POWERFUL Hoodoo COURT CASE Spell Ritual For LEGAL Matters That Really Works

If you rather I do a court case spell for you then click here to schedule your consultation

If you rather I do a court case spell for you then click here to schedule your consultation

What’s up guys and girls? This is Kacy and in this video I want to talk about spell work. Now, whenever I do spell work or post spell works up here I’m always going to give you results. So that before you decide to perform them, at least you had a good idea of how good it worked, how bad did it work, you know, whatever. So and of course I’m not going to post bad stuff because I would never give you bad information – I always think about my successful spells.

So this one is court case spell. Let me just briefly tell you the situation: the situation is family member of mine that got into some trouble, they went to jail, got out a couple of days later, some petty stuff and then got a warrant for their arrest because they got fingerprinted and when they were there, a cold case came up from 6 years ago with their DNA evidence on it. So when that happened it got real serious because it was a felony case and the case was the state was offering 10 years, but they could get up to life. So it was like time to do some black magic at this point, right? Ok, and that’s why I manipulate energy. I manipulate it for the betterment for myself, my friends, my family, you know what I’m saying? And so, let me tell you how it went down.

Basically, when I first started it off; oh, by the way, yeah, they were facing up to 20 years, up to life, ok? After I did the spell and anything, they actually got 5 months as time served and they got two years probation. So in my opinion, that is a fucking successful spell, a ritual. Ok, so if you want to try something like this for yourself, your family, then here we go.

This is just my little Darth Vader, this what I like to put a lot of my spells in here. I just love the Dark Side, baby, give me the dark side, yes. So briefly, what I did initially when they first went, I got a bag a little bigger than this and what I did, like a mojo bag. And what I did was put in a hematite that is something for use before court cases, you do use it for legal stuff which is what that was doing. It has many other uses, but for this video it was for that. I used the amethyst tumbled, that was for help with spirit. And then I used a load stone. And the reason I used a load stone in the bag is because I wanted to bring everything together to attract. You’re going to see what else I added: I added some herbs. These are the herbs that I added.

This is ginger root – hopefully you can see this really good, ok? Ginger root helps with success and legal matters, so check that out good. Then I got slippery elm, slippery elm, it helps with slander you got, so it’s about you say untruly things about you. Remember and keep in mind that I knew about it so I knew what to do for this case because some lies was about to come up, so I got that. Ok, then some cascara and we use the, or I use the cascara to have luck, it’s for good luck. So I use it for luck in the court case.

I forgot to show my mustard seeds and poppy seeds. But the mustard seeds and the poppy seeds was for confusion of the enemy or the opponent which in this case was the state. And guys, it went as planned and that’s all I can really say about that, it went just as planned. This right here is calendula – I’m going to put everything down in the description below. But this is for victory, ok? So what I did is I combined all these herbs and also the mustard seed, also the poppy seed which you don’t see on here. I forgot to gather those. I put them into the bag along with the hematite, the amethyst and the load stone.

Since they were in jail, they could not physically carry this – I was able to get access to their DNA, I was able to get some hair, I put their hair in here. That is a great link, whenever I do magic, especially on myself, I like to use blood. But you know, I take fingernails, I take hair, I take semen, I take whatever it takes to link the person we’re going to do the magic on. So, I put their hair in there and I set up an altar in there of all their favorite things and a photo of them and I placed this on top of the photo and that symbolized them carrying this on them at all times. Ok, cause that’s what you do with mojo bags, but since they couldn’t physically do it, they had $100,000 bail, I had to have something represent that, and so that was that. So that was initially.

Now, then I went, I got some court case oil here, if you can see that. Court case oil. Some red glitter for control. And these candles here, it’s 5 candles as you see. The white one is for my spirits, all of my spirits, spirit guides, just everybody who I mess with on the other side, ancestors, all that. The brown is for legal matters, it’s for court cases. The yellow is for persuasion, the red is for control and domination and the purple is, in this case, for what I was using it for, was for the judge, to influence the judge and persuade the judge. So what I did was I wrote on all the candles, I put their name, their date of birth. I put their case number, their judge, the lawyers, I put that all on, carved that on to all the candles, wrote down some good court case for you, I cleansed all that, you guys are into magic, so you already know the prepping part. And I used this for control on all the candles. I also used it in the bag.

Then I did the ritual, these candles last about an hour, an hour and a half, something like that. So I did the ritual, put intent, visualization, you guys know how that goes put my energy into it. Also used clear quartz and some other hematite – actually hematite stone, not just the ring. I used this in the bag, but I used hematite stone and a clear crystal for energy to do the spell. Also used planets, also used the moon and in this case also used spirits. It was a serious case, guys, we’re talking about up to life, so I had to pull out the big fucking guns, right? Ok, cool. I’m not doing it for money, I’m going to do it to help a family member out, you feel where I’m coming from? Ok, cool.

This video is a wind down, so let me see if I can try to continue this real quick. So hold one. Ok guys I’m back, I’ve got my digital camera right now and it cut off so ok, I’m back. So while I had to go away for that moment, I went ahead and got the poppy seed that I was telling you guys about, so here’s how that looks. It’s like a black, little tiny seeds right there. So that was the poppy seed and these are the mustard seeds that I was telling you about, ok? Ok. Both of these are for confusion of your opponent or your enemy, ok? That’s why I used those, I just wanted to show you guys that. So when I left I was telling you guys that I was using the energy of the different sources I was telling you.

Other energies that I used were these two here which was the hematite stone and clear quartz. Clear quartz amplifies any and anything, it doesn’t matter what kind of spell, what you’re doing with it, it amplifies it. And in this case, and in this situation it was for the court case, hematite helps, and legal type matters. So, when I left off I told you how I made the little mojo bag. I set up the altar, did all of that, put their hair in there, linked it, ok. Did that, then I told you how I got the candles together, rubbed it down with some court case oil and then sprinkled it with some red glitter. Also carved in their information. So we did all that, I did the ritual, ok, fine.

This happened in June of 2016, ok? So that’s June 2016 and they kept putting the case off and since they were sitting in jail, I was trying to see let’s work this so I did another spell a month later. So July comes around, and like I said, I like to work with the moons. In this case, in a court case, if you want something to go the fuck away, then you use a waning moon, so I used the waning moon. Got you, ok cool. So we basically, I didn’t do this because I already had this going on – I just did this, I did it all over again. Oh, I forgot to tell you – I used brown construction paper, some people use parchment paper, some people use paper bags, but I used that to write their name, their date of birth, the court case, the judge, the lawyers, anything about that and I brought that during the ritual while I was sending my energy. So I did that in July, things was still looking the same, nothing really changed ok?

But things were changing. So comes around, I did the ritual a total of 3 times, and that’s basically what I did and then finally November, just passed, November the 2nd I believe it was, it was on a Sunday and it was a waning moon, it was just about to hit a dark moon at 1:32 PM. I wanted to catch it right before that dark moon and I did. Like I said, about an hour before that, ok, I had spoken with the spirits and everything, I asked them to give me something before I did this ritual. The spirits gave me this card here, and my tarot cart and it is the justice card, if you can see that. This is Egyptian cards by the way. They gave me the justice card, ok? And the justice was perfect because I had already asked for the help with the ritual so I knew that we was going to get this thing going because while I believe they deserved a little bit of punishment, I didn’t believe they deserved 10 years to life. So justice means balancing order, ok? It means fairness, balance in the order.

Again, remember that if you know the situation of your particular case, then you should know how to word your spells, you should know how to word things, you should know how to come to your spirits, you should know how to set it up. Let’s say that someone’s totally completely innocent – I would’ve done it totally different. Let’s say somebody did every single thing and I would’ve set it up a different way. So it depends on what you’re doing.

By the way, in this case, it was a total of 4 people that committed this crime but only one got caught which was my family member. So it looks like we’re going to do another spell on their ass, but anyways. Ok, now, and I’m getting to that soon. Ok, for now I did the spell like I said a total of 3 times and the last time was November the 2nd, did it, they were actually released from jail on November the 5th. November the 5th and how it played out is exactly how I had the herbs and everything set up, the judge had compassion for them which was what I asked for. I wasn’t harsh with the judge, I just asked the judge to have – I just persuaded them, have compassion for this person, have love in your heart for this person. You see what I’m saying? And again, it depends on how you, what’s going, you’ve got to know exactly what you’re going to do, so that’s why and then I did persuasion and when things played out the way that it did, the opponent was really confused and they was really mad which is the fucking state, ok?

So I mean, it all worked out. So guys, definitely do this. The best spells are the ones that you make up, ok? I didn’t show, I do not show my spells. They are just too powerful and yours are very powerful also, so you make up your own spells. Don’t go take it from anybody else, go make up your own, those are the best ones. You can do it, you can do what I can do, I can do what you can do, we can all do it because we all are god. Ok, so anyways, that’s it. I’m going to leave the link down below, or not the link, the ingredients down below. And I love the dark side, baby the dark side helps me with everything. I love my spirits. Ok, anyhow guys, that’s it for this video and I hope that this really helps someone in the future. Please like, subscribe and comment if you have any questions about the spell. Alright, thanks and I’ll talk to you guys on the next one – peace!


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