Beyond the 7 Chakra System

The traditional chakra system teaches that there are 7 energy centers affecting your physical and mental states of being.

These are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

Many chakra followers believe in an additional 5 energy centers in the human body, resulting in a 12 chakra system.

This belief did not emerge from any particular school of thought. Separate modern-day chakra energy healers have developed multiple 12 chakra beliefs.

For example, one set of beliefs adds 1 energy channel below your root chakra, and 4 above your crown, all located outside of your body.

An entirely different 12 chakra belief locates all of the dozen energy channels inside the human body.

An additional 5 psychic energy centers are added along the spine with the standard 7 chakras.

There are several more 12 chakra variations as well, and new variations appearing frequently.

There is a commonality among most 12 chakra systems however.

They all concern themselves with a single person's connection to the universe as a whole.

All humans are tethered to the earth, while also linked to the universe. Many 12 chakra believers point to the system as offering a wider range of

possibilities for healing energies.


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