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Who was First? Jesus, Horus, Mithra…..U Decide

See How Pluto Retrograde Will Affect Your Love Life Based On Your Sun Sign

See what some astrological experts have to say about your sun sign being impacted by the pluto retrograde in your love life below. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR ASTROLOGICAL BIRTH CHARTS AND LOVE COMPATABILITY CHARTS Aries (March 21 – April 19) You’re raising your vibrations and cutting away the spiritual bullsh*t right now, Aries, so expect […]

Jupiter Retrograde and How It Affects Your Sun Sign For The Next 4 Months

HOROSCOPES FOR JUPITER RETROGRADE 2019 Aries Jupiter retrogrades in your ninth house, highlighting themes surrounding international travel, higher education, legal matters, philosophy, psychology, publishing, religion, and spirituality. You’re approaching a crossroads, offering a chance for course corrections. You have freedom—but what do you want, and where are you going? Be very honest with yourself and […]

Discover Which Spells You Are Best At Casting According To Your Astrological Zodiac Sign