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Consultations And Spells


If you would like to order spell work for love, money, protection or any other kind of spell, you must first schedule a consultation.

If you are just starting your spiritual journey and have questions on where to start, or what is next you can schedule a consultation.

If you need help with writing spells, sigils, etc. you can schedule a consultation.

If you have any other questions then you can schedule a consultation. So go ahead and schedule your hour consultation after you read my tarot reading testimonials by clicking here or my video testimonials of spells and their results by clients by clicking here. 

Consultations For Spells

If you are considering doing a spell for a specific reason such as:

  • Attracting Love
  • Getting A Job
  • Break Up Relationships
  • Winning A Court Case (Criminal or Civil)
  • Forcing  Someone Out Your Life
  • Manipulating People To Get What You Want
  • Other Spells

Then you will need to have a consultation first.  The consultations are usually conducted by phone.  But in some cases you will not need a phone consult but instead will just need a email consultation, such as in cases where you will request help with spell writing, or items to use for spells specific to your situation or creating statements for your sigils.  But again most consultations are done by phone.  Many people would prefer to just have the spell cast without a consultation, however I require a consultation  so that I can see exactly what is going on and strategically see the best way to help you with this, as every case is different and may require different methods for the desired results. At this time the consultation is $200 or $300 depending on if you schedule for a later date or purchase a SAME DAY CONSULTATION and I accept Paypal for payment. If you don't have paypal, that's okay because you can also use a credit card, debit card or prepaid card as long it has a Visa or Mastercard logo.  If you rather pay with cashapp simply email me by going to the contact tab above and let me know you rather pay with cashapp and I will send you further instructions within 24 hours. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to schedule your consultation.

All Other Consultations

If you would like a consultation for any other reason besides spells, then you can also schedule at the bottom of this page.

  • All consultations are done by phone. (Exception, if we agree to email instead)
  • There is an additional $20 fee for consultations outside of the USA for long distance charges.

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Legal disclaimer: Although many of us take our spiritual work very seriously, the law requires that all paranormal items such as rootwork, spells, or psychic readings be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old. I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens or does not happen as a result of this rootwork, spell or psychic reading. My service should never be considered as a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice.