Chakra Healing Stones and Crystals

Each of your energy centers or chakras is associated with specific mental and physical functions and behaviors. These 7 chakras also relate to a particular color. Variations of that color can be found in the healing stones and crystals used to heal that particular energy center.

Let's look at the Root Chakra for an example. The light and energy frequencies associated with this chakra are red in color. Accordingly, Root Chakra healing stones or crystals will have a red attribute. Bloodstone and tiger's eye are two examples of root chakra stones.

However, color is not the only consideration to be made when selecting a chakra healing stone. Two very similar people may be drawn to very different types of stones, even if they are looking to balance the same chakra. A stone's energy, shape, color and composition should all be considered when choosing your chakra stones.

This type of crystal healing is derived from the belief that all stones contain a unique and natural frequency. It is believed this frequency, a form of energy, can be used to open or unblock certain chakras. Energy is focused and multiplied in the crystal and directed toward the energy center you are trying to heal.


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