Getting to Know the Extra 5 Chakras of a 12 Chakra Belief System

Anyone familiar with the chakra system agrees on the 7 major energy channels, beginning at the base of your spine and terminating in the crown of your head.

Relatively recently several 12 chakra systems have been introduced.

One of the most widely held beliefs is that there are 4 chakras located outside of your body and above your head.

A 5th outer chakra can be found just underground.

This results in a total of 12 energy centers affecting your emotional, mental and physical states.

Immediately above your crown chakra is the 8th chakra, which is related to Time Transcendence and your connection to the spiritual world.

Chakra #9 is immediately above that, and is referred to as the “Seat of Your Soul”.

Your 10th chakra, Earth Connection, is located roughly 1 1/2 feet below the surface of the ground over which you are walking.

The 11th chakra appears above the 9th, and refers to an energy field that gives you influence over physical matter.

The final and 12 chakra in this belief system is located above the 11th. This powerful energy core delivers understanding of universal unity and the purpose that your human existence offers.

It is important to note that these 5 additional chakras all work the same as the universally accepted 7.

They affect and are related to specific human behaviors, actions, emotions and physiological functions.

By keeping them healthy and balanced, you can reach a more complete state of being, both physically and mentally.


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