How To Safely Open Your Third Eye And Awaken Your Psychic Abilites For Spiritual Power

What Is The Third Eye? 

If you are looking to awaken your psychic powers for both spiritual and physical experiences then you will need to know about your third eye and how to activate it. 

Your third eye is an energy center that is located in the middle of your forehead just above your eye brows.

Activation of the third eye will help you with spiritual experiences such as:

  • Remote viewing
  • Astral projection
  • Astral travel
  • Communication with the dead, spirit guides and other spirits

Other great benefits is that you will be able to lucid dream, heal yourself as well as others, use different divination methods to know the past, present and future such as tarot card reading and even learning magick in the form of spells or rituals to get the physical things that you want out of life, from love to money, success, and much more. 

However, I HIGHLY advise that you activate this energy center safely because the consequences and dangers of opening it prematurely can be detrimental driving you literally insane with other imperative drawbacks that could land you in a mental instituition.

So to AVOID this you should activate all of your chakras starting with the root chakra and working your way up to the third eye chakra.  Check out my free guide, “The Beginners Guide To Chakra's” of how to do activate all of your chakras safely as well as useful crystals, oils and other tools to make this a faster and safe process by clicking the button below.  After you sign up for the guide check out the 20 tips and tricks to help you awaken your third eye.


How To Open Your Third Eye?   

How do you get to awaken the third eye? It is almost certain that a majority of us have been brought up in backgrounds that encouraged our third eye or psychic center to close tightly. Our religious and scholastic backgrounds have led us to become detached from our intramural wisdom.   So if you want to know the keys on how to awaken the third eye keep reading further to see the tips provided below.

Here are some of the very best tips that can help you bring out this guardian instinct:   

    1. Have an open mind and get to explore other ideas and beliefs.
    2. Reduce or completely terminate the consumption of processed foods.
    3. Always have meals that constitute a balanced diet and must contain fruits, whole foods, and green vegetables.
    4. Search for and consistently consume foods containing eye cleansing herbs.
    5. Try and practice Yoga and Meditation.
    6. Practice mindfulness.
    7. Completely avoid fluoridated toothpaste and water.
    8. Keep a consistent diet of antioxidants.
    9. Explore your deep beliefs.
    10. Drink lots of water.
    11. Have a journal or diary of your encounters and feelings.
    12. Have a habit of chanting or humming the sound “OM”.
    13. Take an exploration in the old scrying practice.
    14. Practice sound healing.
    15. Consistently do and practice Third Eye visualization.
    16. Undertake experiments with Neuro-linguistic programming.
    17. Use these third eye opening crystals.
    18. Always and keep supporting yourself through being affirmative.
    19. You can also benefit substantially from solitude and sunshine. Following this through will help handsomely when it comes to opening the Third Eye.
    20. Learn the art of sungazing.

So What Happens When Your 3rd Eye Opens?   

Many people wonder so how does one get to know if their third eye has opened? What should they be expecting? Conspicuously, the experiences differ from person to person. Nevertheless, here are the most common signs experienced by a majority of people:   

  • Tingling or buzzing forehead.
  • More migraines and headaches than usual.
  • Extrasensory ordeals or visions when medicating.
  • Sudden lucidity towards life issues.
  • Growing ability to practice self-thinking.


Take note that learning how to get in touch with your third eye takes willingness and dedication to dig an extra mile and make a number of changes in your lifestyle. But you should also keep in mind that the effort is worth it as this gift can bless you and your entire family for years to come. Click here if you need a course on opening your third eye so that you can access your psychic gifts, connect with your spiritual guides and ancestors, access healing power, astral project and so much more!


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