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What’s up guys? This is Kacy with KTV and in this video we’re going to talk about the compatibility of Aries and Leo. So the first thing we want to start with is the fact that Aries and Leo both alike are both masculine and fire signs. Now, Aries’ planet that rules them is Mars which is the god of conflict, the god of aggression, the god of war. Leo’s sign, Sun sign that rules them or their planet is the Sun. The Sun is the god of life – without it nothing lives, everything dies, the whole universe goes to hell in a handbasket. It’s also the planet of authority, so we have these two players in the game here.

With that being said, we have two huge egos. And if you have ever been around one person with an ego, oh my god! That could be something! Now, imagine two of them with huge egos, both brilliant, both intelligent, ok? Both outgoing. Both want to have fun, ok? That’s good. They’re both outgoing, they both want to have fun, you know. They both like having that life, you know, the Leo wants to be a start, wants everybody to adore him or her. Ok, the Leo just got to have it all and ‘Tell me wonderful things about me – I look so good, my mane is nice, my hair is beautiful; yes, thank you!’ So if the Aries can do that, then you know, we’re okay but we still have those two egos.

If these two decide to hook up, something’s gonna have to happen with the ego. It’s because of this that I really want to say ‘I don’t know’ because see, they’re both fiery. They’re both fires, they’re both masculine, they’re both active and they’re both exertive. They both will tell you their opinions, how they feel about things and they both want to dominate. You have one that’s an authority figure; you have one that’s a domineering figure, god of war.

So, how does that really work out? Now, in the bedroom – beautiful. Fireworks. They both like new things, they like to try things, they’re both romantic, they’re both sensual, they’re both sexual. So in the bedroom, they can be totally cool. But when it comes to taking control of things outside, then who would do what? What vacation will we go on? How do we raise the children? You know, it would be a little tricky there.

So, with all of that being said, I would have to say: unless someone is really highly tuned into their higher self or one or both are willing to compromise who’s gonna do what, who’s going to take over, I mean, I would give it a no-go. I would have to give this a no-go, it’s not going to work because that’s two big egos that they’re not going to – they’re hardly not going to compromise, ok? Let’s face it – Leo, they’re a fixed sign so they’re resistant to change. They don’t like to change. They’re perfectionists, they’re finishers. While [04:08] of the Aries as a cardinal, which means they’re the initiators, they start things, they never really finish it, but they start things.

I don’t know. I just don’t see it working. However, I do see it working as if you just want to be sexual friends. If you want to manifest thing, if you’re into magic – I always mention that on this channel because I know those that are into magic. Ok. I know that they, some of them are into astrology because they will use planets, the days of the week, certain herbs, certain things to get things popping so they can get some energy going, so they can manipulate some things. But yeah, so I will say when it comes to sexual magic tantra. When it comes to manifesting, they would be absolutely great in this area. So it depends on what you want to do and that’s my analysis of the Aries and with the compatibility of the Leo.

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