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So in this video I'm going to show you how to make your own protection cologne, or own protection water. This is so that you don't have to go the botanicals and things and buy theirs. I prefer to make my own oils and tinctures and things like that because it's got my energy, it has my intentions. I know exactly what I put in it. I know why I put it in there. So you can do whatever you want to do. You don't have to do this; this is not the only way. This is not like the way. This is just a way that you can do this. So you'll want to use this for when energy's not feeling quite right around you in your home or around you, you can take and get a bottle like this, put it in your purse to carry it around with you. I like to use this especially before I do readings, spray around to cleanse the air. This is a lot of cleansing and purifying the air, just making it more positive and high vibrational.

I'm in the kitchen right now, but usually I'm on my altars but I don't like showing my altars. If you get work done from me, then you will see my altar I'm working on for your work, but I don't like to just put that out there to everybody. So it's kind of intimate to me a bit. So I'm in the kitchen right now, but usually I would be at my altar and I will have all these crystals around here. As you see, I have selenite crystals. Selenite crystals is like a white translucent type of a crystal, very high vibrational. I like to meditate with these. You get in contact with angels, ancestor's, etc. with these. You can meditate on these. They truly will take you to other dimensions. These will help you with all types of spiritual things. They help with readings etc.; anything spiritual, taking to a higher level, this is good for that. These are also good for protection. Angels; that type of angelic energy really like these crystals so you can set them up in your room, whatever. So you'll see that I have them around and I have them surrounding the things that I'm going to use to put this together. 

So here we go. 

I've already done my cleansing, some of you might like to use sage, I prefer to use Paulo Santos. At a matter of fact, it's still burning. Check this out; I'm still burning some Palo Santos and I've cleansed everything. I've meditated over everything. So let's see what we're going to do here. 

So you can do this again, you can make love oils. You make money oils. I'm saying oils, I'm not using the oil, we're using Florida water as our base here. You can use any type of colognes. You can use other ones but Florida water is just one of my favorites to use.

What we're going to be doing is we're going to be pouring this in here after we add in some herbs and things. So since this is for protection and this is the up the energy around you, I want to use some rue, if you see that here and guys on might have to put my mic down so I can use both of my hands so it might get low. But I'm using rue which is for protection as well as hyssop, which is for protection. Like these things are good for exorcisms, negative energies and entities, getting rid of them, you can burn them on charcoal and do some other things. So we're going to be using that in our little potion today. 

I am going to take this rue and I'm going to put it in here. Now again, I've already done my meditations and things over my herbs. Usually when I first buy my herbs I'll do that. This is the rue and we're just going to put a little bit in. You don't have to use a lot. Even when you're doing stuff like your gris-gris bags, your mojo bag, your poppet, your candles, you don't have to use a lot of herbs guys. You really don't. But that’s the rue right there.

Now we're going to add the hyssop and so here we go. 

If you don't know where to find these products, I'll see if I can put some links so you can check out. If you're checking this out on my website, then you can look down below the video and you'll see some links or something there to purchase these items. If you're on my YouTube channel, then you can look down in the description or in the comment section. 

Okay, we're going to add a little bit more hyssop. So there's our hyssop, there's our rue and I’m about to turn over this Palo Santos. I'm going to put a video up y'all, hopefully today of why I like using Paulo Santos over sage. And as you see, I like burning it on this charcoal. So I do like to cleanse my items with this. I like to put this on my altar to cleanse that after doing especially baneful magic, maybe negative work, but I do it after every work because you just want to cleanse things off. I'd like to cleanse my cards with it when I'm doing tarot etc. 

So we got that. Now, I still have some crystals here. This is clear quartz crystals. If you don't know about crystals, I would say get the Crystal Bible. If I can remember, I'll put the links down below, but it's three parts. And the Crystal Bible will tell you everything you need to know about crystals, which crystal do you use for what, whether it's money, love, transferring negative energy, all kinds of stuff, healing of past traumas, rapes, things like that. It's like really good.

So we're going to use some clear quartz in here. Clear quartz, you can use for anything by the way guys. Clear quartz is for anything. Black Onyx; this is for getting rid of negative energy. This is very good. Black tourmaline I like that as well. I like black tourmaline a lot but we're going to use a little bit of onyx here.

