How to Open and Clear Your Root Chakra

Introducing Your Root Chakra


Your first chakra is the root chakra. This forms a solid base for the energy channels which flow upwards through your spine.

When it is functioning properly, your root chakra (Muladhara) grounds you to the earth. This energy center is found in the base of your spine.

This is a very important energy center, because it forms the base of all of your energy. Your basic nature and animal responses are governed by how healthy your root chakra is.

If you have problems with your kidneys or adrenal glands, feel lazy for no reason or have a weight problem, this first chakra could be out of balance.

When you clear your root chakra, you are comfortable in any surroundings. Simple tasks are easy to perform, and you have no doubt about the decisions you make.

How to Open and Clear Your Root Chakra

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To balance your chakras, you need to know if you are out of balance in the first place.

There are free chakra tests available online which can quickly tell you if one or more of your energy centers is overactive, underactive or perfectly open.

In Google or your favorite search engine, type “chakra test” and spend a few minutes answering some simple questions.

If you determine that you have blocked energy, you will be recommended to use mudras (special hand positions) to reopen your chakras. You do this while chanting Sanskrit sounds and meditating. Opening your blocked energy channels can be achieved in just a few minutes, and can quickly return your mind and body to a healthy state of being.  

Here are 20 affirmations for you to raise the vibration of your Root Chakra:

  1. I am always safe.
  2. I love my body.
  3. My home is safe and secure.
  4. I have many assets and my safety needs are always taken care of.
  5. I am grounded.
  6. I am financially secure.
  7. My future is financially secure.
  8. I am abundant.
  9. Money flows to me.
  10. The universe will always provide for me.
  11. I am always supported and shown the next steps to take.
  12. Life loves me and I love being here.
  13. I claim my energetic footprint.
  14. It is my birthright to receive support in all forms.
  15. I claim good health.
  16. I claim a healthy body.
  17. I claim abundance.
  18. My needs are always met.
  19. I am anchored and connected to Mother Earth.
  20. I am a divine being of light, and I am safe, protected and secure.



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