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What’s up, guys? This is Kacy with KTV and in this video we’ll talk about the compatibility of the Aries and the Cancer zodiac sign. Should these signs hook up or not and if so, should it be a long-term relationship or should it just be hookup friends, if you know what I mean?

So, let’s talk a little bit about the Aries, real quick. Ok, the Aries is a fire masculine sign and their planet is the planet Mars which is the God of conflict, the god of aggression, the god of war. Ok, a little bit about the Cancer. The Cancer is a feminine water sign, total opposite of the Aries, by the way. And they’re planet is Moon. The Moon rules wisdom, intuition and emotions, ok? Because of these things and when I think of everything else that goes into play on the signs of these two people, I can see them starting out having a pretty good relationship. Thing will be fine. However, I see it taking a dive real quick. And the reason why is because the Aries is very outgoing; they want their freedom, they like to live life and they like to have fun, they like to take risk. They like to live on the edge, so to say. While cancer is totally opposite. They’re defensive, they are cautious, they like to – they’re the type that like to research something and check something out and research it again. They’re cautious about things before they take action, while the Aries just hear about it one time and they’re all in. You know what I mean?

So, that would be a huge conflict between them in a relationship, you know? As well when it comes to the bedroom. It would die down quickly because the Aries is very sexual, very sensual and very dominant. And Cancer, while they will go with the flow in the beginning of the relationship, it would probably also die down pretty quickly because their emotions is tied to their sexual appetite. So in other words, what I mean is this: when things go bad outside of the bedroom, it goes bad in the bedroom as well. So, when Aries get their little stubbornness, have their little attitude because they want to do something and Cancer doesn’t want to do it; they want to go somewhere and Cancer doesn’t want to go or what have you – Aries has a way of getting kind of slick out of the mouth and saying really, really mean things. And to a Cancer that is a water sign, a feminine sign and planet is the Moon would not be able to handle those things. They would be very hurtful to them; they’re very emotional beings. They are very emotional. And so, they would not be able to deal with the meanness, the aggression, the mean remarks, the hurtfulness. They will be wounded emotionally and that would affect things in the bedroom. They would not want to be sexual with them, ok?

I just have to say for, in my opinion, I would not see a Cancer and an Aries together in a long-term relationship or in a short-term relationship. They could possibly be cuddy-buddies, but that’s it. They couldn’t have anything else, you know, to do with one another except a sexual thing. So, no, I’d have to say pump the breaks on this one. Aries is too fiery for the Cancer, so no. But anyways, this is my real quick and fast analysis of the compatibility of Aries and Cancer. If you want to check out my other videos, please check the description below, I have other videos of analysis of other compatible zodiac signs.

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