Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope With Taurus Man Or Woman Zodiac Signs


Hey guys, this is Kacy with KTV and in this video, we’re going to talk about Aries and Taurus and if they are a compatible zodiac sign in the love area. So, let’s just get right into the video.

Aries is a masculine fire sign, while Taurus is a feminine earth sign. So, it’s good that they’re not exactly the same; they’re kind of opposites a bit, which is good, cause you have that balance there a bit, ok? However, Aries is outgoing, Aries like to do things, like freedom, like to have fun. While Taurus is more of a homebody type. They just want to kind of chill. So, a date night for the Aries would be like ‘Hey, let’s go to the club, let’s go to the movies, let’s see an opera, a play’, ok? Let’s go to the beach and lay out and have some fun. And fun for the Taurus would be ‘Let’s make it a Netflix night. Let’s cook and let’s just hang out, just me and you, the two of us’. Also, Taurus men and women are very possessive and very jealous. So, they won’t even allow – allow, I said that – allow the Aries man or woman to really go out on their own, you know? They will want to kind of watch them – they’re really possessive in that kind of way.

Now, Taurus generally is a very laid-back, chill, sort of kind of like sign. But when it comes to the areas of love, that’s where it gets a little crazy. I mean, they’re good, they’re loyal, all that good stuff. I mean, great. The men are very sensitive; it’s a feminine sign. You know, he might not show it at first, but he is sensitive. And he’ll listen to the woman’s emotional needs and all of that. But yes, they’re jealous and possessive, but that’s something an Aries would have a problem with. They would feel like they were in jail because they couldn’t do anything, they couldn’t go anywhere and they couldn’t be the individual person that they feel like they are.

I just don’t see that being a go. Also, as far as finances, if they tried to get into a long-term relationship, Aries will, let’s say – Taurus is usually lucky and as far as money and the money field, they know how to make money and they’re good at making money. While on the other hand, Aries love to spend it. You see, they like extravagance, they like extravagant things. So, I just don’t see that being a good, long-term relationship in this. These two zodiac signs, I also don’t see them being hookup buddies, or you know, somebody just to hit in the middle of the night. You need a little something.

And the reason why I say that is even in the bedroom, the Taurus is not that creative in that area. They’ll do what is required. They wouldn’t do anything that the Aries would like. The Aries would be aggressive, dominant, they probably would like some S&M, B&B; they would like some positions, they would like to go in different areas and locations and roleplay – stuff like that. They’re very sensual. Now, the Taurus is very sensual in the bedroom, don’t get me wrong. But they’re not that creative in the bedroom. So that’s something that an Aries will not be able to deal with, so to me, I don’t see them hooking up in a long-term relationship or as a ‘Let’s hook up and do some things’ type of situation.

But anyways, that is my real quick fast evaluation or review or analysis on Aries and Taurus. Check out the links below, I’ll have other videos for Aries telling you about are they compatible with other signs? Also, don’t forget to Like and Subscribe to this channel so you can get some more cool stuff, cause we talk about astrology and magic and herbs and alternative health, and just wonderful things outside of the matrix. Ok, this is Kacy, I appreciate you for taking the time out to check out this channel and check out this video. And I will see you in the next one. I’m out of here – peace!



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