Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart For His Life Path

Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart
Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart

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Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart
Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart
Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart
Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart
Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart
Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart
Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart
Nipsey Hussle Birth Natal Chart

Birth Chart Interpretation

This birth chart shows the positions of the planets of NIPSEY HUSSLE

The planets in the signs

The position of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac has an influence on the character of the individual and these influences form a large part of the individual psyche.

Sun in Leo

He is masterful, likes authority, aspires towards an ideal. A little too pretentious and always wanting things. He likes to give advice. He is honest, frank, loyal, open and sincere.

Weaknesses: pride, vanity, arrogance, presumption and disdain of others.

Moon in Leo

He is brave and knows how to take risks, has the courage of his convictions, is honest , imposing and sharp. He has a great sense of and respect for justice. Organizational sense. Selectivity in friends, but is not influenced by them. Taste for splendor.

Weaknesses: changing and numerous affections. Emotional instability, pride.

Mercury in Leo

Ambitious, sincere, loyal, friendly and full of good cheer. Great sense of organization. Likes children and leisure time.

Weaknesses: likes to play games too much and can go too far, in spite of himself. Likes to play-act and do about-turns, which surprise and upset those concerned. Likes to take risks in jest and for amusement.

Venus in Cancer

He is affectionate, loves family life, the home, the nest, comfort. Fertile imagination, love of children, he is sociable and likes the country, nature. He is romantic, pleasant, at ease in relationships. He always dreams of the \”Great Love\”.

Weaknesses: changing emotions. The subject easily becomes attached to people, he is inconstant, extravagant, whimsical, always in pursuit of the impossible. Not an authoritative parent, avoiding family conflict for the quiet life.

Mars in Leo

Combative strength. He always realizes his schemes. Can undertake big projects, conclude them successfully and receive the deserved rewards. He likes responsibilities and difficulties above all, and imposes himself forcefully.

Weaknesses: Combative force can lead to violence if he thinks it necessary. He is bold, presumptuous, intrepid: he likes to face danger and can naturally have a few hiccups on the way.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Ambivalent feelings, generous, philanthropic. He is tolerant and indulgent.

Weaknesses: an idealist prone to rebel or revolt.

Saturn in Scorpio

Observant, self-controlled, unforgiving, tough, methodical, a researcher, an investigator. Lots of courage, self-assurance and can keep his cool.

Weaknesses: makes no concessions or compromises. He can become a fanatic of a creed, a party, work or a religion.

Uranus in Sagittarius

He is shy, delicate but proud, bold and lively.

Neptune in Capricorn

He is discerning, wise and sensible.

Pluto in Scorpio

Great sexual activity.

Sign and ascendant

Leo ascendant Pisces

The planets in the houses

The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

Sun in VI

Not much social ambition, he wants to work in the medical environment and progress step by step.

Moon in VI

Will never be a leader, but succeeds in being the right-hand of an important person. In most cases, he is an employee, worker etc. He likes the country, respects Nature and likes animals.

Mercury in VI

Medical profession. Serviceable and generous nature. Meets their soul sister at work, or (if not) through family contacts.

Venus in V

He wants to succeed in love-life. He meets pleasant people and has very good friends, always without conflict. He likes amusements, parties. He has lots of children.

Mars in VI

He works with great pleasure and flat out but meets with problems at work, where professional rivalry blocks his ideas and enjoyment.

Jupiter in XII

He is kindly, and does charity work. He is protected from life's rigors to which he is not immune, but he knows how to cope. He likes working in peace and alone.

Saturn in VIII

Financially not very well off, average salary. The spouse is also not rich. Possibility of a small inheritance, which helps a lot. Long life and natural death, if the aspects allow.

Uranus in IX

Interested in humanity. He is highly intellectual. He travels a lot. His mind is always alert, even when sleeping, during which time he often resolves the problems of the previous day.

Neptune in X

He has great ambition, which obsesses him. He always wants to check work already done, he is terrified of being less than perfect.

The houses in the signs

Ascendant in Pisces

He looks for love, but not any sort of love, it must be the pure and perfect kind. The search will probably take a long time.

House II in Aries

Financial success thanks to the use of energy and entrepreneurial spirit. He will tend to be spendthrift. Highly ambitious.

House III in Taurus

One is never better than at home. Not much travelling or taking of a sudden or unexamined initiative. Everything is calculated: the motto is \”slowly but surely\”.

House IV in Gemini

Impossible to stay in one place, frequently changes home. If the job is monotonous, he will often change firm. The ideal profession would be one offering a lot of change, moving around, meeting lots of new people. An equally erratic love life is to be expected.

House V in Cancer

He will often be in love, up until the day he meets the chosen one. Then, no more flirting – the only goal: to start a family, as many kids as possible.

House VI in Leo

Ability to command, authority at work. Weak point: the heart and arteries.

House VII in Virgo

Marriage more of the head than the heart, which will last in spite of a few hiccups. The spouse is honest, hard-working, intelligent and cunning.

House VIII in Libra

Happy old age, natural death.

House IX in Scorpio

Likes long voyages, especially by sea. Might participate in regattas, likes risk, sport.

