History of the Chakra System

occult gemsThe thought of chakras as energy centers in your body affecting your mental and physical health is not

new.  Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning disk or wheel.

It was originally spelled ‘cakra', which referred to the wheels on the chariots driven by the ruling class (circa 1,500 through 500 BC).

These rulers were called cakravartins, and it is that word which gave birth to the modern day “chakra”.

When a cakravartin was born, the birth was said to be “preceded by a golden disk of light”. Around 600 BC “psychic centers of consciousness” were mentioned in some texts from the Yoga Upanishads.

As far as the Western world is concerned, Englishman Arthur Avalon's book titled The Serpent Power delivered the chakra system from the east.

The book was released in 1919, and refers to the kundalini energy source which is visually represented as a snake coiled around the root chakra.

All those influences deliver a very basic idea – there are 7 main chakras in your body, controlling your energy and affecting your mental and

physical states of health. This conceptualization actually has a place in our understanding of modern-day human physiology. There are 7 major nerve

ganglia associated with your spinal column, which is coincidentally where the 7 chakras are aligned.


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