Meditation Is The Foundation To Your Magic Spells Rituals Be It Love, Money, Curse, Hex Etc

Hey guys, what’s going on? This is Kacy here, with KTV and I hope you all are having an absolutely wonderful day. Ok, today I would like to do a video because I was just speaking to someone a couple of days ago about the subject. And if you’re listening, I want to say thank you for the inspiration for this particular video. This is something that I think every spiritualist or ever occultist should know. Well, anyone that’s thinking to begin to get into occult information or spiritual information. Anyone even in your mundane religions – I’m not trying to pick a particular religion in this particular video, I’ll pick on in another video. But even in other religions and things like that. There’s one thing that I think needs to be addressed, is the foundation when it comes to magic.

So, for those of us who want to manipulate energy, consciously, because we all manipulate it, y’all. We all do it. But those of us who want to consciously manipulate energy so that we can create the life and reality for ourselves that we want to have, ok, we’ve got to do this one thing. What is the one thing? Well, meditation. Meditation is the foundation of everything. Yes, yes, that’s when you want to go to the monks and to the Buddhist. Yes, you want to go within, yes you want to sit down and you want to do your chants and mantras and what have you. Now, let’s talk about why meditation is a foundation, right? Like, why? Especially when you want to do your spells and things like that, you know. You want to get some extra money in, you want to break somebody up, you want to fall in love, you want to put a curse on a bitch, whatever. What the fuck does meditation have to do with all of that?

Well, let me explain to you guys, ok? So, when we’re doing anything, whether it is candle magic, right? Or it’s doll magic like puppets and voodoo dolls, or maybe we want to do jars or maybe we want to do servitors or just all kinds of magic out there, ok? You can do baths, spiritual baths, we can do gosh, tricks, like tricks that you throw so people step in them, put them in people’s shoes. Whatever, there’s a million different types of magic to do, especially if you’re into the black magic, ok? You’re going to have to meditate to get that magic popping. It takes other parts of the puzzle to make the magic work, the foundation is to focus the mind. And this is what meditation helps with, ok?

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We have busy days, let’s be real. I’m in the USA, I don’t know where the fuck you are. But in the US of A we have a lot of shit about all the matrix. We have work, we have traffic, we have school, we have assholes all around us – whether it’s our employees or our employers. Whether it’s a co-worker getting on our fucking nerves, we have husbands, we have wives, we have children, we have boyfriends and girlfriends, we have best friends, we have so-called friends. We have all this stuff going on. We have tests for school, ok? We have to go to the DMV, we have to go to the grocery store. We have to cook, we have to clean. You see what I’m saying? And then some of us go to church. Now, I’m not one of them, but some of you all do, and imagine all the bullshit you all have to go through.

And then not only that. When we finally, finally have a moment to ourselves after all of that, we might have 2-3 hours in the day to ourselves, and what do we do? We turn on the radio. We’ll watch TV. Well, yeah, most of us like to watch TV. The Walking Dead or something. Love and Hip-Hope. That’s me. Real Housewives of Atlanta, that’s me too, boo. Some sports, ESPN, I don’t do that one, but you know, you get the point. So, you’re busy, you’ve got a lot of stuff going on. You might be on YouTube as a matter of fact, I about guarantee, 100% guarantee if you are listening to me right now, you’re on fucking YouTube, ok? And we all know that you might go to YouTube to watch 1-2 videos and it’s always a fucking recommended video that’s going to make you keep watching on and on and on and you might be on the bitch for about 4-5 hours by the time you look up. It happens, it happens from time to time. Sometimes it happens to people every damn day.

And then let’s not get into Facebook and why am I doing this Instagram, why am I doing this Snapchat? Why are we doing this? Why am I going into all of this? Because I need you to realize, with all those distractions, how can you manipulate energy consciously when your mind is focused every fucking where but on what the fuck you’re supposed to be focused on. So that’s why you need meditation, ok?

