How Does Kundalini Relate to Your Energy?

We all have a source of vital energy and force within us. This is known as the “serpent power” of kundalini, visually represented as a snake coiled around your root chakra.

Your kundalini energy moves upward through your 7 chakras, boosting their natural energy levels.

This spiritual energy can be extremely powerful.

You have to practice perfect control over your physical and mental states to properly benefit from your kundalini.

A “kundalini awakening” is the term for this self-discovery of powerful inner knowledge which most people cannot access.

Performing certain yoga asanas helps to clear and unblock your 7 chakras, or energy centers. Kundalini yoga does the same, and allows access to this extra power inside you.

This lets you activate, balance and benefit from maximum energy levels throughout your body. Meditation can also help you awaken this raw energy.

Think about the kundalini experience as a process of spiritual and self-development.

Steeped in ancient Hindu tradition, kundalini energy can deliver a perfect union between yourself and the divine consciousness.

This “vital force” is naturally occurring and present in everyone. Whether you access this powerful force or not will dictate your level of development in all areas of your life.


After activating kundalini energy, it moves through your central Sushumna Nada channel, from the base

of your spine to the top of your head.

This very closely mirrors the way your central nervous system works, which is also located basically along your spine.


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