Singer R Kelly Tarot Card Reading Show He Has A Female Assisting Him With Sex Cult, His Molestation , Abuse & More

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With everything coming to light behind the whole R. Kelly sex cult sex slavery scandel, I had to do a card reading.  I actually did this reading around March 2018.  The tarot card reading did expose alot of information, from how he captures his prey, the young girls, and promise them fortune and fame as well as promises of being his main woman that he loves and could make them mothers of his children.  Of course this is all lies, but thats the net that he cast to reel them in by the bucket loads.  With that said he has a female assisting him with pulling the girls in, making them feel more comfortable as part of his grroming process.

The cards also reveal someone abused and molested him as a young boy and so much more.  Check out the reading in the video above and watch how things play out, as the cards reveal his luck is about to spiral down and there's nothing he can do about it as karma has taken a grip of him.


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