-term relationship, Aries and Aries, it would be a no-go. Unless somebody starts really evolving into their higher self and they can really, someway, somehow take a seat back – that’s really hard for an Aries though. They do rule the head, and they’re headstrong, they have a strong will. They’re dominating, they’re aggressive. That’s for the men and the women.

To have a good time with one, a one-night stand, a buddy to hook up with from time to time? That’s something a little different. That, I think, they will have a great time. If they are into magic like Tantra and stuff like that, man – awesome! They could manifest a lot, you know what I’m saying? In the bedroom area.

But anyways, that is my basic, real quick, without going into much detail analysis of Aries hooking up with another Aries man or woman. So, that’s it and check out my other links below for the other Aries videos, and please Like this video and don’t forget to subscribe because I’m going to try to knock all of these out! So you can get them all. And plus, we talk about many other things here, a lot of magical, mystical wonderful things. Alternative health, herbs, things like that. Again, this is Kacy with KTV and I’m out of this bad boy – see you in the next video. Peace!



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