What else we're going to use? We're going to use, if I could get this in there, something told me I wasn't going to be able to do it. I usually put copper in here, a long string or along the line of copper to amplify that energy. I got some copper back there but I got so much shit, I couldn't find it. So I'm going to have to put it in there later. I might forget it later. But if you have something, if you have a penny from 1982 or before 1982, it's made out of 95% copper, so you can use a penny. If it's may after that, then it's like almost 100% zinc and it's not going to do the job. So don't worry about it. 

So anyways, I thought I'd be able to use my penny to amplify the energy and it really amplifies. So guys get copper, whether it's a penny, whether it's a line, whatever it is, get that to put into there.

And finally for now, we're going to go on ahead and we're going to pour in our Florida water. So we're going to get that going really good. 

Now again, you can do this for any type of thing that you want to do. We're doing this today for protection… little bit more Florida water. I'm going to fill it up. I think of almost so the top, guys. So we're going to stop right there. Okay

And let's put on the top. Guys, remember, you don't just put this stuff together, you have to practice on your meditations, your visualizations, things like that. Put your intentions into these things so that these things can really, really work for you. Just putting it together; that doesn't do a whole lot. 

So we got it in there. I'm kind of shaking it around a little bit. So we've got the crystals, the herbs, the water. We don't have the copper, but that's okay. You can put copper in yours when you do yours, right? And trust me, this here is making that energy, this selenite is really amplifying that energy and I’ll probably put a link in there so you can get some selenite as well if you cannot find any in your local area or if you don't want to go to a store in your local area or whatever. I know it can be taboo for some people

But that's it. I have another one because what I'm going to do is I'm going to transfer some of this into here. And I'm going to tell you the reason why guys, because you got these herbs and things in here and you're not going to be able to spray it with the herbs so you’re going to have to drain it and to another bottle. When you get ready to use it, you’ll have to drain it into another bottle. All right? And then you can refill this up. You can do it a few times and then throw the whole bottle out and you can start all over again. But that's basically it for now.

Now if you want to charge this in the full moon, that’s cool. You can charge it in the full moon, you can charge it in the sunlight, you can do a petition on it with your ancestors, you can call on other spirits, which is what I'm going to do with it. So in some way you want to charge this up is what I'm trying to get at here. Okay?

Now I want to show y'all just how this energy is with my pendulum, okay. It is going clockwise, right? Now, I'll admit that with the selenite is probably amplifying the energy a lot more. But you see how fast that's going. I like to test the energy on my products. Sometimes it'll go counter clockwise, that means that's a feminine energy. But I do like the solar energy, especially for protection things. So like the masculine energy and this is what this is showing me. This is a masculine energy. It is positive energy or a forceful pushing out type of energy is the best way I can kind of explain that. So don't think positive and negative the way that we're trained. But you see how this is getting bigger and bigger, right? So this is really high. 

Now I do realize I have this selenite here and that could be helping to amplify it. So let's do this, just move the selenite a little bit. And let's see how this is doing alone in itself and by itself. So let's see how it’s been so far. It's moving. It's moving really good. That copper, I'm telling you, I got to get that copper. And you can feel that energy too. If you don't know how to feel energy, you need to start practicing. It's easy. Once you start meditating, you can feel energy really good. 

So anyways, it is showing that our ingredients are on point. It's picking up. The speed is going faster. It's getting wider. So that’s how I like to test out my crystals. I like to test out everything with my pendulum like that.

Now if you happen to charge this in the moonlight, I don't know what your pendulum is because everybody's is different but mine goes backwards. It will go counterclockwise if I do it in moonlight because that's a negative energy or a stucking up.

So here you go guys, the next plan that I plan to do is getting some back candles and calling on this particular spirit to help assist with this. We're going to do it for three days, burn it for three days. And that means every day I'll get two more black candles and burn it for three days and get some help or assistance from the spirit for protection. 

Again, you don't have to do that, you can stop at this point if you want to and put it in the sun or put it in the moon, do your own protection with your ancestors. For example, calling your spirit guides. If you are wiccan, you are probably going to want to use white candles instead of candles that are black. So whatever is for you that's what you want to do.

But that's basically it guys, remember if you're feeling negative energy, something just don't feel right, you feel tension in the air, you feel like somebody would want to argue with you or fight, after someone have had an argument or a fight you want to spray this stuff. Before you do your readings or any type of spiritual stuff you want to spray this. This is to help keep the high vibration so negative energies do not enter here.

So that's it guys, I really hope you enjoyed that. I hope that you put it to work and I'm going to catch y'all in the next video. Peace out y'all.


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