I might do a video after this one and I’m going to go into more into meditation, how to meditate and things like that. But because of this reason again, if you want to do any type of magical spell, even if you want to pray, try this and I remember when I used to go to church and I used to pray to God, I’d get down on my knees and I’d get into the formal submissive position for Yahve or Yeshua or whatever the hell it was, or Jesus. Ok, anyways. I would pray and I would say dear God, help a sister out. I need help with this bill right here because this bill is getting on my nerves, and oh yeah, I think I got something cooking on the stove by the way. Yeah, and you know what? I don’t know. I should’ve made lasagna, but I ended up making beef, but I don’t know man, I don’t know. Maybe meatloaf. Oh yeah, back to God. So, I need help with that bill. And I wonder why that girl didn’t call me. Now, I know that girl was supposed to call me, we were supposed to go to the mall today. I’ll need to call her when I’m done praying. Oh, I’m sorry, dear God, back to my bill. I need your help with this bill right now because I don’t know what to do, I don’t have the money for it and I thank you so much in the name of… oh, shit. I forgot to turn in my exam paper at school! Oh, fuck! My professor gonna fuck me.

Ok, I think you all get the point, right? Now, you try it today. You try it tonight. Whatever you do, pray. And when you pray, seriously zone in all the thoughts that go through your fucking mind. I remember trying to pray and I can never really get through a whole fucking 2 thoughts because everything is flying through. You’ve got this to do, you’ve got that to do, blah, blah. This is why meditation helps, because imagine you sitting there, you’re doing a spell and let’s say you’re doing a spell for money, ok? Cause I was just talking about praying for money. So let’s say you’re doing a spell for money. And while you’re doing the spell for money, the same thing basically happens, what I just said. So for example, you go ‘Abracadabra, bring the money in, ching-a-ling-ling! And by the way, what is my best friend doing right now? Where’s my husband at? He’s running late. Oh, Abracadabra, abracadabra’. I mean, you cannot communicate with the universe that way. You cannot manipulate things and make things change.
For those of you who know about Abraham Hicks, ok, which is an entity that is channeled through a lady and they call themselves Abraham. They’ll tell you that if you can hold a thought for 60 seconds, then you’re really good to go. You can, that’s the process of starting to manipulate energy, ok? So back to money, let’s say you want some money. And if you can hold in your mind for 60 fucking seconds without another thought coming through, ok, if you can hold it in your mind for 60 seconds in that one particular thought, one thought, then you start the process of getting energy to work for you, to bring that money in, for the law of attraction to work.

But when you’re talking about spell work, you’re talking about making voodoo dolls or puppets, you’re talking about making mojo Grigori badge, you’re talking about these things, candle magic, we do a whole lot more than 60 fucking seconds. So you have to stay focused on this one particular thing for quite a long time. And you can’t have all these other thoughts coming through your mind. So, medication – lord Jesus help the children, look at that! Medication! No, meditation, you all, I don’t edit these shits. You’re going to take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad, your medication god damn it. Meditation is what is needed so that you can go in and you make shit happen. You can make changes.

And remember again, and I’ll always tell anyone this – we all are fucking magicians. Whether we know it or we don’t. And you’ll see it in the results of your life, because we usually cause those things to manipulate and happen around us. Whether you have a thought 5 years ago, 5 weeks or 5 minutes ago, you’re going to bring those things down for the mental plane, all the way down, eventually here into the third dimension. Now, you might have some people that help you out or hurt you. You might have somebody that put a curse on you. So they might have some shit drooling down to your shit. Or you might have somebody that says a prayer for you, and say some good, wonderful words for you. And so they have that wonderful positivity coming into your life, but the point is the point, that’s how it works. So you’ve got to learn how to meditate. You’ve got to learn how to meditate in order to focus on what you want.

Remember, the best magicians need no tools, no candles, no doors, no herbs, no bags, no oils, nothing. Just our mind, simply their mind and it takes a while to get to that. But that’s all they need to make changes happen. So guys, get into your meditations – I don’t know, somebody might need medication you all. Get into your meditations and again I’m going to do a video after this one and I’m going to talk about different ways to meditate, because it’s not just one way. Everybody thinks you have to sit like the Buddha, the Buddhists, the monks, have your fingers together and you know, no, it’s a million ways to meditate. So, we’re going to go into that in the next video. I want to thank you for checking out this video, thank you for your time, it’s very much appreciate it. I thank my subscribers for subscribing, and guys please like this video, comment and share on this video and also, if you’re not a subscriber, go ahead and subscribe. I talk about all kinds of things from herbs to crystals to spells to meditation books that you should read, things like that. Things that’s just a little out of the box, out of the normal.
Ok, alright, again thanks and I will catch you guys on the next video. Peace!


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