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“I had a wonderful reading with Kacy and it was definitely worth it! She gave me guidance on questions I should ask in an upcoming interview (which was awesome), reinforced I'm in control of my destiny and hit the nail on the head about my love life! I am looking forward to more readings with her and will recommend a reading to my friends and family.”

Thank you, Kacy!!


“I recently got a reading from Kacy it was magnificent and on point. She was so accurate it made my hairs on my arms stand up. I took her advice on what to do and things are already working out for me. I recommended her to my friends and to anyone who wants to get a real spiritual reading, she is the real deal!!


“I am not going to lie , I was a little hesitate about having a Tarot reading . Kacy made me feel comfortable with the whole situation . She hit right on point with everything ! I was amazed of what she knew about me just by reading the cards ! She made me a believer in card readings ! Now I know what I need to do ! Thank you so much ! I recommend her 100% !!!!”


“My reading by Kacy was amazing!!! The energy was high, she went deep with me… oh how I appreciated it. I wrote down something’s so I could reflect on it later….
The truth is not always what you want to hear it’s Truth , isn’t it why we get the reading in the first place…..”

——Goddess Veronica

“It was a good reading. Kacy is professional. Explains each card thoroughly and did several shuffles. The reading seems to be on point. I will update when some things come to past. But I feel good about the reading I received. Also gave me good advice on cleansing and other spiritual matters. Thank you”

“I just had a tarot reading performed by Kacy and trust me when I tell yall she is the truth!!! This women hit the nail on the head, she was spot on pulling those cards regarding me and the dominate theme in my life…..

Thanks again Kacy
“AMAZING!!!!!This is were I would like to start. Kacy is so warm, down to earth and very easy to talk to . She very good at her work, It was like she was reading the book of my life, I had to stop her a couple of times and say “Who Are You”, do I know you from another life or do you live with me. She very on point, I really didn't have to ask her anything. She told me everything I needed to know and more of what I wanted to know. Kacy, you are awesome, I have been getting readings for years and for you to answers questions that were in my head and I didn't even have to ask you anything when my hour was over. All I can say to anyone who gets a reading by Kacy, Please, Please do yourself a favor and get the $30 reading, treat yourself, it's worth it and you will know how to handle the rest of your year ahead and then some. I will continue to stay in touch and get service with Kacy. Peace, love and many blessings sister, you deserve it, you are very real, no doubts.”

“I really appreciate the reading I received from Kacy Energy. It was extremely accurate. she also makes sure you are satisfied with the service and she listens to what you have to say, it was a great experience. thanks Kacy.”

“Kacy thanks so much for the reading  and  and all the helpful  information you provided. I really appreciate how down to earth you are, which made it super easy and relaxing for me  to talk to you. Thanks again keep up the excellent work. God Bless”

“Kacy, thank you, this was my first reading. I came away with many answers and you helped me to process some of my own feelings and thoughts.I can’t wait for my next reading.”


” Kacy was very helpful and supportive over the phone reading. She gave some points to look out in my current situation,and was very personal when it came to my issue that I am struggling with. she is very easy to talk to, and very understanding. most of us know deep inside that certain things just not good for us but we still want it, but Kacy is very understanding when it comes to that and explains different outcomes from that specific things that bothers us. I totally would recommend Kacy for personal tarot card reading.”


“Kacy you are amazing lot's of energy! My experience she was on point and accurate  And really easy to work with!!!”


“I just finished my reading with you. I wanted you to know how professional and magical you are. Your words brought insight to my current situations. You not only read the cards but explained how they relate. It was like talking to someone I've known all of my life. I look forward to my next reading!”


“…I had a wonderful reading with Miss Kacy highly recommend it to anybody she told me what I really wanted to hear thank you Miss Kacy.”


“The reading Kacy provided was phenomenal! And the best reading I've ever had. Not only was she able to accurately pick up on my situation and give me details with out me saying anything she really took her time and gave me the utmost attention through the duration of my reading. I would recommend her to anyone and I will definitely be reading with her again!! Thanks again!”
—– Allison

“The cards dont lie. Your reading was on point and very detailed. You confirmed for me what I been struggling and afraid to make a decision on for months. Thanks again, you will be hearing from me soon!”

“I had a reading with Kacy today 01/16/2018, she called right on time and her reading was so on point!!! She touched on everything that I am currently going through. I look forwarding to working with her again on some other things.Thank you Kacy!!!

“I just want to say that Kacy read me and got me all the way together. She really put things into perspective for me and I’m happy that I used her services. It was very much needed! Thank you Kacy & I definitely recommend her to anyone that’s serious about their reading.”


