Our dear martyr and protector, Saint Expedite,
You who know what is necessary and what is urgently needed
I beg you to intercede before the Holy Trinity,
That by your grace my request will be granted

(State your petition)

May i receive your blessings and favors.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
If Saint Expedite grants your request, place fresh flowers beside his statue in your home or in the church.


I come before you, Saint Expedite,
To remedy economic problems in my work and my home.
And to ask for your powerful support.

Saint Expedite, protect my income,
That i may obtain sufficient money for necessities,
And tranquillity and joy will reign in my house.
By your grace, Blessed Saint,
I request and pray that i will achieve my desire.

(State your petition)

And i will give thanks for your glorious intercession.

(Now promise to give Saint Expedite a specific offering
if your desire is granted.)

Be sure to provide the offering you promised if Saint Expedite grants your petition.


Saint Expedite, you lay in rest.
I come to you and ask that
this wish be granted.

(State your petition)

Expedite now what i ask of you.
Expedite now what i want of you,
this very second.
Don't waste another day.
Give me what i ask for.
I know your power,
I know you because of your work.
I know you can do it.
Do this for me and i'll
spread your name with love and honor
and cause your name to be invoked.
Expedite this wish with speed, love,
honor, and goodness.
Glory to you, Saint Expedite!
As you recite this prayer, light a holy candle to Saint Expedite next to a glass of water for the Saint. Recite daily until the request is granted, then be sure to give Saint Expedite a gift. Also place an ad in the newspaper, online blogs or Youtube thanking Saint Expedite, so that his name and fame will grow.


Saint Expedite,
Noble Roman youth, martyr,
You who quickly brings things to pass,
You who never delays,
I come to you in need —

(State your petition)

Do this for me, Saint Expedite,
And when it is accomplished,
I will as rapidly reply for my part
With an offering to you.

(State your vow or promise)

Be quick, Saint Expedite!
Grant my wish before your candle burns out,
And i will magnify your name.


As you say the prayer, light a glass-encased Saint Expedite candle (the kind with the saint's picture on it) next to a large glass tumbler of water for the Saint. Recite the prayer once a day for as long as the candle burns (usually several days) and when your request is granted, pour the water from the water-glass into the empty glass container that held the candle, and place fresh cut flowers in the candle glass, as if it were a vase. You may also offer a slice of pound cake. Then tell someone how Saint Expedite helped you, to spread his fame.


What’s up guys, how is you all doing today? This is Kacy here with KTV, and I hope that you all had an absolutely wonderful, wonderful weekend. So, I wanted to make a very special video today because well, this particular saint, spirit that I’m about to talk about has actually done some wonderful things in my life. Now, I just started working with this particular spirit this year. I found out about him – no, I think it was either earlier this year or the last of last year. I did use him a couple of times myself and he worked really quick, really fast. So what I wanted to do was to share this information with you guys so that you can also work with this particular spirit.

Ok, so by the time you finish with this video, I’m going to give you all the information to be able to know why you should call on this spirit, how you’re going to call on this spirit; what this spirit accepts as an offering should they grant or give you what you asked him for, ok? And finally I’m going to give you a warning, a big warning on if he comes through for you, and you fuck it up and don’t give him his shit, yeah, I’m going to give you a warning about that, about how that can backfire on you. So, listen to the end of the video.

Ok, so who are we talking about? We’re talking about wonderful Saint Expedite. Like most spirits out there, Saint Expedite has a story; he has a couple of stories out there, ok? What good would a spirit be without a good background story? Ok, I’m not going to go too much deep into it, I just recall he was a soldier and I think it was for the Greek, I’m not sure. You can look in the background and the myth of the story yourself. And basically, he liked to help people. Ok?

Now, while Saint Expedite is usually called on for money, fast money, he can be called on for other things. But everybody knows Saint Expedite, or Saint Expeditus for money and fast money, ok? So, that’s why you would want to give him a holler – baby need a new pair of shoes, rent is due, whatever it may be: give him a holler and petition him and you can go on from there. Ok, so you ask for how much money: well, it depends. I asked for a very small amount and I asked for a larger amount. So, the least I think I asked for, I did one for someone because they were supposed to be paid back some money from somebody. And it was a little amount, it was less than $50.

He came through the same day, ok? Then I asked for a large amount, we’re talking about a four-figure amount, ok? And he came through within a month period of time. It wasn’t long, it wasn’t long at all. So, I did ask him for something else and it didn’t happen, and I know why it didn’t happen – because it’s not what he does. So, remember when you’re working with different spirits and things like that, make sure that you do what their specialty is. One of his specialties, the biggest thing everybody knows him for is for fast cash, ok? Now, if you go around on the internet and on the blogs and everything, you’ll see people saying when you petition him, tell him when you need the money by, or tell him give him so many days.

You know, I would say don’t take that approach. I would say just go on ahead and petition him which is how you’re going to call upon him, and I’m going to tell you how to do that. Now, he is kind of like Papa Legba, you’ve heard of him in that he’s a trickster type of a spirit. So, you do not give him any offerings or anything like that until after he comes through with what you asked for because it is said that if you give him the offerings, you know, some spirits, you give them offerings upfront, if you give him offerings upfront, more than likely he’s not going to come through for you. So, this particular saint or spirit, you want to wait until you get what you asked or petitioned for and then he’ll bring it to you.

Now, it’s said to contact him on a Wednesday which is also aligned with Papa Legba, ok? Like the planet Mercury – the messenger to the gods. So a lot of people like to petition him on a Wednesday. I personally didn’t do that, but a lot of people like to do it on a Wednesday, so his day is Wednesday. His feast day is April the 19th; you know, to give him extra offerings, prayers, etc. April the 19th, his color is red.

Let’s see now, how do you call upon Saint Expedite? This is how you do it. You want to get a figure, an image of him. Whether it is a physical image, some type of a statue or you can get a printed out image. Me, if you’re looking up here, I framed a printed out image that I printed on the printer from Google Images, ok? So I printed that out and I framed it. In particular, he wants his altar set a certain way. You make the altar to him and his altar alone for himself and by himself when you petition him. You can put it up and take it down as you please or you can keep it up at all times, however you feel. But he has his altar all to himself.

You want to give him a red cloth. Red cloth for the altar, ok? You put his picture in the back, in the middle of the altar. You get one red candle, it can be a 7-day candle, it can be a tealight candle, it can be whatever, as long as it’s a red candle. One red candle, and you’re going to put that to the left. Then you want to get a glass of water and you want to put that to the right. So it’s going to look like a triangle so you’re going to have red candle to one side, to the left, a glass of water to the right and his picture in the back. And that’s going to form a triangle, ok? This is wow he wants his altar set up, ok? You feel me?

So, now you have that together. Now it’s time to call on him, so how do we do that? You may want to get a brown paper bag, ok? And write a petition out to him. If you want to email me, I’ll send you several prayers or certain petitions that people send to him, that’s widely leaned on and used. And you can use that, or you can just do as I did which is just say hey look, this is what’s up Saint Expedite, this is the situation, give me some money for this, get this money for me for this, I appreciate you if you get this money for me for this thing. And there you go. That’s pretty much all that you do.

So, for example you can use the templates that I’ll send you if you email me, if you’d like, which you can find at my email in the description box below. Or you need to say ‘Saint Expedite, I petition you for your aid or for your assistance for let’s say $100 for let’s say rent. I really appreciate your help with this situation and in exchange for this, when you come through for me, I’m going to offer you this and I’m going to tell you what to offer him in a minute. So you just basically write that out, sign it, and put it up under your red candle. There you go.

So, that’s how you would call on Saint Expedite. You want to use those things: the red candle, the water, his picture and a red cloth. Finally petition him, ok? Now, when he comes through, which can be the same day, the next day, the same week, a month from now – when he comes through, but he’s usually fast. Well, let me say before he comes through, let me say this: this is the way that I particularly petitioned him. There are other people out there that will do actual spells, they would do actual rituals, they’ll use different oils on the candles, they’ll use different herbs. They’ll do a whole spell ritual like they normally usually would and they would use Expedite at the same time. So if you feel more comfortable doing that or if you’d rather do that, then you can do that as well. I just want to put that out there.

But a whole full-blown ritual is not necessary. But a lot of people, they just feel more magical and they just like doing it that way. So you can do that, if that’s what you so please to do. Ok, so now, after Saint Expedite comes through and he gives you what it is, and trust me – you will be shocked and surprised how he brings this to you. I read a lot of stories online on how he brought stuff to people; I read blog posts and things like that and wow, it’s crazy how he got these things. For me, it was also crazy like ok, I never would have thought that money would come from this source like this. So you may be shocked about it. Remember, send it off, do the ritual, ok? And forget about it. Leave it alone, let Saint Expedite do Saint Expedite. Let him do the work for him, you put him to work, let him work, leave it alone, set it and fucking forget it.

Now, when he comes through for you, you have to give him his offerings. You must, you have to, you’ve got to. You must, you have to, you’ve got to give him his offerings. So what is his offerings? What does he want? What does he like? Ok? Roses. You can get him one red rose. You can get him a dozen red roses. You can get him several red roses. He likes red flowers, particularly roses, ok? So you get him red, his color is red, red roses. You also give him as an offering a red candle. So you already burned a red candle when you first started it. But now when he’s brought you something, you give him another red candle. Ok?

Finally, I mean not finally – pound cake. Ok, you’ll see in some of the blogs, Sarah Lee Pound cake. Sarah Lee just came out a couple of years ago; now this Saint’s been doing this for fucking ever. Don’t pay that thing no attention – Sarah Lee might be the only thing that you see at the fucking store, but if you know how to make pound cake, let’s be read: homemade pound cakes taste way fucking better than fucking Sarah Lee’s. So don’t worry about what you see on the blogs, just get pound cake, ok? Give him pound cake, ok?

If you look at my picture here that I did and I put in some pennies, that’s not required. That’s something that I wanted to do – 5 pennies, there’s a reason for that. Ok, also if you look at my picture, something that is very much in the optional is something that I wanted to do. Again, some people have their own ritual, their own thing. I wanted to put images of what I wanted him to bring through for me, ok? So, you do not have to do that, that’s totally me.

Ok, so that’s basically it. When he comes through, give him his rose or roses, give him his red candle, give him his pound cake. Oh, and finally, you must give him a public fucking acknowledgement – you must give him a public acknowledgement. How can you do this? Nowadays, people do it by the internet. Ok? So, if you’d like, when he comes through you can come back to this channel and in the comment section you can give him a public acknowledgement by thanking him for coming through for you and you can even list what he did for you if you so please. If you do not, then you don’t have to say what he did. You just give him a public acknowledgement by putting his name in there and spreading the word about his name so that other people can also use him. Ok?

And that is basically it. Oh, when you give him his offerings, ok, I like to give it a day. Give it to him early in the morning. Oh, and give him his offerings swiftly. I don’t even call on any spirit unless I have their offerings – I make sure I already have it on hand. Except his flowers because flowers die kind of quick. So as soon as he came through for me, I’m at this store the next day and I’m getting him his flowers. You want to do this soon and quick and fast. You don’t ever want a spirit be like thinking oh, this bitch ain’t paying me, ok? And I’m about to tell you why.

With him, he would take back what the fuck he gave you and some more. So, you know, like most of them will – bitch, you don’t give a fuck? You know what I’m saying, bitch, I did came for you, I did came through for you and motherfucker you shit on me. Nah, I’m taking my shit back. And some more! So yeah, you don’t want to do that. And that’s it. So, after you send out his things I do it in the morning, I set it out in the morning and let it sit over until the afternoon, and then take the cake and feed the birds with it. Go somewhere feed the birds the cake. I’ll take the roses and take all the petals off and put them out in nature around plants, around flowers. Yeah, so that’s basically what I do with the flowers. So they don’t die and rot on his altar.

And that’s basically it. You can take down the altar, keep it up, use it again, whatever. You can call on him however often you want to call on him. There are special oils that people sell, fast luck oils, Saint Expedite oils, things like that if you want to use that on his candles. So you can do the extra stuff as well, ok? But yeah, that is basically it about Saint Expedite. Again, check around on the blogs – I’ve seen where he helped people with very small amounts of money up until $25-30,000. Very great stories. Now, you don’t know these people that he’s helped with, maybe they’re used to $25-30,000. Maybe that’s nothing to them, so it’s easy to believe in our faith that he’ll come through with that.

But anyways yeah, hit him up. If you have word with Saint Expedite, please let us know in the comment section below that you have worked for him. If you do work for him and he comes through for you, go on ahead and put it down in the comment section below. You can make this your public acknowledgement page for him, if you’d like. There are also blogs and things out there that you can also make public acknowledgement for, so don’t get me wrong – but I am saying please feel free to put it down in the comment section below.

And if you plan on using him, let us know. Let us know that you plan on using him and then come back and let us know when he comes through for you. Now, of course, if he does not come through for you, then there’s no offerings to give him. But give him time. Do the ritual, set it and forget it, forget all about it and let him do his thing and when he comes through give him his offerings. And if he does not, there’s no offerings to give. Try again in another month or two.

Ok guys, that is it for this video. Please like this video, share this video with your friends and family so they can also do these wonderful things and they can also get some quick cash with Saint Expedite. And don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not a subscriber to the channel and you like this type of content that’s on here, subscribe to the channel. Hit the little bell so that you’ll get instant videos the soon as I put them out you’ll be notified, alright? Ok, this is Kacy and I will catch you all in the next video. Peace!


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