House X in Sagittarius

Job involving travel, especially abroad, and if possible with some risk attached. One of the professions.

House XI in Capricorn

Stable friendships with composed, wise people, from whose experience of life he can profit in his own life.

House XII in Aquarius

Friends can bring quite a lot of problems.

Interplanetary aspects

The interplanetary aspects have a strong influence on the character and disposition of the individual and, consequently, on his destiny.

The conjunction aspect is variable and depends above all on the nature of the conjoint planets.

739 Conjunction Sun – Moon

He has lots of vitality. He likes public life, he is popular and his company is appreciated. He is balanced, at ease with himself and gets on very well with his parents.

537 Conjunction Mercury – Mars

He likes to discuss, likes polemic. He has good judgement and is determined. He is a worker and has lots of energy. He has a lively intelligence and goes to the heart of things.

329 Conjunction Moon – Mercury

He has good judgement, a good memory. He is intelligent, imaginative, vivacious and develops all through life. He speaks easily. He has an aptitude for learning foreign languages.

-161 Square Sun – Saturn

This implies slow intellectual development. -144 Opposition Mercury – Jupiter

He is frivolous and imprudent. He lacks judgement, and is full of self-importance. He has difficulty in realizing his plans, because he lacks clarity and rates his qualities higher than they are.

143 Conjunction Sun – Mercury

He is intelligent and knows what he wants. Is a good organizer, he likes moving, travel. He likes literature.

-132 Opposition Mars – Jupiter

He refuses to accept any guidance. He lacks forethought, acts impulsively and sometimes imprudently, which can cause problems. He wants everything yesterday and uses whatever means necessary to achieve his objectives, even if they are dishonest or not very commendable. His emotional life is fraught with quarrels and sometimes violent conflicts.

121 Trine Sun – Midheaven

He knows what he wants on the professional level, is aware of his objectives and does everything to achieve them, he will carry out plans to the very end. He has a good job as well as a good reputation.

102 Trine Mercury – Uranus

He is perspicacious, ingenious: he binds intelligence and originality together with genius. He likes literature, especially fiction. He is spontaneous in his friendships and knows how to take advantage of the situations that arise.

88 Trine Mars – Uranus

He possesses exceptional energy. He is impulsive but bold. He takes on risky enterprises for the good of the community, with all the energy he possesses. He has a great need of his independence, likes his freedom of action.

-84 Square Moon – Saturn

He has changeable moods, a reserved character, is stubborn and lacks assurance. His relationship with his mother is disturbing and difficult, he has considerable family problems. This is the standard aspect for children who are abandoned or lack maternal love.

80 Conjunction Moon – Mars

He is frank, honest, full of vigor and ambition. He is strong-willed and powerful at work. He is a little hard on himself but, above all, on others whose capacity for action is not as great.

68 Trine Moon – Midheaven

He has a sense of family, profound feelings and especially likes children. If there are changes in his professional life, they are for the better.

68 Trine Venus – Ascendant

He likes everything beautiful, the Arts, balance and harmony. He is amiable and sociable. He likes entertainment and has a loving nature.

63 Sextile Neptune – Pluto

62 Conjunction Sun – Mars

He is energetic, determined, courageous, he is full of self-confidence. He likes to dominate, command, direct. He overcomes all difficulties by sheer will-power. He is frank.

34 Trine Moon – Uranus

He is imaginative and has the Moon's intuition complemented by Uranus' independence and originality. His life is out-of-the-ordinary, with lots of changes and a great knowledge of the world not through reading but through personal experience. He likes the sensational, new things. He acts instinctively, but fortunately has a good sixth sense. He likes to be surrounded by original people, artists.

28 Trine Venus – Saturn

He has a good grasp of reality and of duty. He is thrifty, reserved and does not show off. He likes truth and justice. In love, his sentiments are sincere and deep, he never plays false. He is, of course, faithful in love and friendship. He can love a much older person and appreciates his intelligence and good sense.

28 Conjunction Uranus – Midheaven

He must have a job that allows him complete freedom, something non-routine. He likes change, has a lot of energy and knows how to influence others in spite of his originality.

22 Sextile Jupiter – Uranus

He knows what's going on at a glance. He thirsts after knowledge, and is a good organizer. He is very independent, likes his freedom of action, is a non-conformist. He is very agreeable company and is always in demand.

-19 Square Uranus – Ascendant

He is inconstant, lacks control and is nervous.

12 Trine Saturn – Ascendant

He is serious, sober, thoughtful, pays attention to detail. He likes to be with older people.

9 Trine Mercury – Midheaven

He likes to have his own ideas about things, to form an opinion and think over the problems it poses. He is an intellectual.

5 Conjunction Neptune – Midheaven

His plans lack realism and are therefore often unattainable.

4 Trine Sun – Neptune

He has a fertile imagination, is full of inspiration, and very emotional – all qualities that he uses on the professional level. He likes the Arts, beauty.

4 Trine Mars – Midheaven

He has a good sense of organization. He knows how to take the necessary decisions rapidly, is independent and uses all his energy to succeed socially.

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