The Top 3 Subtle Signs He Is Cheating

As a psychic spiritual counselor, I give psychic love readings to many women that are dealing with infidelity or cheating in their relationship.

My heart goes out to these women as they are usually beautiful, intelligent, and apparently great wives and girlfriends, and yet they are forced to deal with the unimaginable possibilities that the relationship has come to an end if they face the realities of things, or they deny, deny, deny and live in the illusion, lying to themselves that their relationship is secure, all along having that gnawing feeling in their gut something isn’t right.

Therefore I want to give you the top 3 subtle signs that he is indeed being unfaithful to you having an affair with another woman. 

Please keep in mind that I can give you a love psychic reading that will reveal all things, but you have to be prepared to hear the truth.

Sometimes, though it is not very often, the man isn’t cheating and the cards will reveal that as well.

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3 Subtle Signs He Is Cheating

Sign #1 – Your sex life will change.  In some cases he will cut back and there will be a sudden decrease in intimacy and romance as he is subconsciously feeling more emotionally and sexually attached to the other woman.

Being intimate with you would make him feel like he’s cheating on her, therefore he either stops being with you sexually or he cuts back drastically.

However, believe it or not, sometimes he will increase the sexual activity with you so that you won’t become suspicious. 

Not only that, he will try new things with you sexually, introducing new positions, role playing, toys and other acts that the other woman has introduced him to.

Sign #2 – He has detailed stories.  This is something that most liars do.  He will have a way of telling you grand stories with intricate details of who he’s with, where he has been and what he is doing.  He used to tell you straight to the point answers when you would question him.  But now he has to tell you street names, everyone that was with him, colors of clothing people wore and other details that has nothing to do with his story because he wants you to believe his lies by painting fanciful pictures with great details.

Sign #3 – He has an attitude shift.  That’s right his energy is off and usually feeling negative or annoyed or frustrated with you for every little thing.  It starts off subtle, here and there but then his attitude increases to a point where you can’t do anything right.  Your cooking, the way you talk, the way you act, I mean everything begins to get on his nerves which is secretly a way out of being around you. He uses these moments of negativity to back away from you by getting off the phone or facetime with you.  He uses these times to take a walk, go to a friend or family members house, work late, as well as other excuses to break away from you so that he can really sneak over to his new hearts flame and spend time with her.

These are just 3 of the many other signs that he is cheating, but if you want to save your marriage or save your relationship click here to look at this lifesaving relationship coach video for the next step you need to take before they walk away forever.


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