“I found Kacy by way of pure, universal synchronicity and received my very first reading this morning! She revealed a lot deep, personal things but also gave me exactly what I needed to propel forward.. I am truly grateful for this alignment. ”


“I had my very first reading and a consultation with Kacy and it gave me a very good insight on myself it was like she knew me like the back of her hand, I recommend everyone do a reading with her, she is absolutely amazing! ”


“Let me first say that Kacy is a great reader because she makes u feel like u have always known her. The reading talked about me make a transition and she was spot on because I have been thinking of a career change and moving out of state. Kacy is very positive and gives u tips on how to improve your life. Thanks Kacy “


“Your reading has given me the clarity that I was looking for and the cards have spoken. I now understand more clearly what happened and I'm thankful to the cards and you for pointing me in the right direction. I realize now that things are not always what they appear and that they may have a deeper meaning. God uses his messengers to teach us lessons. Thank you”


“Speaking to Kacy was absolutely enlightening. She not only honestly answered my questions, but she told me what I need to be aware of in the near future. She even gave me some tips on meditation. Kacy is warm and totally down to Earth, just like talking to an old friend. She explained what she was doing every step of the way. So even if you have never had a reading you would still be completely comfortable. I would definitely recommend Kacy and can't wait to use her service again.”


“It was pleasure speaking with  Ms.Kacy I love her energy and will definetly take her advice. She was on point with everything and You will be hearing from me again…Thank You!!”


“I had a reading with Kacy and it was wonderful! She was so on point with everything! Her personality made me feel so comfortable being my first ever getting a reading. I will definitely be using her services in the future!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!”


“My first reading was amazing Kacy you are so accurate and on point the advice was real and priceless! ”


“Kacy is amazing she read me like a book and gave much needed guidance.”


“My reading with Kacy was on point she made me feel so comfortable and I will be using her for all my reading and all the other services she has to offer.  Wowwwwwd me throughout the entire reading lol yesssssssss Occult Gems is the best ”


“Kacy did an excellent job with my reading.Everything she said was right on the money. I recommend everyone to Kacy. I will definitely be back again for another reading.Thank You.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed my reading! Kacy made me feel completely comfortable like I was talking to a close friend. Definitely helped me put some things into perspective and gave me some insight. ”


“I had my reading with Kacy earlier today and was thoroughly satisfied with the reading. Just like many others; I too was a skeptic up until today. Instantly, at the very beginning she relaxed me and made me very comfortable. Looking back, I can say that I was the least bit of nervous. The confidence I've possessed recently hasn't been that great, and it was due to the uncertainties on this path of mine. My confidence was reinforced and knowing that I'm assuredly on the right path, and there are many great ventures to come. With the help of the universe via Kacy, I can lift my head high, continue to elevate myself spiritually, and walk with reinforced steel in the shape of confidence and continue to lean toward a happier life. Bless you, and thanks again. ”


“This was an AMAZING reading and experience.  Kacy was able to zero in on exactly what I am going through at this point in my life.  She discussed the challenges and triumphs spirit wanted to communicate and it was SPOT on.  She is down to earth, approachable and had no problem breaking concepts down further when I needed additional clarity.  I've had a couple of  challenges during the past few months and it's been a bit overwhelming.  This reading helped me to embrace challenges head on and motivated me to continue taking the steps necessary to be my best self.  This was priceless because it's  EXACTLY what I needed!!! Needless to say, I will be booking another appointment in the future because she's that good!”


“I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for your services, you’re truly gifted. First off, thank you for being so warm and inviting. Your tarot card reading was accurate and has inspired me to start working towards the goals that I have set in place. Keep doing what you’re doing because you are great. I will definitely be referring you to those that need it. Peace and blessings to you!!”


“The reading I had with Kacy was great, she listen as well as explain what the meaning of the cards. I was kind of nervous when we first started the card reading but by the time the reading was over I felt like I just finished talking to a good friend instead of a reader that's just how comfortable she made me feel. She's the real deal and i enjoy talking to her. I will be getting another readings in the future.  Thanks Kacy.”


“My reading with Kacy was great. I have so much going on I didn't even know where to begin with questions but the reading really hit on just about all the areas that I'm struggling with at the moment. I now know what steps need to be made in order to get where I want to go and what to look out for. Excited to see how everything unfolds! She's so easy to talk to and keeps it real, looking forward to following up with her next time I'm needing a reading.”


“Good Afternoon Kacy, its meeeee lol, just want to let you know that I really appreciate you, and your reading yesterday was right on point from start to finish. Also, you opened my eyes to something real and a lot of things I needed to know, you are a confirmation on that “thing” I was debating about, but I promise girl Im not looking back. You are very professional, respectful, and I enjoyed speaking with you I felt connected to you soon as I answered your call. Thank you for everything!  


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Legal disclaimer: Although many of us take our spiritual work very seriously, the law requires that all paranormal items such as rootwork, spells, or psychic readings be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old. I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens or does not happen as a result of this rootwork, spell or psychic reading. My service should never be considered as a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice.