Magickal Lady Duchess Reviews On How She Treats Her Clients & How She Steals Others Content For Her Own


In the video above I give Magickal Lady Duchess owner of MLD Holistic Healing Store in Mesquite, Texas, a review on her different business, moral and ethical practices with , well as she would say,”A little tough love”.  In the beginning I add some movies that you may not understand as she has been having her Facebook Group members of Infinite Energy come and bully me on Youtube, Facebook and even had my Youtube Channel shut down after I showed proof of her stealing I mean embezzling right over $100,000 See link to that newspaper article now.   I also did a full background check on her where I got her criminal records, evictions, irs records, family members and so much more.  You can also get her records or anyones record for that matter by clicking here. So I continued to expose Magickal Lady Duchess because my email box got totally flooded with her clients and customers that claimed she scammed and ripped them off, and having really bad business practices that real energy workers or witches do not do in this field.


You will see in the video I show her plagiarizing from a book called, “Vodou Shaman” The Haitian Way Of Healing And Power the author's name is Ross Heaven.  On page 70 of the book she copies and paste a passage claiming that she healed a man with several ailments and that she was so drained on energy that she slumbered, (her words not mine) for 2 whole days after she healed him.  However with further investigation, we found that she took his book passage word for word and said it was her healing.  This is also a form of fraud or fraudulent activity just like the embezzlement that I pulled form the courts in Texas. My attorney said that this is public information unless she has her cases expunged and that I can blog about it and show proof because its for anyone who wants to know.  If it was expunged I would not have access to the criminal history that she has along with almost 20 Alias which I shall name now below:

Ninekia L Spears
Nnekia L Nash
Nnekia L Spearnash
James Ninekia
Ninekia Le Spears
Ninekia Nash
Nnekia Le Spearnash
Young Ninekia
Nnekia Spears
Nnekia L Spears
Ninekia Spear Nash
Spear Nash Nnekia
Ninekia L Spears
Nnekia Lekay S Nash
Nnekia S Nash
N L Spears
Nnekia Spearnash
Nnekia Le Spearnash

In addition to that around the end of the video I show where she plagiarized a website of a lot of their content.  But let's back up.  after I show you of her “healing techniques” I show her business practices of how she takes the people who reach out to her for help to hire her for spell work and how she then shows her facebook group the persons REAL name, email, etc. and makes fun of the person's email and situation.  Magickal Lady Duchess is also known to do this to her paying clients and customers as well.
I will show in more of my blog posts of emails that I received from her paying customers of how her kits either come incomplete without the instructions, the candles from the expensive kits fall apart as soon as the customer takes it out of the box and so much other things.  Well other things meaning after she take your money, she will not answer your emails or phone calls.  She even makes up excuses to her Facebook Group why she can't answer some people after they have paid her for services.  One lady in particular called her over and over again, and Magickal Lady Duchess said that she was in the tub, she went to the store, just soo many excuses why she couldn't answer or call the customer back.

I also show how she dogs out and treat her own Facebook Group members like shit, she acts as if she is the God and they are the surfs, and I must say they must be if they allow someone to treat them like trash and still pay her.  I will talk about her secret coven where they are charged $100 per month to teach themselves, and so much more.  I can't put it all in one post.  But I will post more, so make sure you bookmark this website or get the RSSfeed so you know when to check on a new post on her.  After all this research, I tell you I don't know if Magickal Lady Duchess is that Magickal, but hey you be the judge. (By the way one of her new youtube channels is called Young Infinite Experience and is now also exposed as a fraud as she has a new weave and beauty hustle for the black community. )
Update:  WARNING – Magicakal Lady Duchess now has a shop opened called MLD Holistic Healing located at  4200 Gus Thomasson Rd #104, Mesquite, TX 75150 phone number a the time of this update of 469-466-9801.  You have been WARNED!

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